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Tips To Measure How Cold Is Too Cold For Cats


The season is changing, and the temperature is getting colder. Just like you or your kids feel the biting cold, your cats also feel it hard to bear the low warmth. The feral cats live in the streets or woods, and they get adjusted to the cold climate, naturally. They find refuge in some plastic flaps or wooden case to insulate themselves from the cold environment.

But, our pet cats need some extra protection to stay warm during this season. The average temperature of cats is 99.5 Fahrenheit or 39.5 degree Celsius. They can be healthy without running at a temperature of up to 45-degree Celsius. It is a fact that young kittens can tolerate colder climate than older cats.


Temperature Below 32 Degrees

If it is 32o Celsius at your home, consider it a safe temperature for your cat. The moment it starts dipping below that, it can harm your kitty. Even though she is capable of adjusting herself to the cold temperature, your pet kitty may not be familiar with the outside environment.

In such a case, it can cause serious health problems in her. It is essential to know how much cold is too cold for cats if you are planning for a winter getaway with your family. Thus, any temperature above 39.5o Celsius, it can lead to the death of your furry pal.


Misunderstanding About the Tolerable Temperature

Myth 1:

Wrong understanding of the acceptable limits of cats leads to harmful effects on cats. There are many misunderstanding among the people regarding this. Typically, a cat can tolerate if the surrounding temperature is 32 degree Celsius.

But, it is not the same with all the cats. Your feline pet may find it difficult to adjust even if the temperature is 34 or 35 degrees. However, everything depends on the breed of the cats. If your cat is old or has arthritis problem, then she can’t tolerate even 34 or 35 degrees.


Myth 2:

Another tale about the cat health is that she can stay comfortably in a car garage. A closed garage is hazardous to your kid. Similarly, the place is dangerous to your cat too. The garage-like place is too cold when it is cold outside and too hot when the climate is warm. Therefore, letting your kitty stay in your carport is like putting her into trouble. She may get hypothermia or frostbite easily, as it is piercing cold inside.

Moreover, most of us keep many cleaning agents or disinfectant in the carport which may be harmful to these pets. If your cat ingests these chemicals, it will kill her as these items contain poisonous substances. Many cats make your cars their favorite perching spot.

Ensure that your kitty isn’t resting near the engine or rim of your car’s tire. The pet owners have to give heed to this fact before starting the engine of their vehicle.

During the cold season, the calorie need of your cat may be high. You have to feed cats more food during the winter season. Again, this depends on whether your cat loves to go outdoors or remain at home. If she is going out, she needs more energy to tolerate lower temperatures. Feral cats are experts in finding out hideouts when the weather is cold. A domestic cat like yours may find it very hard to find herself a place because she is not accustomed to the outside area.


Problems of Lower Temperatures

The cats may get hypothermia or frostbite if she stays outside for long hours. The cats who are very fluffy are blessed with more hair on their body that helps them to tolerate the cold climate. They act as an outer garment to help them stay insulated. If your kitty doesn’t have a furry coat, she is susceptible to the following problems.



Your kitty is at increased risk of getting hypothermia if the body temperature is below 39.5 o Celsius. In such a case, she will have a fever, and you have to rush to the Veterinary to get her treated.



It is tough to find out and delay in finding whether she has frostbite puts her life at stake. If you go for an outdoor party and she gets exposed to the biting cold for a long time, she will get frostbite. If you don’t take her to the vet on time, it can cause the death of your pet in extreme cases.


Ways to Keep Your Cat Insulated

1. Sweater

Just like you buy a sweater for your kid to help him stay away from cold, buy one for your kitty too. These dress warmers will help your cat to retain her body temperature, thus, saving herself from extreme temperatures.

There are many machine washable acrylic sweaters available online, from which you can choose one according to the size and measurement of your cat. They will cover your pet from the neck to the stomach, and keep them warm.


2. Thermostat

The thermostat is a device to keep the room warm if the temperature drops down below a particular limit. This device will maintain the average temperature of your room and help to keep cold at bay.


3. Warm clothes

If your feline pet is finding it difficult to adjust to the cold climate, add some human-made fur material in your kitty’s bed. It will keep her warm and cozy.


4. Food

Feed your pet more food during the winter season. She may need an increased calorie supply during this season even though; she stays at home.

Buy a lot of pet food. Avoid tinned food as they are dry food and can cause dehydration in your pet. Give her lots of fluids and homemade nutritious food.



In short, there is no hard and fast rule to determine how much cold is too cold for your pet cat. Some have a furry coat; naturally, that will keep them warm.

Some cats don’t have a furry coat. Some breeds may tolerate lesser temperatures, comfortably while some may find it extremely difficult to endure a cold climate. Then you have to provide extra support to help them stay warm and safe in the winter season.


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