Have you watched your dog nibbling some non-food items like paper along with the kibble you feed him? If yes, rush to a vet. The dogs happen to bite and chew paper because of a disease called Pica. When these fluffy creatures get Pica, they tend to eat paper, wood, sticks, cardboard boxes, etc.

It is a psychological disorder found in dogs that compel them to chew down non-food items. These dogs run around the house exhibiting destructive behavior. They tear your newspaper, toilet paper, napkin, and accidentally swallow them.

Sometimes, your pup may feel extremely hungry as his nutritive needs increase with age.


Why Does Your Puppy Get Affected by Pica?

In most of the cases, the dogs get Pica even as a puppy. When he starts exploring the surroundings, he may begin chewing paper, if this non-food item has a pleasant aroma and compelling appearance. These factors cause the puppies to sniff these things and swallow them.

If you find your puppy eating a paper, discourage him from doing that. In some cases, he might want to amuse himself during the playtime, when he accidentally grabs a newspaper under his claws and starts eating.

You should nip this habit in the bud; otherwise, he will get into the habit of chowing down paper instead of his pet food. This strange desire to eat paper will increase if left unnoticed.


Is the Paper Eating Habit Harmful to My Pup?

If he eats paper instead of his daily diet, the pup might not get enough nutrients his body needs. That’s because these papers or paper products are not nutrition dense foods.

Besides this, some papers clog the respiratory or intestinal tracts. It may prove fatal to your canine pet. If your pet suffers from constipation, consult a vet.

Sometimes, ingesting paper cause internal bleeding in dogs. Some condition may require timely intervention by a vet to save his life. In rare cases, the dogs have to undergo surgery to remove the blockage. In typical cases, the vet gives stool loosening medicines to bring the paper out of the digestive system.

The doctors will confirm the treatment after examining the pet through an x-ray or even ultrasound test. These tests help the doctor to determine the exact cause of the dog’s temptation to eat paper.

While doing ultrasound or x-ray tests, the doctor confirms many medical conditions in canine pets like hypothyroidism, diabetes, parasites or lack of proper nutrition in puppies.


How to Deal With a Pup Eating Paper?

You can solve the paper eating habit if you spend some time with your pup. These canine friends seek love and attention like their feline counterparts. Every dog like their master cuddling him, and would forget the habit to eat papers if you are around.


Give Commands

Don’t punish your pup as he might need only a lovely hug or some time to play with you. If you shout at him, it turns out to be negative attention that may upset your pup. You can use phrases like “LEAVE IT” or “DROP IT” to make him understand he should not eat a paper.

Some breeds like Boxers, Golden retrievers, even soft natured Maltese ravel, have an uncontrollable temptation to shred papers. Most commonly, irrespective of the type, these canine creatures want to enjoy the warmth of a human hug or play with them. They want to drive the boredom out of their life.

By doing so, they want to gain the attention of their caretakers to get rid of boredom. They want to enjoy for some time before their munch time or sleeping time. This way, they can utilize the accumulated energy in their body.


Keep Your Papers in A Safe Place

Try to be careful to keep the papers, grocery bills, newspapers, out of your pet’s reach. Otherwise, your dog will rip them off, and the very next moment the unwanted documents may find their way inside your puppy’s stomach.

Try to put all the papers in the dustbin instead of littering them all around the house. Train him properly to keep himself off from the paper products.


Lock the Bathroom Door

The commonplace visited by your pet may be your bathroom. Pets are so crazy about the toilet paper that makes them slip into the room and have a nice meal out of those papers. If you have any loose papers lying on your home office table, conceal it in the drawer, or he may shred your life insurance policy paper or your kid’s school book.


Bring Some Chew Toys

Give him attractive chew toys that help him to come out of this habit. Scatter some toys on the floor in some conspicuous places in your home. Gradually, the dog will start chewing the toy, instead of papers.

If you stuff the toy with peanuts or cashew nuts that tastes yummy, he will chew those rubber toys more.


Train Your Dog

You can train him to get the papers out of the mouth and reward him with a small piece of chicken for doing so. This way, you can make your pet fetch paper, and not chew them. In due course of time, they will understand that they have to find out the documents, but not put them in.

You should be careful not to play with the pups with cardboard boxes or littered paper because he will retain that habit till the end. Something that started as fun can turn dangerous.

Always remember to use a litter box with a closed lid to prevent your pup reaching out to the bin. These are the ways that a pet owner can follow to avoid these natural shredders from chewing paper.



In short, these canine friends have a natural tendency to examine what is happening around them as a pup. Most of the puppies develop this habit when they are in puppyhood. This annoying habit grows along with them. It is complicated for an adult dog to stop munching paper if he starts eating at an earlier stage of his life.

Another reason may be due to a disease called Pica that makes them eat paper. Even though it appears to be safe to chew paper, it can turn potentially dangerous if the unwanted food item passes through the intestinal tract.


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