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8 Fun Ways to Give Your Cat More Room to Play and Explore


Some people tend to think that cats are relatively inactive animals just because they spend most of their times sleeping. However, if you own a cat, you know that this is not simply true. In fact, on the contrary, cats like playing a lot. However, they can cause injuries by accidentally scratching you. If you want to have fun playing with your kit or watching them play and explore, read on to learn more.


Why Should You Let Your Cat Play and Explore?

  • Interactive playing lets you kitty home it’s hunting skills; making a healthy approach and relishing the victory
  • Playing and exploring helps your pet maintain a healthy weight
  • Playing offers a great way to allow your cat to reduce aggression and release negative energy
  • Also, playing helps a shy cat get confident
  • Besides the above, a hearty play session also helps strengthens the bond between you and your cat
  • A sincere play session enable your cat to settle to a new home


Tips to play with your cat

  • If you have an array of toys, keep rotating them on your hand. Some good cat toys you can buy include balls with bells, crinkly catnip things, and wand toys. Make sure to put the toys away after playtime as your kitty can get bored of seeing its toy every time; it’s like a mouse that never disappears.
  • If you have to buy toys, go for those that act and look like a mouse or bird to spark its curiosity. Toys that can be controlled by a remote are great since you can hide them around the corner or duck them under a rug and make them run away when the cat comes to them.
  • Bonus; set up tunnels and boxes that your cat can hide in when chasing the mouse.
  • Allow your kitty to set the pace. Try different games and approaches to see which one generates the most interest since you can’t force a cat to play. You might try dimming the lights in the house since most cats like playing and hunting in the dark. Get creative to match your action intensity to your cat’s pace and interest.
  • Let him win. By this I don’t mean you make it easy for him; let him delight in the pursuit. However, when you see him slowing down, let him win to taste the ecstasy of the victory.
  • After he wins, treat him well before quitting the play.


When Should You Let Your Cat Play and Explore?

Does your cat get active and wants to play every night before bedtime? Does he like spending most of his afternoon sleeping, only to demand attention at dinnertime? Monitor their natural rhythms and engage them during the time they are more active. When in sleeping mode, your cat won’t be excited to play.

Therefore, find a time when your cat is at home. Remember cats have a short attention span and even giving them a few minutes of play can make a huge impact. If you see your cat attention waning, try playing a different game. Keep the game on until the cat gets uninterested.

With that in mind, we can now discuss the 8 fun ways and ideas to give your kitty more room to play and explore.


1. Explore Vertical Spaces

Cats like climbing and jumping on vertical spaces, and therefore, it is important to provide them with vertical areas for them to play and explore. If your kitty like climbing and jumping on shelves and counters, keep these places free of breakables and obstacles. Place small toys and catnips on these high places to reward your kitty for climbing up there. If you have enough space, buy a kitty condo.


2. Cat Scratchers

Cat scratchers such as scratching posts are a great way to keep a kitty entertained. Of course, the primary intention of investing in a scratching post is to keep your furniture and other valuables from being scratched, but they can also serve as another explorative option. These posts help your cat to stretch his torso and front legs as well as brace his back legs.
Even if you have declawed your cat, it will still try to scratch, and they enjoy the texture of a scratcher. You can experiment with a variety of scratching materials but many cats like wood varieties and cardboards. You can attach feathers on your scratching posts to make your cat much more interested in scratching them.


3. Cat Leash and Halter

These devices allow your indoor cat to explore the outdoor environment while keeping them safe. Of course, not every kitty will respond well to leashes or collars, but you can train them to use these devices so they can learn to love them. Some will resist at first, but you can reward them with treats and lots of love whenever they use them. With time, they will learn to enjoy walking with them. Stick to your immediate surrounding at first and then gradually increase the distance. Let him set the pace.


4. Laser Pointers

These are cheap options that you can try to give your kitty more playing options. Mostly it interests the kittens more, as they have the energy to chase the red light as long as they can see it. Point it to areas with no obstructions to prevent your cat from running onto your breakables. You can encourage it to run on the floors, jumping up the wall and over furniture to chase the pointer. These pointers normally hold cat’s attention for a long time. However, take caution not to point the lasers on your cat’s eyes as it can reduce their vision.


5. Add A Bedskirt

This might sound crazy, but the chances are that your cat will enjoy napping under your bed. Cats love sleeping in hidden places, even when there is nothing to scare them. Therefore, covering the bottom part of your bed with a Bedskirt will offer a hiding spot for your cat as they will feel that it’s more secure. You will be surprised to see your cat spending most of their times there since they will be feeling cozy and safer. If you don’t have a bed skirt, why not give it a try to give your cat more room to explore.


6. Cat Climbers

You need to have a cat tree or a classic carpet cat climber in your home if you have two or more cats. Although many people don’t like cat trees because some occupy a lot of space, they do provide great entertainment and extra vertical space for your cat to explore. Cat climbers can also be used for playing, napping, hiding, and even a necessary exercise tool- all the things that your cat need to live a happy, healthy, explorative life.


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7. Wall Shelves

Cat trees and wall shelves will offer your cat more vertical space to explore and most people like them as well. Cats do love them as well because they use them all the time. They are just plain shelves that you attach to a wall and offer your kitty a bed that makes them feel as though they are on an actual tree. You can make them more fun by growing a catnip on them or even add a comfy pillow where he can sleep. The best thing with these wall shelves is that they can be fitted in any room and offer an excellent way to give your cat more space to explore without crowding your available space.


8. Outdoor Cat Runs

These serve as the best way to allow your cat to play and enjoy some sunlight. Just like dog kennels, these runs are entirely enclosed and are designed specifically for felines. They offer a good way for your feline friend to explore the outdoors without the risk of getting injured or lost.

Although cats shouldn’t be left outside unsupervised, you can definitely allow it to spend as much time as they can enjoy outside. Cats seem to like them a lot, and they are a great way to offer your feline friend a lot of extra space without taking up a lot of space in your home.

Well, those are some of the ways you can use to let your cat explore. Let’s discuss briefly games that give your kitty more opportunities to play and explore.


Games That Give Your Cat Great Workout

Cats like pursuing prey, and thus they don’t like playing alone. That’s why cats enjoy more when playing with you.
Try these games with your kitty to give them their daily dose of workouts. They take less time and are therefore perfect for even the busiest individuals. Ideally, your cat should have at least 20 minutes of playing time every day.


Interactive Puzzle

To play this game, you will need a shoebox, several toys that your cat likes, and a few treats. Cut different-size holes into a shoebox using a knife and fill it with your cat’s favorite toys as well as gifts. Close the box and secure the lid. Place it on the ground and invite your cat to free the goodies. You will enjoy seeing how intelligent your kitty can be.


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Contrary to what many believe, fetch is not a game for the dogs alone. This game brings out your pet’s instinct to hunt and catch prey. Play it with your kitten by tossing a toy filled with catnips on the floor. Be sure to choose a relatively smaller toy that your kitty can carry in his mouth. Watch as it chases after the toy, and finally capturing and bringing it to you for her prize. Reinforce this behavior by praising them or giving them lots of treats.


Feather and String

This is a perfect game for cats that have a lot of energy. You can either make a DIY wand or purchase a toy wand. Wave the wand over your cat’s head and encourage them to jump up to catch the flying object. Make it more fun by pulling the wand away from your kitty’s eyes and watch how they will jump around corners and look for it under furniture. Ensure you have enough space for your cat to jump around.


Tablet Games For Cats

You can download games for your kitty to your tablet. These games feature moving mouse, fish, and other motion graphics that your cat will be intrigued with. While it might not give your rigorous cat exercise, it will undoubtedly hone your cat’s curiosity.


Crumpled Paper

You don’t always have to purchase everything? Cat’s love crunchy things and crumpled papers will offer a great option. Make a ball by crumpling papers together. Cat’s love playing with crunchy things and will chase after the ball. Ensure to keep your ball away when your cat is done playing, or you will find papers spread all over the floor.


Hide and Seek

This game will unleash the predatory mind in cats. You can play it indoor whereby you hide a toy or hide behind a desk, bed, or a couch. Your cat will stalk you or the toy as though it’s her prey.


Using Paper Bags

If you are on a budget, this is a great game to play with your cat. You don’t need to purchase a scratching post or toys to make your kitty happy. You can easily turn a shopping bag into one of your cat’s toys. Lay the bag down and let your cat crawl inside. The poke and scratch the sides of the paper bag while your cat bats at the noises and movements from the inside.
Cats enjoy a variety of games and fun things as much as humans do. Therefore, keep things fun and experiment with different games to know which ones interest your cat more.


Let Your Cat Be

Does your cat ever bounce off furniture and walls or run around? Then, let him express himself without interfering. Trying to interrupt them may lead to disrupting their play, if he is facing no danger of getting hurt, allow him to play.

While cats are low-maintenance pets, they need to be given opportunities to play and explore for their well-being and to increase the pet-human bond. Whether you invest in some of the things we have discussed above or played games such as fetch and tablet games, your cat will be grateful for helping him stay happy and healthy.