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Pets are part of our daily lives; they are our furry children and beloved members of our families. We too love them dearly, and that’s why we made this site to help you give them the best possible life by educating and enlightening you, pet owner.

Pets can’t talk, but they know how to express their feelings to us. This means they cannot tell us when something is wrong or when they don’t feel well. You may not always have all the answers regarding caring, feeding, and everything revolving around cats, dogs, but you can find those answers at petlovethat.com.

With vast experience in petting cats and dogs as well as in-depth knowledge on their way of life, we are one of the best pet sites where you can find information relating to pets; from pets way of life to genuine product reviews of pet’s products. We will be providing genuine product reviews, informational articles, advice, and experiences that will help you keep your pet mentally alert, physically fit, and emotionally happy.

Our love for pets guides everything on our site.


Our Mission

Our mission is to use internet technology to;

  • Increase public awareness of how to take care of pets, especially cats and dogs
  • Elevate the status of pets by emphasizing how important they are to our daily lives and why you need to care for these furry friends to deepen your relationship with them.
  • Enlighten our audience on the best products for their pets (cats and dogs) as well as how they should live with them for better cohesion.

From the comfort of your tablet, phone or computer, you can read everything about pets here. We update our site now and then with useful, relevant information and therefore, you will always find something new to learn every day.

We love pets, and that’s why we want you to have the best moments with them. Our editorial team works hard to bring you the most accurate and credible pet wellness and health information so that your pets can live a healthier, and happier life. We are one of the largest and most complete websites for pet information.


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We have got the most credible and relevant information that you need about pets. Learn about how to care for pets, pet health, and pet product reviews. If you intend to train your pet, we have training guides that offer some helpful hints and insights. If you are thinking of adopting a new pet, we have guides to help you integrate them easily into your new environment. If you have any questions about pets (cats and dogs), you can find answers on this site. And, we also have fun videos of pets too, to make it all fun for you.

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