Have you watched your canine pet closely? You would have wondered why do dogs eat rocks. The rocks don’t have any distinctive taste or nutritional value. Perhaps, their natural aroma may attract these puppies prompting them to taste them.

Do you know that eating rocks can turn dangerous for your puppies? The sharp edge of the pebbles may tear the puppy’s tender skin. If the rock finds its way in, it may tear the delicate inner lining of the tiny puppy’s stomach. Some puppies have lost their teeth because of this habit.


Is the Habit of Eating Rocks Common in All Dogs?

If you have seen your pooch eating non-edible food like stone, pebble, sticks, paper, etc., don’t panic. It is their natural tendency to research and is common in all canine creatures.

But, you should deter your dog from doing this as it might turn dangerous to his life. He may be affected by some health issues like Anemia, damage to his intestinal tract or vomiting.


Why Does My Doggie Eat Rocks?

1. To Get Noticed

Your doggie may be eating a rock to attract your attention to him. He might also want to test what the object is. That could also be a probable reason for his strange, but an everyday habit.

In spite of your best works, if you are not able to stop your pet from running a tongue over the pebble, pay a visit to the vet. He might chew a stone or a rock due to some medical issue.

If you see your pet eating rock, it may be a subtle clue that he has diabetes, intestinal problem or even the nutritional intake is not just enough for him.


2. Psychological Effect

A puppy may be affected by Pica, which causes behavioral issues in dogs. Pica is a psychological disease that gradually becomes a physiological disease, in due course of time.

If your pet is affected by pica, it is better you consult a behaviorist to help your pup get rid of this strange nonfood item consuming habit.


3. Weariness

Weariness may be one other reason that compels your pup to consume non-food items. When you are not with the dog or there is no companion to play with him, the dog starts eating rocks to amuse himself. While trying to enjoy, he may accidentally fracture his teeth. If he finds the rock or pebble palatable, he will consume it more and more.

Spend some time with your pup. Take him out for a walk. Give him chew toys to discourage the habit of chewing rocks. Play games like throwing a frisbee and asking him to get it, you can even play hide and seek with him if you train him properly.

If you keep him engaged and let him thrive in a lively environment, he will not chew any unwanted things.


4. Hunger

You have to know and follow the dietary necessities of your puppy. A growing puppy may need more food, and his lack may vary with each day passing by. So, you should feed more food so that his body gets adequate nutrition like fat, protein for his healthy growth.

You can play with your cute pooch while he is eating. Hide his food somewhere in the house and ask him to find it. As a result, it will keep boredom and hunger away from your doggie.


Training Is the Key

Train your puppy not to pick up pebbles on his way. When you give LEAVE IT command, he should be able to follow you. This way, you can get rid of this natural tendency to eat rocks. Also, if it is not possible for you to train your doggie, get him to a trainer who will make things easier for you.

Whenever you are around, try removing pebbles out of his way. It will help you to prevent him from gobbling up rocks.

An important thing you have to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t shout at them. Just the way you make your kids understand, make your tiny pup also understand.


How to Control This Habit in Your Puppy?

  • Take away all the rocks, stones, and pebbles in his way. When he is watching you, take the stone in your hand and give him “DROP IT” command. He should be able to drop it at your command. Make him listen to you. It is the best thing you can do to prevent him from injecting rocks.
  • Give him some soft toy and make him understand he can chew it, not rocks. Gradually, he will come to terms with you and start biting the toy instead of stones.
  • If you have decorated your house with attractive indoor plants with vases full of pebbles, use sprays that taste very bad. You can try spraying vinegar that has a sour taste. Gradually, your pup will stop that habit. The taste should be so disgusting to make him remember that taste, the moment he sees a pebble. Moreover, you can now take him out for a walk without thinking about the adverse effects of your pet eating a rock.
  • Feed your pet lavishly as he may be in the growth process and his nutritional needs would have increased over time. A well-fed pet won’t bite or eat rocks or other unwanted objects.
  • Another way is to give a different and new task for dogs with high IQ like a German Shorthaired Pointer. He will forget to eat rocks and start following your command if he starts to do something interesting.



In short, the dogs have a natural tendency to lick and eat rocks. These canine friends put everything in their mouth to know what it is. But, if the stones find a way into its digestive system, it creates more harm than good. You should be cautious and prevent him from doing it.

Train him such a way that he will drop the pebble. If you can’t do it, sprinkle some bitter tasting vinegar to make him hate licking stones. If he eats rocks, it will harm his digestive system.


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