You might have noticed that your cat stick out their tongues every now and then. Well, cats do various strange and weird things, and most of them have their own reasons. Sometimes, their behavior can leave you stunned and sometimes you just sat there wondering what did it do? But luckily, when cats stick their tongues out, it usually has an apparent reason.

Well, before we get to the reason, we must admit that the cat looks so cute sticking their tongue out. Many cat owners have noticed this thing about their cats. But knowing almost everything about your cat’s behavior is also very crucial. Animals can’t speak, so it’s their body language and habits that tells us whether they are alright. So, if you are wondering “why do cats stick their tongues out” then here you can find all the answers you seek.


Is it common for the Cats to stick out their tongue?

Typically, cats exhibit strange behavior that is hard to understand. And the same is with their tongues. Sometimes, the cat does stick their tongue out without any reason. Maybe it is an odd expression, but that doesn’t mean that every behavior must have some meaning. Every once in a while, this behavior is somehow cute, but if your cat is doing it more often then you should be attentive. Sometimes, this habit is an indication that your cat might be suffering from an undiagnosed health issue.

Therefore, before you think that a cat sticking out tongue is cute, you better get it checked. Here in this article, we are going to explore all the possibilities for this unusual habit of cats.


What are the reasons for cats sticking their tongue out?

Don’t panic right away. There are some common reasons too why cats can keep their tongue inside the mouth. Some quite apparent reason might be this:


Fiddling the Taste and Texture of Something

This might be the most common reason why cats need to get their tongue out. When the cats are fiddling the taste of some food item that is stuck inside their mouth, they stuck their tongue out. It has been found in a study that cats have a strong preference over the items they like. They have particulate taste and texture choices. So, whenever you feed something unusual to them, they will stick out their tongue to analyze the taste. And if they don’t like it, then the food will be thrown out.


Loosened Jaw

Another common reason for the cats to do this is their jaw condition. Sometimes, when the cats are sleeping their jaw got loose, and their tongue gets out. It often happens when they are sedated or completely relaxed. So, if you notice that your cat’s tongue is out while she is sleeping, then this might be the reason.


Food Stuck in the Mouth

If the little bits of food is stuck inside the mouth or stuck between the teeth, then this will irritate the cats. If the food stays stuck, then it might cause some issues in the mouth too. Cats can’t get the food out themselves, so, she might be asking you do get it out by sticking their tongue out.

Unless you pay attention to every habit of your cat, you won’t be able to recognize that the cat is asking you to do something. Many pet owners neglect these habits that lead to dental hygiene issues in their cats.


What are problematic issues related to this habit?

Sticking out the tongue is fine as long as it happens occasionally. But if the cat is doing it frequently, then you might need to take your cat to a vet. There are severe reasons too why the cat might be sticking out the tongue. But as you read the symptoms and possible health-related issues, don’t self diagnose the condition. Take your cat to a veterinarian and let them run proper tests for the diagnosis.


Dental issues

Usually, the food particles that get stuck inside the teeth lead to dental problems. This includes abscess, caries, tooth decay, gum disease, and some other issues that trigger this kind of behavior.


Senior Dementia

Cats who are suffering from dementia will also exhibit this behavior. When dementia has increased to a higher level, then it will be hard for the cats to keep their tongue inside.



Some common infections like periodontitis or lesions can also cause inflammation in the mouth. This also leads to similar behavior as the cat takes its tongue out for relaxation.



This is a rare health condition, but that doesn’t mean that your cat is immune to the disease. It serves health issue and leads to unexpected drooling, loss of appetite, and pant, along with the sticking out of the tongue habit.


Heat Stroke

Another reason for doing this might be heat. When a cat is exposed to excessive heat without access to water, then she will suffer from heatstroke. In this condition, to regulate the body temperature, the cat will stick its tongue out.

If you are suspicious about your cat’s health, then you should immediately schedule an appointment with the vet. It is better to be concerned rather than being ignorant about everything.


What is the right thing to do?

You are the one responsible for your pet’s health. Thus, it is necessary that you always stay alert to the potential health risks your cat might be facing. Learning a different kind of behavior will help you to determine whether your cat is doing something for fun or there are some serious reasons.



Cats are very dazzled animals that love to amuse people with their behavior. They have all sort of peculiar behavior, but that doesn’t mean that there is always something wrong. A cat sticking out their tongue is a very peculiar and funny thing to see, but ensure that they don’t have any imminent risk of serious issues.

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