All of us love when the weather warms up because we can spend long hours outdoors, wear an outfit of own choice! But, there is something which we don’t like about the summer season. That is the fleas on our pet. It is during the summer season; most doggies get a flea infection.

These bloodsucking invaders breed on canine pets and can cause different kinds of health problems to them. A dog can get dermatitis, Bartonella, inflammation, blood deficiency, tapeworm infection, etc. Since these fleas are wingless insects, they move on to a new host by hopping from the old ones. Fortunately, there can be a few useful methods to keep your pet away from these parasites.


How to Identify Fleas on Your Dog?

Since these fleas and ticks move around on the surface of the pet’s skin, it is easy to identify them. You can spot tiny dark marks on your pet’s coat. These are the fecal excretion that indeed indicates your pet needs a thorough cleaning all over his body!

There are three ways you can identify fleas infection in your pet.

  • Use a comb on your pet to make sure whether you can see the black dots on it. Put it right away in cold water to prevent it from getting into your doggie’s body again. Prefer a metal comb to take out the flea excretion from your pet.
  • Take out a paper towel and massage it on the dog’s hair. If you can identify the black spots, it is the excretion of fleas on your pet’s body.
  • Another way to find out whether there is a flea infection on your canine pal is to observe him. If he appears to be restless, always, he is irritated due to flea bites. Some sensitive pets may find it extremely annoying due to a flea bite.

When you identify your pet is infested, the worst thing is he would let the trespasser in your home too. It is a red flag, and thus, you should take immediate actions to drive the intruder out of your home. Help him by making the fleas off its body. There are many natural ways to get them off your pet.


What to Do When You Identify Fleas on Your Pet’s Body?

Usually, these blood-sucking insects thrive on your pet in 3 different stages. There will be eggs, larvae, or pupas. Identifying the fully grown fleas is easy. But, to locate the worms and eggs, it is indeed a difficult task. To treat your dog, never use harmful flea repellants on him. It is made of chemicals that will do more harm than good to your doggie.

Same is the case with spot-on flea treatment products. The spot-on flea treatment has several chemical components like Fipronil, Imidacloprid, which will create serious health problems in dogs. It will cause infertility, damage to the nerves, etc.

Many reports read that the ingredient Imidacloprid will cause severe brain, liver and heart damage. Just like using pesticides to kill pests causing a grave threat to the human body, using these products will kill your pet, gradually.


How to Get Rid of Fleas at Home?

It is easy to edge out these adult fleas by taking it out of your pet’s body. You have to try hard to get rid of insects that hatch out of pupas. It will undoubtedly need a minimum of three months for you to have a flea free house.

The next step is to kill the eggs and larvae with the help of an Insect growth regulator. You can’t kill a flea at larva stage. Let it hatch out and kill them. The reason why you can’t kill larvae is that there is a protective layer called cocoon that covers them.

If you doubt there is a possible threat due to pest infestation in your pets, rush immediately to a veterinary. An expert will advise you about the ways to get rid of these harmful parasites without harming your pet.

Isn’t it alarming to know that the visible fleas are only 5% of the total flea population in your home? Don’t you think you should take quick as well as effective actions to prevent insects colonize your household?


Tricks to Safeguard Your House

You can try the following tricks to ensure a safe environment at home. These are useful preventive ways to keep the fleas at bay.

  1. Use vacuum cleaners all over your couches and other furniture to destroy all the ticks and fleas. If there is any particular rug where your doggie sits, vacuum that first. It is the best way to check the flea growth in your house. Do you have the habit of taking your Ceaser out in your car? Vacuum that vehicle too. There may be lots of invisible fleas sticking all over your car.
  2. Mop the rooms of your house and backyard to close doors for these uninvited guests.
  3. There are carpet sprays available in the market to make your home a safe place for your family and pets.
  4. Have you heard of Sentry Home household fogger? These are lovely foggers made of insecticides capable of killing a flea, cockroaches, mosquitos, etc.
  5. Use yard spray to prevent these harmful fleas encroachments into your home. They get inside through the footwear you use or through your cute doggie.


Are There Any Medicines Available to Treat Infected Dogs?

Of course, yes. Just like we pay a visit to our physician when we feel sick, your dog should visit a vet to get treated for flea infestation. Bravecto is one of the best medicine to kill these irritating fleas. The effect of this approach can last for three months.

Whereas, the medication Comfortis or Trefexis starts working on your pet within half an hour, but the impact of the medicine continues only for a month. If your dog is hypersensitive and you want to get rid of fully grown fleas instead of eggs, Serestocollar will help you keep your pet free from the insects.



To conclude, these fleas are deadly blood-sucking parasites that flourish in furry pets like cats and dogs. It is challenging to identify and kill these parasites because 95% of them hide in your carpets and furniture. There are various excellent ways to locate fleas and kill them. You should always remember not to use sprays that harms your canine pets.

It is always advisable to visit a veterinary to explore different safe and effective ways to get rid of fleas. It is highly essential to keep these pets free from parasites to help them live a safe and happy life.

Apart from medicines available on prescriptions, there are non-prescription medications like flea shampoos, flea collars available to get rid of these deadly parasites out of your home.


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