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11 Effective Ways to Get Dog Urine Smell Out of Carpet

The more you forbid your puppy from urinating on the carpets in the house the words fall over deaf ears. Probably, it is an accident after all. Not to worry, with proper training your dog will grow out of urinating on the rug and learn to come to you.How you wish the dog would relieve itself on the hardwood linoleum floor. Dogs must find something appealing about carpets. Obviously,...
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Do Dog Flea Collars Work?

Preventing and controlling flea infestations is the primary concern for pet owners. Fleas are generally found in shady, forested and wooded areas. Unfortunately, if you are living in that type of atmosphere, your dog will likely to face flea’s problem. That’s why flea collars for dogs are invented that can kill or prevent fleas.However, many pet owners want to know do really dog flea collars work? Moreover, it is...
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Is Dog Poop Compostable?

Manure is a primary source of compost that we use for agriculture and plantation purposes. The dung we obtain from cow, horse, sheep or other animals is the primary source of organic fertilizer. You might wonder, is dog poop compostable? This question might have crossed your mind because naturally, most manure comes from a domesticated animal.Dogs are domesticated animals, just like cows, horses, and sheep but they are not...
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6 Best Dog Boots Reviews and Ultimate Guide 2019

Many people think of dog boots as fashion accessories or luxurious things. However, these boots are much more about safety, convenience, and functionality. They not only make your pooch more adorable but also have other purposes.You can improve your canine companion’s life in many different ways by investing in the best dog boots. And as such, there are a lot of brands making dog boots, with others better suited...
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3 Best Dog DNA Test Kits Reviews and Ultimate Guide 2019

If you love your dog, you will want to know everything about his body. This may sound weird to people who don't own a dog, but it is natural to be curious about your dog genetic and breed makeup. This is easy when it comes to purebred dogs, but when it comes to crossbreeds, it is hard to answer questions about their genetic background. In fact, in the past,...
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How To Make Dog Toys Out Of Rope

Fun interaction with our dogs allows them to burn off their excess energy. Otherwise, they can all channel it into erratic behavior. At the same time, dog owners spend a lot on toys since dogs can easily tear through most with aggressive chewing. The solution may be one of the most common DIY (Do It Yourself) props, a simple rope! Ropes are quite indestructible while offering low-cost room innovation....
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