Everyone knows every dog barks no matter of which breed it is. It is just some bark less and some bark more. Hence, the barking of a dog is natural.

However, have you ever wondered why dogs bark? What makes them bark? What dogs are trying to say when they bark? What causes dogs to bark extremely?

These all questions are going in the mind of every dog owner, and you are on this page, it means you also want to know why my dog bark and what is the reason behind it? Thus, our today article is telling the facts or reasons behind the barking of dogs.


Why Dogs Bark?

There can be many reasons why do dogs bark. Many people believe that dogs bark just because they can bark. However, that’s not definitely true. Dog barking is not to annoy their owners or neighbors, and yes, they also don’t bark for any revenge.

Hence, every person has its own perception about dogs barking and what are real facts about it, let explore it one by one in detail.


1. Alert or Warning

If you have a dog as a pet at your home then you know it is not rare to dog bark when someone rings your home bell or someone in the front of your home door. Most of the dogs bark when they see the person to whom they have never met or seen before.

Dogs thought that a person who is unknown can be a threat to their owners and that’s why they bark to give alert to their owners for someone entry into the home. This bark sound of dogs is loud and sharp. Because of dogs barking by seeing an unknown person, many people prefer to have a dog as a pet for the protection of their home and the whole family.


2. Excitement

Dogs also bark when they get too much excited or when they are in the mood of playing. Many dogs bark when they are playing with their owners or other dogs. Some of the dogs also back when they get to know their owners are taking them to for a walk.


3. Response to Other Dogs

Dogs usually bark when they see other dogs in their street, and it is a very familiar case that everyone knows. You have also definitely seen your dog barking at other dogs.


4. Boredom

Many breeds bark when they feel loneliness or when they are bored. This barking sound is somber to hear, and it is also very annoying.


5. Gaining Attention

Yes, most of the dogs also bark for attention. They want to tell their owners to play with them or to take him for a walk.


Which Dog Breeds Bark the Most?

Every dog breed is different, and as we said earlier, some breeds have more tendencies to bark or some very less. Thus, if you are going to have a dog as a pet then must check out the below list for which dogs breed bark most.



Beagles are famous for barking loud and extremely. This dog breed will let their owners know no matter how far their owners are.



Maltese breed is beautiful, and this breed greets everyone and enjoys every company, unlike other breeds. Maltese is also preferred by many to have it as a pet.


Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso breed bark very noisily and it disturbs a lot. It is not good to have it as a pet if you want peace in your home.


Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier or “America’s Gentleman” is very famous for verbal skills. This dog breed hardly cares for anybody, even their owners.



Another wonderful dog breed, most people love to have it. This breed spread happiness, and they are famous for it, worldwide. This breed expresses its every feeling with barking.



This dog breed is known to be nosiest one and it also great attention seekers. It barks a lot, and even, their owners failed to stop their barking, no matter how much they try.


Thus, these are some of the dog breeds which barking more as compared to other breeds.


What if your dog barks excessively?

Is your dog barking continuously or excessively? Is your dog excessively barking disturbing you too much?

Many dogs’ owners might have grown this situation and the reason you know why dogs do barks. Now, it’s time to find out prevention methods to stop their continuously barking.


1. Close your Dog’s Mouth Gently

If your dog is barking too much, then try to close his mouth gently and with patience. You can use animal halter that helps you in closing your dog’s mouth. However, first, you need to introduce a head halter to your dog so that he can accept it wisely whenever he barks extremely.


2. Create Distractions

You can also create distractions or can take your dog mind to another thing. It also helps him in stopping barking. Try to play with your dog so that he stops focusing on the thing to which he is barking. Give some commands to your dog if he listens to your words well. Typically, stopping dog barking, and you can do it with great care.


3. Give Physical and Mental Challenge to Your Dog

To prevent your dog barking, you can give him challenges such as hiding treats in your home and let your dog find them. Thus, it means give kind of challenge to your dog that keeps him busy which then ultimately stops his barking automatically.


4. Give Training to Your Dog

If you have tried everything to stop your dog barking, then it’s a time to hire professional dog trainer so that your dog can learn things and trainer will also help in reducing your dog barking.



Dogs bark can mean he wants to play with you, or he wants to alert you. Their barking is like vocal communication that they use.

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