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5 Tips: How to Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs

All of us love when the weather warms up because we can spend long hours outdoors, wear an outfit of own choice! But, there is something which we don't like about the summer season. That is the fleas on our pet. It is during the summer season; most doggies get a flea infection.These bloodsucking invaders breed on canine pets and can cause different kinds of health problems to them....
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6 Reasons Why Do Dogs Sit or Lay On Your Feet?

Does your dog often sit or lay on your feet, and you are wondering why your dog does that? Dogs communicate through different means, and one of those means is sitting or lying on someone’s feet.Dogs don’t sit or lay on your feet without reason. It is either they are trying to show affection, or they are seeking to stamp their authority over other dogs or animals or may...
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8 Reasons Why Do Dogs Bury Things?

Every dog has an innate impulse to hide things underground. Isn't it interesting to find them digging your couch or your laundry basket? The answer is simple. They want to keep their items safe and secure. As a result, these canine animals will bury everything from a simple remote, bones, toys to even their poop.In former days, the dogs used to live in the forest. Hunting used to be...
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Do Dog Flea Collars Work?

Preventing and controlling flea infestations is the primary concern for pet owners. Fleas are generally found in shady, forested and wooded areas. Unfortunately, if you are living in that type of atmosphere, your dog will likely to face flea’s problem. That’s why flea collars for dogs are invented that can kill or prevent fleas.However, many pet owners want to know do really dog flea collars work? Moreover, it is...
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14 Home Remedies For Dog With Mange

If you happen to notice your dogs itching and scratching a lot more than usual, it's very likely that Mange is causing this. Also known as Scabies and "seven-year itch," Mange is a type of skin condition caused by parasitic mites.Depending upon their genus, these mites embed themselves in either hair follicles or skin of animals. These parasitic mites cause itchy spots all across a dog’s coat and can...
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Is Dog Pneumonia Contagious?

Whether in humans or animals, pneumonia is always a scary diagnosis. It is an acute lower respiratory tract disease which can be deadly if left untreated. For most pet owners, this is a topic we may dread talking about.Of course, we don’t want to think or even imagine our beloved dogs suffering or passing because of this dreadful disease. However, it is also part of our responsibility to educate...
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8 Reasons Why Dogs Are The Best Pets

The connection between dogs and humans has been acknowledged as the strongest and unique bond for a very long time. The unconditional love of dogs towards their owners is one of the primary reasons why dogs are known as most loveable pets.One can’t deny it dogs are man best friend, and there are plenty of reasons behind this. Worldwide, most people love to keep dogs as a pet over...
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