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10 Best Dog Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 2019


As a dog owner, you need to understand not only the physical benefits of exercising your dog but also the intellectual benefit of interacting with them. Dog toys offer a great way to provide mental stimulation of your pet, while also offering more time to spend with your dog to strengthen your bond with them.

For dog owners, finding the best dog toy is a daunting task. See, there are many options available for every company terming their toy as the best in the market. However, the truth of the matter is that not every dog toy in the market is of the best quality. That’s why you need to be careful in selecting the best toy for your dog.

After all, you don’t want to waste your money buying low-quality dog toys for your canine friend. Nothing is worse than spending your hard-earned money on a toy and having your dog rip it apart in a few minutes.
We will make sure you avoid this awful experience by enlightening you on things you need to look into and later give you a list of the high-quality dog toys you can choose from.

If you are in a hurry, check out our recommendation list below.

10 Best Dog Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 201910 Best Dog Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 2019

Benebone Wishbone Chewers

It has a patented design likable to dogs

Check Price

10 Best Dog Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 201910 Best Dog Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 2019

Chuck it! Petmate Ultra Ball

Easy to clean

Check Price

10 Best Dog Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 201910 Best Dog Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 2019

Goughnuts – TuG Interactive Dog Toy

The ring is virtually indestructible

Check Price

10 Best Dog Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 201910 Best Dog Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 2019

West Paw Jive Zogoflex Chew Toy

It’s extremely durable and long-lasting

Check Price

10 Best Dog Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 201910 Best Dog Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 2019

ZippyPaws Burrow Seek Plush

Keeps your dog entertained for hours

Check Price

10 Best Dog Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 201910 Best Dog Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 2019

Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole V2

Effective at training

Check Price

10 Best Dog Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 201910 Best Dog Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 2019

Kong Wobbler Ball Dog Toy

Boasts an easy filling dispenser

Check Price

10 Best Dog Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 201910 Best Dog Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 2019

MultiPet Duckworth Duck

The toy has a squeaker and is plush filled

Check Price

10 Best Dog Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 201910 Best Dog Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 2019

Interactive Dog Ball by FurryFido

It’s extremely durable

Check Price

10 Best Dog Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 201910 Best Dog Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 2019

Hartz Frisky Frolic Latex Dog Toy

Extremely tough and durable

Check Price

So, before we discuss the factors to consider when buying the best dog toy, let’s look at why you need to invest in one.


Table of Contents

Benefits of Dog Toys

The use of dog toys is vital in building a productive, healthy relationship with your pup or dog. The following benefits are the reasons you should invest in the best toys for the dog.



If you are looking to develop a stronger bond with your dog, you need to engage them in games and playing. Playing with them will help grow your relationship. By playing with them on a consistent basis, you will be able to share your enjoyment with them.

The more you play, the stronger the bond will be. After all, dogs keep seeking their owner’s attention; if you give them that, they will love you. Use this to your advantage and use toys to play with them on a consistent basis.

Playing will also lessen the risk of your dog damaging things trying to get your attention.

Besides, bonding can extend beyond the owner/dog level: If you have multiple dogs, you can use dog toys to cultivate a bond between them.


Intellectual Stimulation

To reduce the risk of your dog becoming destructive, you need to keep their mind busy. And one way of doing that is by getting mentally stimulation dog toys. These toys are aimed at keeping your dog’s mind active and focused on chewing appropriate things.

Without these toys, your dog will get bored. And if you are a dog owner, you know how destructive a bored dog can be. They start getting destructive, disobedient, and can be a nightmare to handle.

In fact, by keeping your dog mentally stimulated and active, you will be able to create a healthy relationship with them. Let them use their excess energy by playing with toys rather than engaging in destructive activities.


Dental Health

Among the most overlooked aspects of dog, care is dental health. Many dog owners do not prioritize on their dog’s dental health because of one simple reason; brushing a dog’s teeth is not the best task to undertake.

However, failure to take care of your dog’s dental health can result in some issues including having bad breath, teeth infection, and malnutrition.

Fortunately, dog toy manufacturers have taken this into consideration and have made toys that help your dog’s teeth. These products will help fight against dental issues by encouraging your dog to chew to get rid of plaque on their teeth.



This is the most significant benefit of a dog toy; to provide your dog with exercises. Dog’s need a rigorous exercise routine to keep them in top shape. A fun way to make them exercise without tiring easily is by using toys.

Instead of letting your canine friend lay on its dog bed all day, why not throw a ball around your home and let them run to fetch it for you. This will help dislodge your dog’s excess energy.

Besides, exercises keep your dog from becoming obese. Obesity can cause severe health complications and can impact negatively on your dog’s lifespan. Overweight can also lead to diseases such as diabetes and can also put extra pressure on their joints.

See why you need dog toys? They are of great help.

So how do you choose the best dog toys?


Here Are the Things You Need to Keep In Mind When Buying Dog Toys

Whether you want to watch your dog roll around as he entertains himself or you want to play with him the game of fetch, toys are an essential part of your dog’s life and well-being. To choose the right toy for your dog, consider;



Although dogs do not mature as humans do, you need to keep your dog’s age in mind still. A 4-week puppy will need a softer plush or rubber toy with snug fabrics because he has baby teeth. From 3-9 months, your puppy will be teething, and thus you need to avoid hard rubber. Puppies are known to chew on anything they find around, and therefore it is best to have different varieties of chew toys to keep him distracted from your pair of loafers or slippers.

Once they pass the teething phase, your dog will have stronger jaws and teeth to bite harder toys and also will have endless energy to pull rope and play with balls.

By seven years, it will be a senior dog and won’t have the same jaw strength and stronger teeth as compared to younger adults. However, it is still essential to give him toys to chew on. However, make sure they have a softer texture.

Toys such as sticks and easy-to-toss balls will encourage him to play and thus stay active. Luckily, there are many toy options made for dogs of all ages, and all you will need to do is pick a toy that matches your dog’s age. Also, take into consideration his personal chewing habits as well as his size.


Size and Texture

Dogs have varying sizes; a Yorkshire terrier cannot handle most of the toys meant for a large German Shepherd- they will need toys considered for smaller dog breeds because of their smaller jaws. Similarly, a toy that has too soft fabric is not suited for a mature dog because it can break into pieces and get ingested. This can cause choking or gastrointestinal blockages.

If you notice that a toy has started showing signs of damage, such as having broken squeaker or tearing of its stuffing, it is best to replace it.

The right size of the toy is also an essential factor to consider. A toy that is too small can be swallowed quickly. The general rule of thumb is to make sure not to leave anything that can fit in your dog’s rear molars as that is a choking hazard.

Ultimately, you will need to decide the types of toys that your dog prefers. Dog’s, just like people, have preferences and choices. And you might need to experiment with different toys to know which ones suit your dog’s more.


What Are the Different Types of Toy You Can Consider?

Even with the above information, navigating the market of toys can still get a bit confusing as you will find different types of toys. As you shop, consider investing in these four types of toys with respect to the age of your dog as well as its size. After understanding the different kinds of dog toys, you will be on your way to finding the perfect and best toy for your dog.



These include rubber balls, tennis balls, foam balls, plush balls, squeaker balls, and more. Each of these balls bounces in a different way. Some glow in the dark while others float. For those who prefer nighttime routine, the glowing ball will be best while those who prefer pool games, the floating ball will be just fine.

When you find the right size for your ball, ensure that it is made of durable material to prevent your furry friend from tearing it into tiny pieces. Balls also encourage you, as a dog owner, to get involved because dogs love a catch game or game of fetch. This will help in strengthening your bond over time.


Tug Toys

Most dogs enjoy tug-of-war game with either other dogs or their owners. And although some pet experts may warn against tug-of-war game because of it encourages dogs to be aggressive, there is nothing you need to worry about if your dog is well trained.

Perhaps, the most important thing to keep in mind with tug toys is to ensure your dog doesn’t tear them into pieces. Tugs toys are often made of leather, fire hose, rope, or linen and are typically plush. Therefore, it is necessary to replace them as soon as you start noticing missing pieces or damages such as shredding.

It is also worth noting that you should not be too aggressive when playing tug of war as well. If you play it rough, you might end up damaging your dog’s teeth, and this could lead to dental issues. If you want him to drop the toy, you need to train him to respond to your commands such as release or drop it.

Also, when playing this game, avoid pulling the toy vertically such that you get your dog’s feet off the ground. Although dogs have powerful jaws, you might end up causing them to develop spine or neck issues.



Plush toys are one of the favorite toys for dogs. However, they are unsafe most of the times because they are easy to rip apart and ingest. However, they can be fun when a dog plays with them under supervision.

Before your pup enters the teething phase, you can get the plush toys to snuggle up with at night. If you notice they are your dog’s favorite, don’t write them off. Make sure they play with them under supervision.


Treats and Chewable Toys

Whereas balls and plush toys can chew toys, there are toys explicitly made for chewing, and it is best for dental health. Typically made from hard rubber material or nylon, these toys are built to last. Some have areas to help you stuff them with treats for training while others offer long-lasting entertainment.

They are soft enough to chew with no risk of causing teeth breakages but durable enough, so they don’t tear apart easily.

As your pup matures, you will have to change the size of the chew toys you buy them. Ensure you are stuffing healthy treats in your toys to keep your dog extra healthy while keeping him entertained and active.

Choosing the best dog toys will ensure great, fun play time. You can use them to train your dogs as well. Remember to select a dog toy based on their size, age, and intensity of their chewing habits.

With that in mind, let’s review the top 10 best dog toys;



Features That Make Benebone Wishbone Chewers Stand Out

  • For people who care about local production, the Benebone Wishbone Chewers is designed and manufactured in the USA for high quality
  • The high-quality chew toy comes at a bargain and will be an upgrade as its safe and entertaining for your dog
  • Comes in the wishbone and curved shapes which are great shapes to allow a good bite and clean your dog’s teeth
  • Unlike regular rawhides, the Benebone Wishbone is the best dog toys for heavy chewers as it is made of nylon and is non-edible chew and this will prevent dogs fighting over it
  • Comes in classic flavors that your dog will love.

Proc of Benebone Wishbone Chewers

  • It has a patented design likable to dogs
  • Offers a non-edible chew

Conc of Benebone Wishbone Chewers

  • The manufacturer doesn’t recommend it for dogs over 70 pounds

Why We Recommend It

The Benebone dog toy is a must-have for your dog as it has a wonderful smell that your dog will find hard to resist. The shape allows for a good bite, and the toy is durable. Most dog owners who have this dog toy are glad.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make Chuck it! Petmate Ultra Ball Stand Out

  • The material used in the construction is of high quality and is safe for your dog’s health
  • The ultra-ball is primarily rubber-made which makes it bouncy and can float on water. This makes it ideal for dogs that enjoy swimming. Due to its high buoyancy, the dog toy is considered ideal for pools and ponds
  • The toy ball comes in various colors that make it highly visible so that your dog finds it easily even from a distance
  • There are different sizes for the ball from small to XX-large. What’s more, there are two packing options for the ball, and you can order as a single ball or order two packs
  • The Chuck-it Ultra Ball is chew proof as the material is flexible and sturdy at the same time.
  • The ball is long-lasting and tough and one of the best dog toys to keep them busy
  • If you have a highly energetic dog, this ball is compatible with ball launchers (available from the company) which can allow you to launch the ball across an acre. This is suitable if your dog needs to exercise

Proc of Chuck it! Petmate Ultra Ball

  • Easy to clean
  • It is chew proof
  • Extremely durable

Conc of Chuck it! Petmate Ultra Ball

  • A few customers reported that their pets did not like the ball.

Why We Recommend It

If your dog is an aggressive chewer, the Chuck it! Ultra Ball could be your ideal dog toy. At a glance, this may appear like a regular tennis ball, but the ball is durable and can bounce very high for a better experience.

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Features That Make Goughnuts – TuG Interactive Dog Toy Stand Out

  • The chewy donut comes in two different colors including orange and green
  • The donut toy is made in the USA by mechanical and polymer engineers
  • The long-lasting toy is considered virtually indestructible, and the company stands behind this claim by offering a replacement for free if your pet gets through the outer layer
  • The toy is made for moderate chewers above 40 pounds and for strong chewers below 40 pounds. The impressive dog toy can withstand up to 3500 PSI of pressure
  • For a pooch that loves to swim, this indestructible dog toy can float
  • Among similar toys, the Goughnuts dog toy is less pricey yet suitable for aggressive and powerful chewers

Proc of Goughnuts – TuG Interactive Dog Toy

  • The ring is virtually indestructible
  • Made in the USA for better quality
  • Less pricey

Conc of Goughnuts – TuG Interactive Dog Toy

  • Larger dogs may get their jaws stuck in the middle of the ring

Why We Recommend It

This is an indestructible dog toy that’s not only durable but also offers an ultimate experience to your dog. It’s an ideal choice for keen swimmers and aggressive chewers. Better yet, in case your dog destroys the outer layer, the company offers a time replacement for the ring hence you can try it without worry.

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Features That Make West Paw Jive Zogoflex Chew Toy Stand Out

  • This indestructible ball toy is made for your heavy chewing lab and teething puppies
  • It is designed and made in the USA by West Paw using environmentally friendly and recyclable material
  • The toy ball is tough and very durable, and you can be sure of this as it comes with a 100% guarantee
  • It comes in an innovative shape for an unpredictable bounce or roll, and hence your dog will find it very interactive
  • It’s made with bright colors to stand out for easy location by your dog. It is compatible with the Chuck it! Ball thrower if you want to exercise your pooch really
  • For neat freaks, this ball is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • This tough piece of equipment is BPA-free so that you don’t have to worry about your puppy’s health even when it swallows the bits

Proc of West Paw Jive Zogoflex Chew Toy

  • It’s extremely durable and long-lasting
  • It’s BPA free
  • It’s dishwasher friendly

Conc of West Paw Jive Zogoflex Chew Toy

  • Some puppies may find it a bit too big for their tiny mouth

Why We Recommend It

Unlike most dog toys, this one is BPA free, and so you can leave your dog to play with it, without the need for supervision. Not only that, the manufacturer stands behind its quality by offering a 100% guarantee. It is the US made and should be durable.

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Features That Make ZippyPaws Burrow Seek Plush Stand Out

  • This is for large dogs that like to dig with burrow size 7 x 6 x 6 in
  • It’s great for small and medium-sized dogs due to its size
  • It comes with 3 chipmunks, but you get a range of options to choose from such as the Hedgehog den, the dog house, the sheep pen, the zoo, the Monkey ‘n’ Banana and many other options
  • If you want a dog toy that can make a squeaky sound this toy makes noises to keep your dog occupied and entertained for hours on end
  • This is an interactive dog toy has a log, and the chipmunks are soft and fuzzy to ensure it doesn’t cause harm to your pooch

Proc of ZippyPaws Burrow Seek Plush

  • Keeps your dog entertained for hours
  • Available for all dogs
  • Keeps challenging the dog’s capabilities

Conc of ZippyPaws Burrow Seek Plush

  • Some customers reported that some dogs can easily tear up hence should be used for mild chewers

Why We Recommend It

Need a dog toy that can challenge your dog to keep his intellectual level up? This toy does so by offering intellectual stimulation. Your pup is sure to love this interactive toy which is durable and reasonably priced.

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Features That Make Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole V2 Stand Out

  • For dogs at risk of developing obesity due to lack of physical activity like the Pit Bulls, this is the dog toy for them
  • This all improved Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole trains a dog’s natural instincts leading them to jump, play and sprint which enhances your general pet’s health
  • This is an efficient training tool with only a flit pole and a bungee cord and ensures your dog doesn’t hurt once it catches the lure
  • It boasts a soft, non-slip grip and wrist strap so you can be confident in its easy handling
  • Lures can be changed and do not come with fasters to prevent hurting your dog
  • The fact that this dog toy is made in the US, you can be certain of durability and safety
  • It is made for hyperactive dogs such as the Pit Bulls

Proc of Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole V2

  • Effective at training
  • It’s lightweight

Conc of Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole V2

  • Has a spring-loaded cord that may pose harm to dogs that are still learning how to catch lures

Why We Recommend It

For people who don’t have much time to take the dog for a walk, this a good toy to offer mental and physical exercise to them. It’s indestructible and has been made with durability in mind having been made in the US.

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Features That Make Kong Wobbler Ball Dog Toy Stand Out

  • Regarded as the king of dog toys, the Kong toy is a favorite for many dog owners
  • It’s made of high strength polymer and hence a tough dog toy especially for aggressive chewers
  • They come in 2 different sizes to ensure that your dog gets its suitable size for its stature
  • The fancy kong-shaped toy is made to dispense treats as your pets play with it
  • As such, it’s a good puzzle toy to keep your dog engaged for hours
  • This dog toy is dishwasher safe and hence suitable for neat freaks
  • It has been made in the US to ensure durability and safety

Proc of Kong Wobbler Ball Dog Toy

  • Boasts an easy filling dispenser
  • Has an amusing wobble action to keep your dog engaged
  • Prevents rapid eating

Conc of Kong Wobbler Ball Dog Toy

  • Some smart dogs may only need a short time to understand how to dispense food easily

Why We Recommend It

For food-motivated dogs, they will find this toy entertaining for a long time. Additionally, it doesn’t dispense food easily and is hard to chew. Most owners have praised this toy as durable and entertaining to their dog.

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Features That Make MultiPet Duckworth Duck Stand Out

  • This is a plush toy that has been designed with an embedded squeaker
  • The shape of a duck makes it great for the tug of war and games of fetch as its large in size
  • The squeaking duck is push-filled which makes it ideal for playful dogs and cannot cause a hazard
  • The budget-friendly dog toy is designed for dogs of all ages whether puppies or large dogs and comes in singles or in a pack of two
  • Has different colors that are easy for your dog to spot, toss and catch
  • The duck is fluffy and soft yet durable to ensure your dog plays it for a long time

Proc of MultiPet Duckworth Duck

  • The toy has a squeaker and is plush filled
  • It’s cuddly and soft
  • Less pricey

Conc of MultiPet Duckworth Duck

  • Some customers reported that they received a toy that looks different from the one pictured

Why We Recommend It

Duckworth is among the best dog toys for puppies and adult dogs as they can play, fetch and cuddle with this friendly duck that squeaks. The toy is large and plush filled and is less likely to cause hazards. It’s durable yet less costly which is why it has been a favorite for dog owners who already have it.

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Features That Make Interactive Dog Ball by FurryFido Stand Out

  • Aside from providing a lot of interaction and fun, the interactive ball by FurryFido develops your dogs IQ
  • The dog toy can throw, fetch, roll and bounce and will go a step further to provide hidden treats but the treats have to be small in size
  • The interactive dog toy enhances your dog’s playtime due to the food surprises they get
  • There is no need to worry about leaving this toy with your pooch as it is made with a non-toxic material which is soft and highly durable
  • The material helps keep the teeth healthy as it rubs the gum and tooth enamel
  • To ensure guarantee for high quality, FurryFido stands by their word that you will get your money back if your dog finds this toy unentertaining

Proc of Interactive Dog Ball by FurryFido

  • It’s extremely durable
  • Produces a sound to keep the dog entertained
  • It cleans your dog’s teeth and dispenses treats

Conc of Interactive Dog Ball by FurryFido

  • May not be ideal for dogs with over 30 lbs.

Why We Recommend It

This toy is sure to keep your dog physically fit and mentally stimulated for longer periods. Better yet, it is made of tough material to ensure durability. As if that’s not enough, the company offers a lifetime guarantee that your dog will love playing with the toy. Otherwise, the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee in case your dog does not love it.

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Features That Make Hartz Frisky Frolic Latex Dog Toy Stand Out

  • This is one of the best toys Amazon which produces a squeaking sound from the slightest bite
  • The toy is a winner offering entertainment for hours on end
  • The dog toy is made of Latex which is soft and easy to catch on air
  • The rugged latex material offers a long enjoyable chewing experience
  • Even the large dogs with strong jaws will find it impossible to destroy this dog toy and will only get exhausted lying there to guard it

Proc of Hartz Frisky Frolic Latex Dog Toy

  • Extremely tough and durable
  • Offers a great bounce
  • Keeps the dog active

Conc of Hartz Frisky Frolic Latex Dog Toy

  • A customer reported that the squeakers stopped shortly after purchase

Why We Recommend It

Most dogs find love these as it offers hours of fun along with unique sounds. Even for aggressive chewers, these are soft and easy to squeeze yet indestructible. They are reasonably priced and have received a lot of praise on Amazon from dog owners.

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