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What Cats Are Hypoallergenic?

Cats are one of the most common and most loved family pets. Some scientists and old superstition believers still say there is no such thing as hypoallergenic cats. They argue that it is basically a hoax to increase antibiotic sales.But some studies prove that there are a few breeds of cats with different genetics that will not cause an allergic reaction. So what cats are hypoallergenic? Let’s see what...
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What Do Cats Spray?

Spraying is the act of leaving pheromones to mark territory, as is common among wild and domestic animals. Male domestic cats and dogs also mark their spaces with urine pheromones. While it’s natural for your cat to spray on its territory, there could be health repercussions associated with it, thereby leading you to seek medical intervention.Therefore, it is essential to get rid of cat urine right away to prevent...
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Cats Who Like Water?

The tiger is one animal that comes to mind whenever we think of swimming cats. The domestic cats probably never strike a pet owners mind because they spend their entire life trying to avoid water.The widespread human domestication and our will to protect them from the elements are some of the reasons for this. Most cats don’t love water, but you might be surprised to learn that there are...
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Cats Who Play Fetch?

Though cats are usually sneaky and calm, they can give themselves up when in the active mood. Cats can be very playful and entertaining whenever they choose to. But it is not unusual to see some cats playing the fetch game.Indeed, fetch is a favorite game of many cats. When you entice them with a good catch-object or one of their loved toys, cats will shed-off their shyness and...
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What Cats Act Like Dogs?

Basically, cats and dogs are entirely different in nature, behavior, social interaction, and seeking affection. As a matter of fact, canines and felines are not the best of friends. As much as cats and dogs are man’s best pets, the man still has his choice.While some are well drawn towards cats, others go for the dogs. No matter the differences between cats and dogs, some cats prefer to be doggie...
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