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5 Tips To Stop Your Dog From Peeing In The House


Dog pee in the house is the most common problem that we hear from many dog owners having a puppy. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most frustrating situations that dog owners ever face. If you have more than one dog in your house, if one dog pees in the house, then another dog also start to pee in the house.

So, we come up with some useful tips that you can follow to stop your dog from peeing in the house and also reasons what makes your pet to pee in the house.


How to Stop your Dog from Peeing in the House?

Let’s now discover what you can do to prevent your dog from peeing in the house and following the below-mentioned tips will definitely aid you to overcome this annoying problem.


Never Leave Your Dog Alone

If you left your dog alone for a long time, then he/she can feel lonely and can experience anxiety that can make your dog pee in the house. Due to nervousness, your dog becomes incapable of holding urine for a long duration. That’s why it is always suggested that if you have a puppy, then never leave him/her alone for an extended period. However, if you are owners of the older dog, then you can try to make your dog feel less worrying.


Never Punish your Dog for Peeing in the house

No doubt, it is irritating to see your dog peeing in the house. However, it is also vital that you should never punish your dog for this as it will make your dog nervous. Just give me an angry look when you see your dog peeing in the home, your dog will undoubtedly realize that you are upset with his/her action. Thus, try to catch your dog before or during his/her peeing act. This will definitely aid to overcome this problem.


Clean the area where your dog has pee

You might don’t know that dog’s urine has a powerful enzyme that makes them to Pee Again at that place where they have a pee before. That’s why it is vital to clean the areas, and also eliminate urine smell to prevent your dog from peeing on the house floor or carpet.


Praise your Dog for Peeing Outside

If you see your dog peeing outside, must praise your dog for his/her act. Your dog will realize that you are pleased with his/her action and your dog will start to pee outside instead at home. Always remember that dogs always want their owners happy. So, no matter how hard you have given training to your dog for peeing outside, must give your dog a lot of praise and approval.



One of the primary reasons why dogs pee in the house is fearfulness. If your dog has not ever experienced the smells, sounds, or world sights make your dog feel uncomfortable when you go outside with your dog. Your dog anxiety and not feeling comfortable at most of the time make him/her to pee inside the house. That’s why it is essential to take your dog outside so that he/she can experience different situations and have confidence.


What are the Reasons for Dog Peeing in the House?

In order to stop your dog from peeing in the home, it is essential for you to understand what makes your dog do this act. Thus, we have covered all the probable reasons that you should know.



Yes, dogs who get overexcited pee on the floor. When your dog exhibit behavior, which includes jiggling, jumping and wiggling, he/she happily pees inside the home. That also leads to the smell of urine in the house everywhere.



As we also told earlier, fear and anxiety are significant reasons for a dog peeing in the home, especially puppies. If someone or you scold your dog so badly, then he/she might feel uncomfortable and fear that makes him to pee.


Bad House Training

Yes, dog pee in the home can also be because you have given your dog terrible house training for a pee. You may not be able to teach him/her well that peeing outside is the only right way. So, it’s your fault, not your dog and you need to provide your dog with proper house training.


Change in your Dog Daily Routine

Dogs feel comfortable and secure when their owners stick to their daily routine. If you change your dog routine instantly, then your dog might feel insecure and hard for him/her to adjust. Unsecured behavior can lead him to pee in the home.


Medical Disorders

Maybe your dog is suffering from some severe illness which makes him/her not to handle urine for a long duration of time. For instance, maybe your dog has urinary infections, kidney disease, bladder stones, and diabetes. Thus, in this case, all you can do is contacting your vet for immediate treatment.


How to Train your Dog to Pee Outside?

Giving training to your dog for peeing outside requires a lot of patience and consistency. During training, accidents will happen and you have to deal with them patiently. Below, we have given some tips on how you can train your dog for peeing outside.


Set a Daily Schedule

Consistency is vital for training, and you need to set a particular time for your dog bathroom. So, take your dog outside every day.


Let your Dog to Choose Bathroom Spot

It is also important to let your dog decide his bathroom spot outside, and the place can be near to tree. Whatever bathroom spot he/she selects, it is also vital to let him/her pee at that spot on a regular basis.


Don’t Punish and Praise your dog if he/she follows the routine

Don’t lose your patience level during training. Otherwise, things can go wrong. If your dog pees inside the home even after giving him/her training, don’t punish him and deal with it and find out what makes him do this. Also, provide rewards if he/she starts to pee outside.



In the end, you can stop your dog from peeing inside the home and all it takes your patience, time, care and love for your dog. If your dog does not cease to pee in the house even after giving him/her proper training, then maybe your dog is not well. In this case, the best thing you can do is taking your dog to vet for treatment.


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