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10 Best Dog Probiotics Reviews and Guide 2019


If you love your canine friend, you must be feeding him with the best dog foods and giving him the healthiest treats. However, no matter how much you feed your dog, you will notice that it always has a habit of getting into odd places to look for something to eat.

This habit is brought by a deficiency in its body or an overly active digestive system that is triggered by unhealthy stuff in its stomach. To add to this, there may be harmful bacteria in his body that is making him vulnerable to diseases.

If you notice that your dog is always looking for something to eat even after feeding him the healthiest food or falls sick more often, there are two things you can do to solve this problem. One, denying him his outdoor adventures or two, give him dog probiotics.

Probiotics are living microorganism that helps in battling bad bacteria in the digestive system. They restore optimal functioning of the digestive system and also strengthens the immune system.

If you are in a hurry, check out our recommendation list below.

Image Product
10 Best Dog Probiotics Reviews and Guide 201910 Best Dog Probiotics Reviews and Guide 2019

Doggie Dailies Probiotics

Promotes your dog’s digestive tract

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10 Best Dog Probiotics Reviews and Guide 201910 Best Dog Probiotics Reviews and Guide 2019

Zesty Paws Probiotic Bites

Contains strains that protect the digestive tract

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10 Best Dog Probiotics Reviews and Guide 201910 Best Dog Probiotics Reviews and Guide 2019

Nusentia Probiotic Miracle Dog Probiotics

Has strains that boost the overall well-being of your dog

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10 Best Dog Probiotics Reviews and Guide 201910 Best Dog Probiotics Reviews and Guide 2019

PetVitalityPro Probiotic Premium Plus

Improves the immune system and gut health

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10 Best Dog Probiotics Reviews and Guide 201910 Best Dog Probiotics Reviews and Guide 2019

Dr. Mercola Complete Probiotics

Features more than ten strains of bacteria

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10 Best Dog Probiotics Reviews and Guide 201910 Best Dog Probiotics Reviews and Guide 2019

Amazing Nutritionals Probiotic Joint

The prebiotic enhances the digestive health and also promotes joint health

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10 Best Dog Probiotics Reviews and Guide 201910 Best Dog Probiotics Reviews and Guide 2019

Active Chews Premium Probiotics

The formula features naturally derived ingredients that are FDA approved

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10 Best Dog Probiotics Reviews and Guide 201910 Best Dog Probiotics Reviews and Guide 2019

NutraPet Probiotics for dogs

Chewable probiotics with additional vitamins

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10 Best Dog Probiotics Reviews and Guide 201910 Best Dog Probiotics Reviews and Guide 2019

Advita Probiotic Supplement for Dogs

Micro-encapsulated for improved stability

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10 Best Dog Probiotics Reviews and Guide 201910 Best Dog Probiotics Reviews and Guide 2019

NWC Naturals Biotics Powder

Helps boost the immune system

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Table of Contents

Here Are More Benefits of Dog Probiotics


Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Intestinal Inflammation

One of the main causes of irritable bowel syndrome and intestinal inflammation is the accumulation of toxins in the digestive system. This irritates the colon and intestinal lining. Probiotics introduce live microorganism in the gut to help suppress the activities of bad bacteria.


Boost the Immune System

One of the main reasons probiotics are administered to dogs is their role in boosting the immune system. Lymph vessels are carrying massive amounts of disease-fighting cells in the digestive tract. These cells fight diseases and destroy pathogens in the gut which can include viruses and bacteria. However, these cells can only work optimally if the health of the intestinal lining is maintained. Probiotics improve the integrity of this lining thereby boosting the functioning of the lymphatic cells. This is what results in the improved immune system.


Reducing Allergic Reaction

By reducing the activities of harmful microorganism, you can help reduce allergic reaction. Also, strengthening of the immune system also reduces allergic reaction. This is made possible by the reduction in permeability of the lining of the intestines. This lessens the contact between allergens in the immune system cells in the lymph vessels and in the gut.


Helps Prevent Urinary Tract

As we mentioned above, probiotics help boost the immune system by improving the health of the lymphatic vessels as well as the gut. This helps prevent multiplication of viruses and entrance of bacteria into the lymph. And since blood circulates to the kidney area, these harmful bacteria can attach to the urinary tract and cause infections. But with the administration dog probiotic supplements, you can prevent these infections from occurring.

In addition to these benefits, probiotics are also known to improve the health and appearance of your dog skin and coat. It is also known to reduce the occurrence of bad breath.

Based on these benefits, I’m sure you have seen the need to administer probiotics to your dog. Before we review the best dog probiotics, let’s discuss some of the factors to consider when buying dog probiotics.


Things to Consider Before Buying Probiotics

Finding the best probiotic for your dog can be overwhelming as various probiotics have varying health benefits and different ingredients

If you are on the market shopping for probiotics, we have prepared a summarized buyer’s guide to help you choose the best probiotics for your dog.



The way you serve your dog probiotic is worth considering. Some dogs will not eat something in pill form and thus purchasing a probiotic in capsules form is not a good idea. To disguise the probiotic, go for a product that you can easily mix with your favorite dog food.

Dog probiotics come in two forms; capsules and powder. Capsules need to be mixed in dog food. Some can be opened or crushed and sprinkled over food. Powder probiotics tend to be flavorless and odorless and are ideal for picky eaters.



If your dog is not allergic to any ingredients, then this may not be a concern. However, if your dog has food allergies, then avoid choosing probiotics with dairy or wheat products as this can aggravate the reactions.

Look closely at the ingredient list to know if the probiotic you want is allergy-friendly. Look for probiotics with phrases such as wheat-free, gluten-free, or dairy-free. Some probiotics have natural ingredients such as grass, which your dog may not react with very well.


Probiotic Benefits

Virtually all probiotics have been designed to improve intestinal and digestive health. However, this is relative as some probiotics will improve your dog’s health better than others. Therefore, you will need to decide the benefit you expect to achieve with a probiotic.

Basic probiotics improve intestinal health and thus decrease chances of constipation and diarrhea. Advanced probiotics have microorganisms that limit gas, prevent vomiting, and promote shiner and healthier skin. If your dog has sensitivities, avoid going for antibiotics containing too many ingredients.


Number of Servings

No formula tells you the appropriate size of packaging you need to purchase. It all depends on the number of servings you give your dog each day.

Powder probiotics tend to have a larger number of servings per packaging, and thus will last longer. The servings are also easier to adjusts, which can help you save more money. On the other hand, capsules can be reasonably cheap when bought in bulk.


Money-Back Guarantee

Probiotics are relatively pricey. Therefore, when you spend a considerable amount on a product, and it fails to deliver the results you had anticipated, it is easier to feel cheated. Luckily, most antibiotics come with money-back guarantees.

Most guarantees are only valid for 60 days, but some manufacturers may offer a guarantee of up to 90 days. However, this shouldn’t be among your top-most considerations; you shouldn’t pass on a great product because it lacks a guarantee.


Top 10 Best Dog Probiotics on the Market Today

The easiest way to find the best probiotics for dogs is to read reviews from previous customers. They are often more descriptive and real. And that’s what we did when compiling our list of best dog probiotics on today’s market. Here are the 10 best products that made the cut;



Features That Make Doggie Dailies Probiotics Stand Out

  • Doggie Dailies Probiotics for dogs will equip your best friend with good bacteria to offer brain support, enhance assimilation of nutrients, and boost the immune system
  • The probiotic formula comes in chewable tablets that makes less of a mess than powder
  • If your dog has diarrhea, cramping, bloating or gas, the Doggie Dallies prebiotics could be a perfect choice for you
  • Its effectiveness is made possible because it contains five carefully selected strains known to work well for dogs and puppies
  • It offers a wealth of health benefits for dogs such as maintaining a healthy GI tract, minimizing allergies and preventing yeast infections
  • If your pet is grain intolerant, the Doggie Dallies prebiotics may be what your pet needs
  • The product is vet recommended with every batch being tested for safety and purity
  • This formula has been made in the USA and has offered satisfaction to customers for their excellent customer service

Proc of Doggie Dailies Probiotics

  • Promotes your dog’s digestive tract
  • Has a great taste that most dogs love
  • Made in the USA

Conc of Doggie Dailies Probiotics

  • A few customers reported that their dog did not like the taste of the formula

Why We Recommend It

At an affordable price, the Doggie Dailies Probiotics offers the widest amount of health benefits and includes a money back guarantee. Regardless of your dog’s health conditions, allergies or other restrictions, this prebiotic is safe to supplement your pet’s diet. The manufacturer also offers a free eBook on tips to care for your dog.

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Features That Make Zesty Paws Probiotic Bites Stand Out

  • The Zesty Paws Prebiotic Bites is another fantastic probiotic formula which will support your dog’s overall health particularly the digestive tract
  • Each chew of the formula is loaded with 3 billion CFU of probiotics to prevent constipation and gas
  • These chewable features a delicious pumpkin flavor and are formulated for dogs of all ages
  • For dogs that need an anti-gas formula to help relieve indigestion, this may be a perfect fit
  • This vet-recommended formula features Ganeden BC30, a powerful strain that reduces stomach acid to ensure smooth digestion
  • The formula contains 6 different strains with billions of healthy microorganisms per bite
  • The formula contains papaya to help break down proteins and fats and is even fortified with natural enzymes and vitamins
  • Whether your dog is the picky type, this probiotic is safe, tasty and works like the prescription
  • Zesty Paws is FDA registered and is based in the US
  • However, some customers reported that their dog did not like the taste of the formula

Proc of Zesty Paws Probiotic Bites

  • Contains strains that protect the digestive tract
  • Has natural enzymes and vitamins
  • Vet-recommended and made in the USA

Conc of Zesty Paws Probiotic Bites

  • Could be hit or miss for some dogs

Why We Recommend It

Do you have a picky eater? These smell like dog food and are easy to mix up with food. The product has numerous positive reviews, boasting an impressive rating on Amazon.

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Features That Make Nusentia Probiotic Miracle Dog Probiotics Stand Out

  • This formula from Nusentia is a vet-recommended prebiotic that packs billions CFU per jar
  • The probiotic powder is easy to administer, with 360 servings hence will last for a long time
  • This formula is for dogs with allergies and various digestive health issues such as loose stool, constipation, bad breath, diarrhea and more
  • If your dog is gluten intolerant, the Nusentia Probiotic Miracle does not contain synthetic chemicals and hence perfect for you
  • The powder is tasteless and mixes well with food becoming nearly undetectable when mixed with dog food
  • It comes with numerous strains that work to promote the overall health of your dog particularly any gut related problems in pets
  • One strain that has been attributed to its effectiveness is B. animals which aid at reducing the risk of diarrhea in dogs
  • This formula is acid and bile resistant and comes with no fillers or animal products
  • In case your dog doesn’t respond well to this formula, the manufacturer offers a 60-day money back guarantee to keep your money safe
  • The supplement is made in the USA and can be used daily for a healthier gut and enhanced immune system

Proc of Nusentia Probiotic Miracle Dog Probiotics

  • Has strains that boost the overall well-being of your dog
  • All-natural formula
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Conc of Nusentia Probiotic Miracle Dog Probiotics

  • Its powdery form may make serving more difficult

Why We Recommend It

The probiotic Miracle has been made in the US with healthy all-natural ingredients. The formula is safe for dogs with diarrhea and other gut related problems. With over 360 scoops in the jar, you can rest assured that you are not going back to the shop soon. The best part is you get a money-back guarantee for this reasonably priced supplement.

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Features That Make PetVitalityPro Probiotic Premium Plus Stand Out

  • Here’s one of the best probiotics for dogs boasting 20 ingredients that will work for your dog
  • This supplement has received massive praise from customers for the wealth of benefits it offers to a dog’s gastrointestinal health
  • This immune booster is suitable for aging dogs in need of support to body systems
  • Apart from enhancing your pet’s immune system, the PetVitalityPro Probiotic Premium Plus restores your dog’s energy and stamina
  • Whether your dog has skin infections, allergies, or urinary tract infection, this is an excellent choice for you
  • The supplement packs 4 billion CFUs of Probiotics for a healthy gut
  • You can get this probiotic in jars of 60 and 150, and hence you get the one that best suits your needs
  • This is highly recommended by vets and pet owners who have found it a solution to stomach sensitivities for dogs
  • The formula helps protect against infection and disease, bad breath, gas and more and has been a real lifesaver for dogs
  • However, the tablets have assorted sizes which means that your dog may not get a consistent amount each day
  • This type of probiotic has been fortified with vitamins, antioxidants, and phytonutrients to keep your dog healthy

Proc of PetVitalityPro Probiotic Premium Plus

  • Improves the immune system and gut health
  • Uses high-quality ingredients to prevent allergies
  • Makes it easier for dogs to absorb nutrients

Conc of PetVitalityPro Probiotic Premium Plus

  • The tablets have irregular sizes

Why We Recommend It

This formula features a fantastic blend of ingredients that form a super healthy treat to boost your dog’s vitality. The supplement aids in strengthening the immune system and makes it easier for your dog to absorb nutrients. The product comes risk-free with a 60-days money back guarantee in case your dog doesn’t like it.

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Features That Make Dr. Mercola Complete Probiotics Stand Out

  • Dr. Mercola Prebiotics is a unique complete supplement that features the perfect balance of bacteria to help boost your dog’s digestion and immune system
  • For dogs that need to increase nutrient absorption, this product from Dr. Mercola contains a healthy balance of microorganisms to promote nutrient absorption and treat GI problems
  • The probiotic contains numerous strains that have been carefully selected to ensure no nutrients go to waste so that your dog can retain more
  • If your pet suffers from imbalances due to certain antibiotics, this supplement can restore the right balance
  • Every serving contains 58 billion healthy bacteria to ensure your pet stays energetic
  • This is suitable for pets with allergies as it has a comprehensive blend of natural ingredients to keep your pet happy
  • This formula may be a bit more pricey than similar products, but it’s worth the price

Proc of Dr. Mercola Complete Probiotics

  • Features more than ten strains of bacteria
  • Effective at promoting the gut health
  • Made in the USA

Conc of Dr. Mercola Complete Probiotics

  • Some dogs develop an allergy from this product

Why We Recommend It

Make your dog energetic and vibrant again using this natural product by Dr. Mercola. This remarkable product uses 10 powerful strains of beneficial microorganisms to promote the gastrointestinal health of your dogs. Each portion is easy to mix with dog food every day.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make Amazing Nutritionals Probiotic Joint Stand Out

  • Are you looking for an ideal supplement to help your dog with joint or hip pain?
  • Amazing Nutritionals Probiotic Joint is a remarkable formula to help solve any digestive issues as well as boost the skin and coat for a healthier look
  • This one is easy to administer as it comes in a chewable tablet that is either bacon or liver flavored
  • You don’t need to buy this supplement often as you get 120 pills in one bottle and that should last for a long time
  • Each supplement contains seven billion CFU which enhances your dog’s overall wellbeing
  • The guarantee is necessary because some customers have reported that the product did not work for their dog
  • Dogs with Hip Dysplasia, constipation, bad breath or immobility due to age have shown remarkable progress after using this supplement
  • Dogs with gluten or grain allergies can use this organic supplement as it has no wheat, soy or any artificial additives
  • The product is reasonably priced, and the company promises improvement within 28 days of using this herbal supplement
  • If your dog doesn’t show any improvements, the company offers a 100% guarantee and even adds that you can keep the bottle and that just shows their confidence in the product

Proc of Amazing Nutritionals Probiotic Joint

  • The prebiotic enhances the digestive health and also promotes joint health
  • 100% natural prebiotic for dogs with food sensitivities
  • Has a chewable tablet that is easier to serve than powder

Conc of Amazing Nutritionals Probiotic Joint

  • Some picky eaters may not like the liver or bacon flavor of the tablets

Why We Recommend It

This probiotic has been made in the US with 100% natural ingredients for dogs suffering from stomach sensitivities and joint discomforts. This is particularly beneficial to dogs with hip dysplasia, arthritis or immobility due to age. Dogs with joint issues were much better after a few weeks of this supplement, and the skin and coat improved.

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Features That Make Active Chews Premium Probiotics Stand Out

  • Does your dog suffer from weak immunity, gas constipation, diarrhea, and a sensitive stomach? The Active Chews Premium Probiotics is your perfect choice to overcome these problems and boost the strength of the digestive system
  • This formula is suitable for dogs of all ages that need to build a stronger immune system and ease their discomfort
  • This is a USA-made supplement that features all natural ingredients hence doesn’t have dangerous side effects
  • The manufacturing process involves No Heat No Cook process to ensure your dog gets all the digestive enzymes required for gastrointestinal health
  • This dietary supplement is a great way to help your dog digest food easier thanks to a selected culture of bacteria that deal with incomplete digestion
  • The probiotic works well for allergy prone dogs as it doesn’t contain grains, soy, shark or potato to ensure that your dog gets a holistic nutritional boost
  • Restore your dog’s health with this chewable that has 4 billion CFU with glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM for improved gut function
  • The company promises positive results from the product and attaches a 100% money back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the results

Proc of Active Chews Premium Probiotics

  • The formula features naturally derived ingredients that are FDA approved
  • This dietary remedy has 4 billion CFU per chew
  • Has a 100% money back guarantee

Conc of Active Chews Premium Probiotics

  • A few customers reported that their dog became sick after consuming this supplement

Why We Recommend It

An excellent probiotic bacteria can relieve diarrhea, stomach upsets, bad breath and hotspots for dogs. Grab your bottle of these soft chews to boost your dog’s immune health and keep the digestive system in good condition. All ingredients used are all natural without dangerous side effects.

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Features That Make NutraPet Probiotics for dogs Stand Out

  • NutraPet probiotics will restore your dog’s intestinal flora whose disruptions causes diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating, and other stomach upsets
  • Gastrointestinal (GI) upset is increasingly becoming problematic to many of our furry friends. NutraPet promises to provide the required probiotics that create balanced intestinal flora
  • The chicken liver flavored tabs come in either 120 or 60 tablets packages which can easily push up to four months
  • The tabs can be fed as chewable treats or crumbled food toppers offering superior taste, thus avoiding conflicts with your picky eaters
  • Adopted pets may suffer from various disorders especially those relating to the gastrointestinal system. It is, therefore, advisable that they are kept on a regular probiotics supply
  • NutraPet is grain and gluten-free and comes with additional vitamins A, and B12 that assist in toxin elimination
  • The company also offers an unparalleled promise for customer satisfaction that includes replacing products, if your dogs aren’t happy with it

Proc of NutraPet Probiotics for dogs

  • Chewable probiotics with additional vitamins
  • Support allergy free skin
  • Comes in tasty chicken-liver tablets
  • Can be fed as either crushed food topping or chewable treats

Conc of NutraPet Probiotics for dogs

  • Some picky feeders did not eat the pills, but this can be fixed by feeding them the tablets together with the favorite meal

Why We Recommend It

NutraPet Probiotics for dogs will not only restore your dog’s intestinal flora but also provide vitamins which support a healthy immune system. Moreover, the company offers a customer satisfaction guarantee and money back guarantee if the product doesn’t live up to its promise.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make Advita Probiotic Supplement for Dogs Stand Out

  • Advita Probiotic Supplement for Dogs contains a mixture of various probiotics and inulin. Inulin is a substance found in various fruits and herbs that are said to support the formation of Probiotic bacteria colonies along the gut
  • The supplement will boost your dog’s immune system enabling it to fight off infections
  • The company has micro-encapsulated the supplement for improved stability
  • According to veterinarians, your dog is more likely to maintain a healthy appetite, digestion and stool consistency if you feed it Advita Probiotic Supplement for Dogs
  • It’s recommended feeding your dog a special supplement with probiotics before and after various procedures such as deworming, antibiotic therapy and surgery
  • Advita Probiotic Supplement for Dogs is fortified with vitamin A, C as well as E to support healthy skin
  • Each packet contains at least 200 million colony-forming probiotics which will be enough to ensure healthy coexistence

Proc of Advita Probiotic Supplement for Dogs

  • Micro-encapsulated for improved stability
  • Contains inulin to support colony formation
  • Improves your dog’s digestive system
  • Includes various bacteria strains for proper co-existence

Conc of Advita Probiotic Supplement for Dogs

  • Some customers complained about their dogs not liking the taste

Why We Recommend It

Advita Probiotic Supplement for Dogs aims at providing an all rounded approach to gastrointestinal health. The supplement contains various bacteria strains as well as tulin which is the agent responsible for healthy colony formation.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make NWC Naturals Biotics Powder Stand Out

  • NWC Naturals Biotics Powder is formulated with 14 pro-biotic species and 16 vegetarian enzymes
  • Each of the tablets contains up to 625 million CFUs ensuring that healthy colonies are established in the GI
  • The supplement contains digestive enzymes and systemic enzymes that will play a huge role in ensuring that your pet remains healthy
  • If you are dealing with loose stool, dry skin and coat, sensitive stomach, low energy, and hairballs, then this biotic powder is the answer to your problems
  • The probiotics in this supplement have been specially selected by vets and are highly recommended
  • You also don’t have to worry about the quality of this product as it is made in the USA. It is also GMP certified with patented ingredients
  • To prevent any adverse side effects, this supplement is formulated using natural ingredients and does not include artificial coloring. It is also gluten-free
  • The 2.22 ounces jar will be enough to treat your dog to sumptuous meals, up to 100 0f them before requiring a refill

Proc of NWC Naturals Biotics Powder

  • Helps boost the immune system
  • Comes with probiotic supporting enzymes
  • Soft on sensitive stomachs
  • Easy to administer using existing diets

Conc of NWC Naturals Biotics Powder

  • The powder needs to be mixed with a meal in order for your dog to consume it. This can be rather hectic especially if your dog detects the powder and doesn’t like it

Why We Recommend It

When it comes to GI health having a good supply of probiotics is the best way to avoid some of the complications. NWC Naturals Biotics Powder holds the solution; the powder is packed with all of the necessary enzymes and probiotics to ensure that your dog remains healthy.

Check Price on Amazon


Frequently Asked Questions about Best Dog Probiotics


Are dog probiotics similar to human probiotics?

The answer is no. Both dog and human probiotics are formulated to ensure the user needs are met. Besides, dog probiotics have microorganisms that are found in his digestive tract, while human probiotics contain healthy bacteria that can be found in the gut.

Therefore, don’t feed human probiotics to your dog or take dog probiotics.


What is the difference between dog enzymes and dog probiotics?

Both are supplements and are beneficial to your pet in many ways. However, they serve two different purposes. Probiotics, on the one hand, aim to create an optimal balance between the good and bad bacteria in the dog’s digestive tract. They help improve the immune system to help your dog fight gut related conditions and other infections.

Dog enzymes, on the other hand, aid in digestion. Some pet experience difficulties in breaking down proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. When this happens, giving your dog enzymes can help him live a healthier life.


Can probiotics cause allergies to my dog?

Yes, your dog can be allergic to probiotics. However, these cases are rare. In most cases, these allergies happen to dogs that are lactose intolerant. But you can help prevent this problem by going for products that do not contain the substances causing allergies to your pet. Ensure that you read the lists of ingredients before purchasing any probiotics.


How long do probiotics take to be effective?

This depends on the type of probiotic administered. For long-term relief, live probiotics will do fine. However, for spot relief, you might need to go for lyophilized probiotics.

If you are looking for a probiotic that can be used for dogs suffering from conditions that need treatment using probiotics, then products with live probiotics will be the ideal option. However, if you want a product that can cure your dog’s antibiotic-caused condition such as diarrhea, then products with lyophilized probiotics will be great.


Does my dog need probiotics?

All dogs will benefit from probiotics. If you have a dog that has tummy issues, probiotics will help alleviate that problem. Besides, use of dog probiotics can help treat different diseases including colitis or yeast infection.

However, consult your vet for the right dosages, especially when your dog is not having medical issues, and you want to administer probiotics for precautionary measures.


Final Thoughts

Now you know that it is advisable to treat your canine friend with probiotic supplements. We hope that our summarized buyer’s guide and top 10 reviews of the best dog probiotics 2019 must have helped you decide the best one for your pooch.

Your dog, being your best friend, deserve the best. That’s why we have put forward only the best probiotics for your help.

All you need to do now is to hit the purchase button and start administering the best probiotic to your dog so that it stays healthy.


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