Dogs are known as man’s best friend. Why are they called so? We all know that it is their loyalty, companionship and unconditional love towards their owners and family members. So, Are Dogs Considered Sentient?

Dog people love to explore dogs exciting things such as how much they have intelligence power and emotional awareness. Now, Are Dogs Sentient has become most searched topic on the search engines. Even many studies have also been going on this topic.

Thus, our today article is all about telling people Are really dogs feel emotions. Continue reading the article and know about dog’s nature.


What Do You Mean By Sentient?

First of all, all you need to understand what Sentient means. It means that To perceive or feel or to have or be aware of physical sensations.

A sentient being means self-aware or who can feel pain/ sufferings or who can think. Most of the people believe that this thing only applies to people, not animals. So, is it true or just misconception?


What Are Sentient Animals?

An animal is considered Sentient if it is capable of being aware of its surroundings and that understand bond with humans and other animals.

A sentient animal can feel sensation in its own body such as hunger, heat, cold or pain. Moreover, sentient animals are like to have their own desires and preferences, just like we humans have.

Even many animal behavior experts have proved that many animals are sentient. However, now, the main question is that are dogs also sentient animals? To know about it, continue reading this article.


Are Dogs Considered Sentient?

If you are a dog owner, then you probably have felt that your dog has feelings too. They have a level of sentience, like a human child. Even many studies have proven that dogs are capable of feeling pain and sufferings.

Moreover, you might have also seen that your dog is trying to console you when you were in pain. Dogs are known to be most social animals that can understand what is happening in their surroundings. Many studies have also proven that dogs can feel their owner and family member pain. Yes, they can even feel their own pain too.

Many dog owners have said that their dog understands them much better than a human being. Their dogs know when their owners are in a good and bad mood. Amazingly, like a good friend, dogs try to console their owners. Thus, it clearly shows that dogs are sentient and they feel what is happening around their surroundings.

Like humans, dogs can also become confused, angry, sad and scared and all it depends upon the situation. They also change their emotions or give reaction according to the case. Moreover, dogs fully understand what they did, and their owners didn’t like it. In this situation, they try to cover up their mess by making a sad face so that their owners heart melt.

Level of sentience also varies from dog to dog. There are some breeds which can build a stronger bond with their owners.


What Are Tests To Tell Dogs Are Self-aware?

Everyone knows that dogs are capable of feeling pain and other emotions. However, have you ever wonder if they are able to recognize themselves? For this, two main tests were carried out for dogs self-aware. In one test, the dogs don’t pass, and in the second test, the dogs pass.


Mirror Test

The first test is Mirror test in which dogs don’t pass. In this test, animals were put in the front of the mirror, and surprisingly, Gordon Gallup was the first one who passes this self-awareness test. When the analysis was carried out on chimpanzees, they tried to touch the mirror when marking was added to their forehead and it clearly indicates that they understood or able to recognize themselves in the mirror and that clearly signify self-awareness.

However, when a dog is put in the front of the mirror, he does not respond anything unless another dog was also not placed in the front of the mirror. They gave a response to other dogs, not their image in the mirror. So, dogs do not recognize themselves in front of the mirror, as we do.


Sniff Test

In sniff test, dog passes and many other animals failed. In this test, dogs were offered with another dog’s urine, their own urine and some additive in their own urine. As we all know that dogs have a great sense of smell and it is like god-gifted. In this experiment, dogs spent some time smelling every sample of urine, and they were able to recognize their own urine. Therefore, it showed that dogs fully understand their self-awareness.

Thus, in the end, we can say that dogs can recognize themselves on the basis of smell, not vision.


Stories That Show Dogs Feel And Think

You might have heard many stories of dogs. Here, we are going to tell your real life-based stories that I have experienced myself.

I am also a dog owner, and my dog has to feel too like I have for him. Whenever I was in a bad mood, my dog easily recognizes it and tries to do things that can make me happy. For instance, whenever my dog feels I am sad, he always comes to me and tries to hug and console me, as a good friend does. Thus, it is love or affection or cares that my dog feels for me.

It was a time when my dog was too sick, and he was not able to do things. At that time, I have seen tears coming from my dog eyes for the first time. Thus, dogs also cry when they are in a lot of pain, exactly like we human cry. Generally, dog’s vocal becomes very quiet when they are in pain, and that’s why you need to be familiar with your dog’s behavior.



Hence, in the last, we can conclude that dogs are a sentient being and they can feel things around their surroundings.


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