A dog lover always likes to think about the comfort and safety of his dog. This is very true especially for someone who works long hours or who works till late hours. Some dog owners usually install dog doors in a bid to create the right of freedom for their dogs. But one major question to ask before installing a dog door in your house is ‘are dog doors safe’? Your answer will guide you in taking the right decision.


What Are Dog Doors?

Basically, a dog door is a device that you provide at the entrance of your dog house. It allows him the freedom to go in and out of his house unaided.

A dog door is made by creating a sizeable space either on a door or a wall. It is intended to create a space for your dog to escape to have some fun conveniently. Such a door is usually fitted with a flap light enough for your dog to push through.

There are many types of flaps to provide enough protection, your choice counts though. Usually, the flap is made with steel, acrylic plastic. There are many factors you should put into consideration when choosing the right type of flap to install on your dog door.

Weather-proof, which is a bit heavier, is necessary for a very cold region. It is ideal when it comes to conserving energy usage. Basically, it prevents constant loss of heat as your dog goes in and out through the door. Magnetic latchets help the flap to close well easily.


Where To Locate Your Dog Door

It is quite worthwhile to consider several options before locating and installing your dog door. This will save you the problem of relocation which may attract a new cost.

You need to consider the safest place in your house. Be sure to take into consideration the advantages and disadvantages of each location options at your disposal.

Consider where each location opens up to and the prevailing dangers of the surroundings. Also, it is paramount to consider the safety of your dog. These considerations will add up to guide you in your choice.


Advantages Of The Dog Doors

One significant advantage of a dog door is the convenience it offers you and your dog. If you work late hours or you are out on a short trip, your dog can freely get out of the house unaided.

Again, a dog door offers your dog the freedom to get out of the house and catch some fun outside. This makes him active and alert without any stress.

The door also guarantees the safety of your house. This is especially true in case there is imminent danger like fire or other threatening issues. Some smart dogs will use the opportunity of their doors to alert neighbors of any danger in your house.

Dog doors also tend to help a mother dog with puppies. These doors offer them the opportunity to take their young ones out on exercise and training.


Types Of Dog Doors


Flap Doors

The flap doors are often installed either in the door or on a wall. It is fitted with a flap to cover the opening. Some flap comes with an additional cover over the flap which you can lock for additional security when not in use.


Glass Sliding Door Inserts

Here, the dog door is neatly inserted in the opening of your sliding glass door. These have an advantage of not having to cut through the wall of your house.


Electronic Doors

These types of doors are an improvement over the other types of dog doors. They are installed with a ‘read-and-act ‘electronic device.

The flap can slide up and down when you trigger it by the read-key on your dog’s collar. This system provides additional security because it denies access to unauthorized animals and people without the sensor.


Some Concerns Of Dog Doors

As much as dog doors have some significant advantages, there are still some concerns you need to be aware of.


Harmful To Children

Dog doors can be potentially dangerous to children. This is especially so if you do not take precautionary measures before, during, and after installation. Children are by nature playful and very inquisitive. In this case, dog doors prove dangerous for children in the house. Children can ‘sneak’ out through dog doors into some unknown danger outside without the awareness of their parents or childcare assistance.


Enticing Burglars

Dog doors can also be tempting to some criminal elements. The doors could entice them to attempt or break in. It is important to conceive a dog door before installation properly. If you do not do this, the hole could be wide enough to allow burglars to squeeze themselves in through the dog door.


Animal Intrusion And Environmental Safety

Animal intrusion through the dog doors is very high, especially where raccoon vandals and alligators are present.

Safety of the environment is another issue that can pose a potential danger to your dog and sometimes to yourself. Going in and out of your dog through its door can become a security issue at a later date.

Close to environmental issue is the energy cost. Dogs can be very excitedly playful with their new dog doors. This may prompt them to continually go-in-and-out through their doors and causing energy loss through the doors flaps.

Dog doors can be very scary and strange to your dog when you first install them. Your dog may perceive it as a sort of trap which makes him not to go near. But to justify your investment, your dog will have to pass through some adaptation training. This will still cost you some money.


Dog Doors, Safe Or Unsafe?

Considering the different parameters and safety measures taken before, during and after the installation of dog doors, dog doors can be deemed very safe for their intended purposes. The health of your dog is very paramount. It is encouraged that you give your dog some ‘room’ to play. Even better, ensure it has the freedom to go out when he feels to do so.

This is a beautiful way to maintain healthier and a happier dog. Some dog owners will only grant regimental freedom to their dog by setting him free only when it is convenient for them. However, this may not suit your dog.

The use of electronic or computer-sensor controlled flaps makes dog doors safer. This is because it permits no access to unauthorized animals or people.

Additional cover backing up the door flap is an added protection that makes the door safe. The use of steel or acrylic flaps fitted with magnetic seal definitely makes the dog free all the time.



A well constructed and adequately fitted dog door offer pleasure your dog some pleasure and guarantee you freedom.


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