Understanding The Bond Between A Dog And Its Owner Dogs are such amazing, loyal creatures that are entirely devoted to their owners. Their little licks, barks or panting can really brighten up your day. Often, only the devotion of the dog is highlighted and not that of the owners. Dog owners also exhibit love and are always looking after their canine. They keep an eye on every movement of their dog. The owners make it their business to establish whether their dogs are hungry, sad or happy, and respond appropriately. Sometimes though, dog owners need to exercise even more care. If they notice any unusual behavior from their dog like incessant barking, deep pant, etc., they should take immediate action and bring their pets to the vet.


A Dog’s Pant – Serious Or Not

The truth of the matter is, most dog owners never genuinely consider panting as a behavior to worry about. Indeed, we have learned to categorize it as part of their day-to-day physiological process. It could be out of agitation, craving or another strong impulse. But why do canines pant? Here is a list to help answer this question.


1. Dogs Pant to Cool Down Their Bodies

Dogs have thick fur throughout their body, part of which is so soft to touch. Unlike human beings, they don’t have the option to change out of their clothes when feeling hot. It is why they start panting. When they gasp, their mouth remains mostly open, which facilitates the evaporation of water right from there. Also, the quick circulation of air effectively cools them. Hence, your dog panting after a good run in the sun is a good sign, so don’t worry. Since they don’t sweat, panting is their perfect tool to achieve better cooling. Now you must be wondering if they do sweat through their paws. Well, they do. Be that as it may, they have very few sweat glands situated there which doesn’t help them cool off.


2. Dogs Pant When Expressing Happiness

If they’re happy and they know, then their face will really show it. Oh, and they’ll also wag their tails and pant. The rhyme is modified for a dog and it also aptly describes their situation when happy and content. Dogs will have a relaxed smile and bright eyes when they’re so glad. If you notice all the above signs in addition to their panting, this implies their happiness and joy. You should, however, take note of one thing. The panting should eventually slow down and even stop after a certain period. If not, then please get your dog examined carefully.


3. Dogs Pant When They’re Unwell

Did you know that dogs will hide their illnesses and discomfort from their owners? Yes, they are such great companions that they do not feel comfortable subjecting their owners to â D’undue worry”. But there are times when the pain becomes too much for them that then even after trying to conceal it, they really can’t. Panting is one such signal for the dog owners should look out. If you feel that the dog is panting unusually, then look for other signs to determine whether you should visit the vet or not. Deep panting coupled with vomiting, behavior change, appetite loss, stomach problems, etc., would be a signal for you to visit the vet.


4. Dogs Pant When Expressing Anxiousness or Fear

There are times when a dog’s pant has nothing to do with them cooling off or an indication of them feeling cheerful and happy. At times when your dog is stressed, his tail will be between his legs, and they’ll be panting in short puffs. It will mean that they’re either feeling anxious or fearful. Dog owners have to find the underlying reason for their dogs feeling stressed or spooked, and then take the necessary steps to overcome it.


5. Dogs Pant When They’re Full of Energy

Dogs are always full of energy when they’re healthy. Now its quite obvious that the canines moved about a lot when they excited. They want to play, swim, run about, etc., practically do everything at the same time. Now, too much movement causes the body to heat and again the need for cooling off arises for the dog. It is why they pant as they’re feeling energized due to the over-heating of their body.


Some Panting Reasons That Would Require Immediate Action

Sometimes, your dog’s pant can be a plea of help, requiring you to take immediate action. The following are some of the major causes of persistent panting.



Imagine this, you and your dog are playing catch and running about in the sun. The sun is shining bright, and it is quite hot, but your dog is happy, so you don’t really give any thought to it. But then, your dog stops to pant for a while and then resumes playing. Then you notice he’s staying more often and than the panting also grows deeper. This is a medical emergency as this implies that the dog could be suffering from heatstroke. Take your dog to a shaded area and immediately give him water to drink as you keep fanning the dog. As soon as he cools down, take him to the vet without any further delay.



Overweight dogs pant a lot. Extra weight is not suitable for any dog’s health as it puts a strain on their heart (cardiovascular system) and it’ll take a lot of time for them to cool off. This weight will also act as an added inconvenience to the canine as it makes them irritable and depressed.


Allergic Reaction or Poisoning

Panting can also be an indication of your dog suffering from an allergic reaction. Panting, when coupled with dizziness or vomiting, can mean that your canine is either suffering from a fatal allergic reaction or has consumed some poisonous substance. The, in this case, would be due to the difficulty in breathing caused when the foreign material begins taking a toll on its immune system. You would need to give your dog instant medication, and we’d suggest taking him to the vet immediately.



As is evidenced from the above, panting can be due to multiple reasons. It is due to physiological factors, or due to underlying medical conditions. In other cases, it could purely be out of emotion.

However, dog owners should always be careful and ensure all panting related to underlying medical conditions are addressed before they degenerate into life-threatening situations.

Dogs are such amazing creatures that a little extra effort for them shouldn’t be too much for anybody. Understanding your dog’s behavior is the key to it all!


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