Why my dog pees on the bed? What makes my dog to pee on the bed? Or what are the reasons that my dog pee on my bed?

Everyone wants his or bed clean where he/she can rest comfortably and in peace. However, sometimes, your relaxed place becomes unpleasant when your dog starts peeing on your bed. It has now become a common problem among dog owners. Undoubtedly, it is annoying and frustrating as no one wants to have a smelly and wet bed.

It is also annoying situation if it happens with you many times and you just keep on replacing your mattress. As dog owners love their dog so much and that’s why what makes them pee on the bed has become a most searched topic on a search engine.

Thus, our today article will tell you the reason why your dog starts peeing on your bed and what you can do to prevent this from happening.


Reasons Why your Dog Pees on your Bed?

Rather than scolding your pet for peeing on your bed, it is better to discover what makes your dog do this. Here, we have listed all possible reasons that lead your dog to pee on the bed.


Urinary Tract Infection

It might be possible that your dog is suffering from urinary tract infection. If the infection happens to a human, then there is a lack of urination. However, effects are opposite in dogs. This infection should be treated immediately as your dog can suffer from further complications and pain. The best thing you can do for its treatment is to contact your vet.


Anxiety or Something changed

Some dogs get very scared of fireworks or thunderstorms. They jump on their owner’s bed to feel comfortable and sometimes, in fear, they may pee on the bed. Moreover, if you have moved new furniture in your home, this can also cause your dog to pee on the bed so that he or she can comfort himself/herself. Sometimes, dogs pee on the bed due to stress.


Old Age

Do you have an older dog? This can also be the reason because sometimes, old age dogs unable to hold their urine and then, pee on the place where they are sitting or standing. Older dogs suffer from Arthritis that cause pain. This condition makes dogs hard for movement. Thus, dogs having arthritis might pee on bed unintentionally. You can contact your vet to have surety if your dog is suffering from arthritis.


Marking Territory

Do you have a male dog? Male dogs have a habit of marking their territory. If your dog is weeing in various places with a little amount, then it means your pet is claiming all areas as part of his territory. This behavior is typical in male dogs as compared to females. However, female dogs may also do this, but sporadic cases are seen. This kind of behavior starts in the dog’s adolescence and increase as they get mature.


Not Properly Trained

Your dog is peeing on your bed because you have not provided training to your dog where to pee or where to not. Thus, your dog doesn’t know his or her pee boundaries, and that makes him or her pee on the bed. In this case, it is your fault, not your dog.


How to Prevent your Dog to Pee on Bed?

Now, you know the reasons why dog pee on the bed and here, we are going to mention some tips that you can use to prevent your dog from pee on the bed.


Proper Housebreaking

It is the most effective prevention tip that will work for a long time. Therefore, make time from a busy schedule and give proper training to your dog where he or she can wee or where cannot. We know it is tough to make time and but, you have to do it if you want to prevent your dog from peeing on the bed. Thus, set a particular time in a day to give training and you must stick to a schedule.

Let your dog free and also give appreciation to your dog whenever he or she pees in the right place. This will make them in doing the right things. Moreover, you will also know when your dog has to urinate.


Keep Surrounding Things Clean

A dog like to pee on those places where they can smell their urine. Thus, you need to clean things from which you can smell the urine of your dog. Make sure that your bed if completely free from urine scent. Keep your and your dog mattress clean and wash your bed sheets correctly and on a regular basis.


Know your Dog

If your pet is anxious, then you need to know your dog well. For better understanding, you can contact your vet that can provide some prescriptions to reduce the anxiety level in your dog. Your vet will also give your right advice that can prevent your dog from peeing on the bed.


Let your Dog Free

Take your dog outside on a regular basis and let your dog free. Give your dog the opportunity to wee at different times in a day so that you can know your dog bathroom routine.


My Story

I too had a dog, and I have also gone through this same frustrating situation. I firstly scold my dog so hard, but he did not stop to pee on the bed. He peed on my bed as well as his own bed. At that time, I gathered some patience and analyzed what makes him do this on a regular basis. Then, I got to know that my dog was not given proper training for where to pee or where to not. That’s why he peed on the bed, and there was no fault of him. At that time, I hardly take my dog outside, and that’s also the reason. After knowing the reason, I found some time to go out with my dog and then, I got to know my dog’s bathroom routine.



Hence, dogs pee on the bed is very annoying, but the dog’s behavior has a reason. All you need to analyze what makes your dog to pee and then, the solution will be in your hand to prevent this from happening.


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