Dog diapers are designed to collect and absorb urine, feces and blood discharges. The diapers are specially shaped to fit a dog. A cutout area accommodates the tail. A stretchy waistband fits smug around their lower stomach area. These two features are designed to keep the diaper in place. So, Do Dog Diapers Work?

As a homeowner, you need to keep your house, floors, furnishings and your environment generally cleaner. To do this, you need to get some for your dog especially if he is not house-broken or potty trained yet.


Instances When Diapers Work


When Visiting

It is advisable and courteous that you use dog diapers when you go visiting. Dogs are likely to have ‘accidents’ in a new place.

You do not want any embarrassing situation in when you are in a friend’s house for the first time, or in any new place for that matter. To avoid this, you need your dog to have a diaper on. This is one of the cases where dog diapers work.


To Prevent Floor, Carpet And Furnishings Clean Up

Cleaning up messy droppings or discharges of a dog from carpets, floors, and furnishings, can be sometimes frustrating and annoying. This is because lingering odors are difficult to remove.

It is even more difficult to clean up especially when it’s a puppy that can just ‘go’ anywhere and in any place. You might not be able to locate the places they must have had their little accidents on time to clean up. Diapers work to avoid these kinds of situations and messes.


You Are 100% Sure / Recuperation From Illness

One thing you can be sure about is that there will be no unnoticed accidents. Sometimes, this may be the case with little dogs or puppies. Their little accidents could go unnoticed for quite some time.

Since dogs sometimes do their business in small corners, diapers work to keep them in check. When a dog is recuperating from an illness or operation and cannot go outside to urinate, a diaper works. And if you are on vacation and you stay in a hotel, your dog may not be able to go outside to urinate. Again, diapers work.


Female Dogs On Heat

Female dogs on heat regularly release pheromones that attract the male dogs in the neighborhood. The fear of unwanted puppies often makes pet owners to keep their female dogs indoors. If you have to go out for a walk with your female dog in heat, use diapers. A diaper helps to mask the odors outdoors. It prevents males from following your dog back to the house. If you decide to confine her inside, you need her to be in diapers to control the discharges.

The discharges {which include blood, urine, and odors} from her can be really messy and quite smelly. And if she urinates when excited, you do not want your carpets or furnishings soiled with any of her discharges.


For Young Puppies And Incontinence In Older Dogs

When your dog is old, accidents become more frequent, precipitating the need for a diaper. It also works for young dogs or puppies that are being home-broken, those that have to stay indoors alone for long periods of time. When you have to leave your puppy for a long period of time unattended, diapers come in handy. You do not want to come into a messy house after a long day at work.

For older dogs that frequently have difficulties with incontinence (with both bladder and bowels), diapers can make all the difference. You do not need to banish him or get the family upset because of his accidents here and there. In the fullness of time and as a result of proper training, he would out to carry out his business. Now that he is old help him with a diaper to enable him to do his business without accidents. This way, you do not run the risk of having your house soiled with urine or feces.


For House Training

When the diaper is used for in-house training, it discourages the dog from ‘going’ in the house. It also works for a younger dog that suffers from insentience when it is exciting. Also, diapers work for dogs that scent marks inside the house.

It also lets you know for sure that your dog has had an accident. You can now clean him up and change the diaper.


Are There Situations When Diapers Do Not Work?

Yes, there are indeed situations when diapers may not work. The following are some of these situations.


When Your Dog Is Suffering From Diarrhea

If your dog has diarrhea, it means you have to clean her up more frequently. And, the frequent cleanups could cause irritation to him. When his skin becomes soft and weak from the frequent cleaning, diapers will no longer work.

Diarrhea is usually messy and contains acid which burns your dog’s skin if you do not clean up immediately. Because of the frequency of the stool and the acid content, diapers may seem counterproductive. In short, diapers might not work for hygiene reasons.


The Need To Choose The Right Sizing

Ensure you have the right size for your dog or else diapers might not work. A diaper generally comes in five sizes that range from extra small to extra-large. You can check the sizing chart for your preferred brand to get your sizing right. With male dogs, experts recommend a size up or a size larger to accommodate their genitals.

If you do not get the right size for your male dogs, the diaper will be useless when your dog pees. To avoid this, you should get the one that covers his urethra. Also remember that if you get the wrong size, it can also slip off when he pees, and it becomes burdensome. To ensure you get it right.



Dog diapers help to keep your pet’s environment clean. It also helps eliminate messes from the house as well as floors, furnishings. To ensure the workability of the diaper, ensure the sizing is right.

Test it on your dog. Be sure it is snug enough to prevent leakage, comfortable enough that it does not cause chaffing, especially around the elastic openings.


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