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How Long Can A Dog Go Without Food And Water?

Dogs have big appetites. As soon as you place their bowl on the floor, they come sprinting into the kitchen practically banging into your legs. In a matter of a second, their food disappears.Some dog owners feel distressed if their dogs refuse to eat. A dog refusing food can mean two things. They’re sticking their nose up, or they could be sick.According to veterinarians, healthy dogs can last up...
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7 Reasons: Why Does My Cat Knead Me?

The cats knead on things they see around them. It is an instinct among cats. They do it slowly moving their paws, front to back in slow motions. You would have seen your kitty kneading your pillows, couches, and glass coffee tables.Till now, there are no accepted theories why these feline creatures knead whatever they see including humans. But, many probable theories linger about the common habit of cats....
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5 Reasons: Why Do Hamsters Eat Their Babies?

There are lots of pet owners who have experienced this thing from their pet hamsters. And the first thing that comes into mind is why do hamsters eat their babies? Humans most obviously don’t understand the reason behind this, but for the hamster mothers, they have a real reason for killing their own babies. Or we can say that they have several reasons to do that. If you are...
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10 Tips: How Many Times a Day Should a Dog Eat?

As a new pet owner, you must have a question after question filling your minds. Dogs don’t eat the way humans do. And they also don’t eat as much as humans do either.Dogs eat twice a day. Breakfast and dinner! They’ll have occasional treats now and then, but not any scraps from the plates. It’s tough to surpass those loveable wanting eyes, but the most important lesson about being...
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9 Reasons: Why Does My Cat Stare at Me?

When your beloved cat sits at your feet staring up at you with those big cat-like eyes, it eventually becomes a staring contest. What do they want from you that is so important? Could they be hungry? Do they want to go outside? Or would they just like some attention. All those options are pretty likely.If only you could develop powers to understand cat language. Cats also stare at...
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11 Effective Ways to Get Dog Urine Smell Out of Carpet

The more you forbid your puppy from urinating on the carpets in the house the words fall over deaf ears. Probably, it is an accident after all. Not to worry, with proper training your dog will grow out of urinating on the rug and learn to come to you.How you wish the dog would relieve itself on the hardwood linoleum floor. Dogs must find something appealing about carpets. Obviously,...
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11 Reasons: Why is My Cat Coughing?

Is it normal for cats to cough? A cat coughing is such a horrendous noise. It breaks a cat owner’s heart to see their precious little guy suffering.Similar to humans who cough, coughing is only a protective reflect on ridding problems in the respiratory system such as mucus or an irritable itch. When a cat coughs, it’s usually caused by irritation or inflammation in the bronchi or trachea.There are...
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