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Top 10 Dog Breeds: Which Dog Has The Strongest Bite?


In many countries, dogs are the most popular choice for a pet. They provide security and joy to their owners, and they are often a valuable addition to the household. But no matter how sweet and cuddly a dog may be, we have to understand that along with raising them; there comes the possibility of danger. Even the nicest of these furry friends can bite, especially when provoked.

No accurate statistics are available regarding the dog bite occurrences worldwide. However, studies show that dog bites cause millions of injuries annually. In the United States alone, studies reported approximately 4.5 million cases of dog bites each year. About 800,000 of these result in having to seek medical care.

These are somewhat alarming statistics. However, when you have adequate information, these numbers get a lot less scary. Understanding why dogs bite and which breed to look out for are crucial factors in controlling, if not entirely preventing it from happening.


What Is PSI?

To gauge a dog’s bite force, we will be referring to it as PSI. It measures the amount of strength a dog can release through their bites. PSI stands for pound per square inch. It is a unit that calculates pressure released at any given point. It is a standard system which is quite easy to understand.

This unit can vary depending on several factors such as the mood of the dog, the substance under attack, and of course, the dog’s breed. The average psi of dogs is somewhere between 230-250 PSI, but it can get higher for some breeds.

The bite strength can vary. It can differ according to the size and bulkiness of the dog’s body. It also depends on their head and the size of the dog’s jaw. In other words, the higher the PSI, the stronger the bite.


Top 10 Dogs That Have the Strongest Bite Force


1. Kangal (Bite Force – 743 PSI)

Kangal dogs have the most potent dog force in the world. Originating from Turkey, Kangals are sturdy, large and heavy boned dogs. People usually use this breed as guardians of sheep and flocks, and protectors from certain predators like jackals, wolves, and even bears.

Its size and proportion evolved due to its age-old service in Turkey as a guardian against much bigger predators. Kangal dogs are famous among pet lovers for their loyalty and gentleness with kids and other animals. However, their protective nature can be quite aggressive to intruders, especially during the night.
Because of their agility and strength, Kangals can easily take on any predator much more prominent than own size. Not only are they the strongest but they also have the highest bite force amongst all canines.


2. English Mastiff (Bite Force 556 PSI)

Although the ancestors of the Mastiffs are the “Molossus,“ known for being ferocious war dogs, the English Mastiffs as of today are famous for their gentleness and calm disposition. In spite of its size, these gentle giants are warm towards children.

Being one of the largest dogs in the world, they don’t play a lot and can often be lazy at times. But provide them plenty of food to nourish their enormous bodies, and they are all good. English Mastiffs also have the 2nd highest bite force in the dog kingdom, strong enough to break bones.


3. Wolfdog (Bite Force 406 PSI)

Because they are a hybrid among a domestic dog and a wolf, it is a bit more dangerous to keep them. They are hard to come by, and at the moment, there is no evidence of any wolfdog that is entirely domesticated.
But these dogs can form loyalty mainly because of its natural set mentality. They have the 3rd strongest bite force, with 406 PSI.


4. Rottweiler (Bite Force 328 PSI)

Rottweilers are strong, medium-sized dogs who were originally bred to pull carts and guide the homestead. They are also often used by police during search and rescue operations. This breed is a perfect combination of agility, strength, and endurance.

They are known for being good-natured, but to also fearlessness and extremely alert. This breed can go in defense mode and attack when threatened.


5. African Wild Dog (Bite Force 317 PSI)

African wild dogs fall under the category of “cape-hunting dog.” It means that they are the ultimate hunters. They are also hypercarnivores which means that 70% of their diet is meat. Now considered as an endangered species, African dogs are quite social and used to living in groups.

This breed is by nature an efficient hunting dog. It is very agile and can easily hunt the preys equal to its size, or even more prominent such as antelopes. Among medium-sized dogs, they have one of the highest bite forces recorded, at 371 PSI.


6. American Bulldog (Bite Force 305 PSI)

With a muscular built and a large head and stiff neck muscles, Bulldogs are a strong and very powerful breed of dog. Besides this, they are gentle and caring family pets who can quickly adapt to any household.

But while they can be cuddly and extremely innocent at home, they can be wary of strangers and not trusting to other people. When threatened, this breed won’t hesitate to attack, and their agility and speed is a force to reckon with! With a powerful jaw strength, American Bulldogs have a bite force of 305 PSI.


7. Doberman (Bite Force 245 PSI )

It is an extremely loyal breed who will stick with their owners under all circumstances. They have a very athletic built and a muscular body type. Dobermans, when adequately trained, can be an ideal house pet that is very gentle with both children and adults.

With a PSI of 245, Dobermans still rank as one of the breeds with the most active bite force.


8. German Shepherd (Bite Force 238 PSI)

One of the most famous domestic dogs in the world, German shepherds rank 2nd as the most popular dog breed in the world. They are highly intelligent and commonly found assisting police forces during rescue missions.

Hardworking and easily trained, German Shepherds can quickly adapt to any environment. When it comes to children, this breed is very gentle. They are also excellent guard dogs because of their loyalty, intelligence, and overall strength.


9. American Pit Bull (Bite Force 235 PSI)

American Pitt Bulls are medium sized dogs which are currently the strongest in their size category. Muscular, sturdy and robust, they are a common breed in the United States. Although Pit Bulls have somehow earned a bad reputation, these dogs are very gentle to those they guard and will only show aggression in the presence of a threat to them, or their owners.

Because they are an athletic dog, they require regular exercise and walks. This breed has a powerful jaw with a bite force of 235 PSI.


10. Dutch Shepherd (Bite Force 224 PSI)

Originally from the Netherlands, Dutch Shepherds are sheep herding dogs. They are very active and enjoy a lot of playtime with kids. They are very calm. This breed needs a lot of exercises. Due to their outstanding intelligence, Dutch Shepherd is often used to help in rescue operations as well.


Possible Reasons Why a Dog May Bite

  • They might be scared or threatened
  • To guard themselves, their puppies, or owners
  • They bite when going through a stressful situation
  • Dogs bite when startled or not feeling well
  • When they get overexcited during play


Tips to Prevent Dog Bites

  • Never approach an unfamiliar animal
  • Don’t disturb a dog when eating, sleeping, or caring for their pups
  • Avoid direct eye contact with unfamiliar dogs
  • Report stray dogs to authorities especially when showing strange behavior
  • Avoid aggressive play with your dogs



All animals are capable of biting when threatened. It is their primary defense mechanism. Although it’s true that some dog breeds can be extremely dangerous with enormous bite forces, this does not indicate that they are not capable of being warm and loyal companions, loving and affectionate pets.

Regardless of breed or species, all animals deserve kindness and understanding. While other breeds may bite harder than they bark, proper training and guidance is an integral part in raising any dog breed.


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