Every dog has an innate impulse to hide things underground. Isn’t it interesting to find them digging your couch or your laundry basket? The answer is simple. They want to keep their items safe and secure. As a result, these canine animals will bury everything from a simple remote, bones, toys to even their poop.

In former days, the dogs used to live in the forest. Hunting used to be a tiresome job for them. There were occasions when they would have caught the prey and almost snarfed them down. The signs of their enemies would shoo them away, and they would have left the place empty-bellied. Thus, these animals started burying their food.


1. Refrigerate the Food

Burying food is a natural way to keep the food safe and out of reach of beastly animals. The moisture in the sand keeps the food cold. It is an excellent technique of these wild dogs to refrigerate the meat.

Besides this, it prevents the food from decaying. The animal can go in search of the buried food, later on. The natural aroma of the sand keeps the food fresh and tasty. As it would be concealed underground, no animal can reach up to the food, sniffing it.


2. Keep Things Safe

Just like we keep valuable items in a safe locker to protect it from thieves, dogs too bury the remains of their prey. If that is the reason, why even pet dogs bury bones?

Nowadays, they are tamed and kept at home. They don’t have to be afraid of wild thieves. They don’t need to roam around to fill bellies or go without food. Still, the natural tendency to bury the food continues in dogs and thus, they end up hiding bones underground.


3. A Way to Store Excess Food

When you give more grub to your dog than it can gulp in, it buries the food to eat it later. Since dogs are afraid that someone else would come and snatch their feed, they hide it under the cushion of your sofa or laundry bag. Just the way the wild dogs and coyotes, they also store the uneaten food to protect it from vulture or other meat eaters.

It is fascinating to see the pet dogs running to the backyard immediately when you give them a bone. They are carefully protecting their food for future use! Your dog is just stashing the menu and is not so dangerous.

But, if you feed them with food that will spoil quickly, make it sure that he doesn’t bury the food. Even though the dog has a digestive system that is designed to protect them from a bacterial attack, some food may upset their stomach. It may cause nausea or dysentery in them.


4. Mistrust in Fellow Canines

The tendency to hide food or toys will be high in pet dogs when you adopt a stray dog. They would have had bad experiences of losing their prey when they roam around in the streets in search of food. In such a case, these backyard breeders would love to conceal the food to keep off from fellow canines.

The only way to help these adopted dogs come out of this trepidation is to cuddle it and feed it regularly. They will get a feeling that they are sheltered and are safe from their troublesome fellow dogs. If still, the problem persists, take him to a veterinary. An expert will guide you on ways to get him out of this fear.


5. It Is Their Favorite Game

If you find your dog burying something, understand that he is in a mood to play games with you. Sometimes, they feel so sluggish and want to energize them to have fun. They are requesting you to play with them. You will go ballistic when you see your TV remote or wristwatch missing! This naughty thief would have hidden it in his favorite hiding spot to divert your attention to them.

Next time when you can’t find your expensive watch or even a piece of jewelry, don’t blow a fuse searching for them. Search it in the couches or your backyard. You might get it!


6. The Feeling of Lack of Care

What do your kids do at the time when you stop talking with them? They will fight with their siblings or make awful noises to get our attention. Just like that, the pups bury your shoes or electronic items because they don’t get the love and attention they want. When you have them in your lap and fondle them for some time, they will be alright.

If your dog is giving cues that he is feeling neglected, take him for an evening walk or play games to keep him entertained. Play interesting outdoor games like tug of war or frisbee or indoor games like nose work games or cups and ball games with him. These games are excellent exercises to keep them stay healthy all the time.


7. Overprotective About You

If you have more than a single pet at home, it is quite natural that one of your pets is jealous of his companions. He will start stealing and concealing your favorite, expensive items to get your attention. If your doggie is overprotective about you, snuggle him and pat him gently to make him know about your love.


8. Escape From the Enemy

Wild dogs, usually, bury their poop as a measure to protect themselves against strong animals. When they hide their poop, the predators can’t locate from their scent and pick up a fight with them. It is an interesting fact about dogs that they don’t bury their excreta when they poop in certain places. It is because your dogs consider them as comfort or safe area.


How Can You Stop These Canine Creatures From Burying Things?

One of the best ways to stop them from burying things is to spend time with them. There are lot many indoor and outdoor games you can play with them. It will keep them busy and happy.

There are many informative websites or videos you can watch to know about weird habits and behavior of dogs. You can take your dog to a veterinary or a professional dog trainer to get rid of strange, unusual behavior in dogs.



In short, it is so typical for a dog to bury toys, bones, poop, electronic items, etc. It is the behavior they inherited from their wild ancestors. If your dog is so possessive about you and wants your attention, he will hide your things.

The best way to prevent him from doing this is to spend some quality time with him and make him feel protected.


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