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7 Ways: How To Make Cat Toys Out Of Household Items


Usually, toys for pets are costly. That’s why people are often looking for some creative ideas to make toys for cats. If you are one of those people who want to know how to make cat toys out of household items, then you are in the right place. Here we are going to explore some interesting ideas from which who can make toys for your cats.

If you have crafting skills, then you can amuse your cats by making inexpensive toys for her which is way better than buying toys from a store.


How can you turn household items into toys?

Cats are not fond of high-quality toys which are stiff. Instead, they like to play with soft things. So, here are some things that can be turned into toys easily and your cat would love them.


Homemade Yarn Balls

Yarn Balls are loved by almost every pet. And when it comes to cats, they love soft and squeezy things. You just need yarn; glue, Styrofoam balls and you can also add catnip in the ball to keep your cat transfixed and busy with the ball.


Feather and String Toy

If you want a more elegant toy, then you can make feathers from extra clothes by a simple scissor and attach the feather with some string. Hand the feather outside your cat’s house or anywhere around the house and it will keep your cat entertained.


Sock Toys

The second best thing you can do with a sock is to make a toy for your cat. And if you have only sock then what else can be the better way to put it to good use. Fill up the sock with some cotton or sponge and let your cat play will the sock toy for hours.


Menswear Mice

Who would have thought that the Menswear can be turned into cute little mice for your cats? Mix up the clothes that don’t fit anymore, old shirts, socks, gloves, and any other fabric. Give them a shape of a mouse with the help of a needle and thread, and your cat will have a cute little mouse to play with.


Emojis Toys

Fill up the colored socks with soft fur and make it look like an emoji. And your cat will have a smiley face to cuddle with.


Stuffed Animals

If your creativity level is excellent, then make a stuffed toy for your cat. She will love having the big size toy in her house, and she will love to play with it all day.


Cardboard Home

Cats are very sneaky animals. That’s why having a temporary home with cardboards can be quite interesting for them. The cardboard will act as an insulator, and your cat will be cozy inside. Throw some of the toys that you made from household items, and it will be a foraging activity to keep your sweet little adorable cat busy.


Why would you need to make toys for your cats?

Cats are very needy animals. They need attention and care 24/7, and that’s why they are always interrupting regular chores. They can be very distracting and annoying sometimes. Usually, we have to do a lot of work throughout the day. And there is not enough energy left out that we will play with them all day long. So, if you want to keep your cat from distracting you, then these toys can be beneficial.

The stuffed and soft toys will keep your cat busy while you work. Many people recommend making a toy from household objects to save expenses. Plus, cats usually tear apart things. Thus the toys made from household items will be safer, and you won’t suffer from any loss.


Why Cats love Stuffed animals and toys?

Cats are known as attention seekers. Whether it is a human they live with or another pet. They love snuggling and cuddling with their owner. Well, not all the cat owners have enough time to spend with their cats. In such cases, having a stuffed toy or animal gives them a feeling of having a friend.

Cats are quite selective, so there are chances that she won’t like most of the toys you bought. But if you make a stuffed toy for her, then she is most likely to play with it. Usually, cat owners are afraid that whichever toy they will bring home for their cat, she will end up tearing it into various little pieces. But the situation won’t be the same with stuffed animals.

It is the palpable quality of the stuffed animals which makes them appealing for the cats. They offer a cuddly and soft heft which is liked by most of the mammals. It often seems like cats make a strong bond with the stuffed animals right away. That’s why they prefer playing and sleeping with them every now and then, and it also helps the owners.


My Story

I had a cat 3 years ago. She was living with my family and me since she was a kitten. I was very fond of a stuffed animal. So I filled up my room with many stuffed toys, and the kitten also used to sleep in my room. She had four kittens after she was grown, but one of them went missing. She was unable to find her kitten and wailed every night. And suddenly, she stopped wailing one day. We noticed that she had a small stuffed cat in her bed. The stuffed toy looked like her kitten, and she slept every night hugging the toy. The toy really helped the cat to overcome her sorrow. When I go home now, I still notice that the cat sleep with that same toy and also added some other toys in her group.



So, you better make a cute and snuggly stuffed toy for your cat to give her a companion she can pass her time with.


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