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10 Best Cat Trees Reviews and Comprehensive Guide 2019


As a cat owner you know first-hand the benefits that a cat tree offers both to you and your cat. The furniture brings happiness and life to your pet. Basically, a cat tree provides a place for your cat to perch a few feet above the ground. Cats enjoy napping and resting on raised structures, and this is why you’ll find your cat going to rooftops, tree branches, and fences.

Therefore, if you can get them a place up high on the wall, you can keep them happy. Well, your cat might be the timid cat; one that jets under the furniture to stay safe so that no one surprises them. Why not boost their confidence by creating a private space for them up high?

The good thing is that the best cat tree offers more than just vertical space – it also provides a space where your cat can scratch to feel their natural instinct satisfaction.

Keep reading to learn how to choose a cat tree for your needs and the best cat trees on the market.

If you are in a hurry, check out our recommendation list below.

10 Best Cat Trees Reviews and Comprehensive Guide 2019

Go Pet Club 62-inch Cat Tree Furniture

Has three levels of fun

Check Price

10 Best Cat Trees Reviews and Comprehensive Guide 2019

Vesper Cat Furniture

Has a modern appearance

Check Price

10 Best Cat Trees Reviews and Comprehensive Guide 2019

Armakat 57-inch Cat Tree Condo

Great for multi-cat homes

Check Price

10 Best Cat Trees Reviews and Comprehensive Guide 2019

Trixie Pet Products Cat Tower

Built with a fluffy fabric

Check Price

10 Best Cat Trees Reviews and Comprehensive Guide 2019

Armarkat Classic Cat Tree B5301

Has faux fur

Check Price

10 Best Cat Trees Reviews and Comprehensive Guide 2019

Midwest Feline Nuvo Cat Furniture

Features a classy designer print fabric and soft fur

Check Price

10 Best Cat Trees Reviews and Comprehensive Guide 2019

New Cat Condos Premier Play Tree

Can offer many activities including climbing, running through and hiding

Check Price

10 Best Cat Trees Reviews and Comprehensive Guide 2019

Simple Sleeper Cat Post and Bed

Extremely durable

Check Price

10 Best Cat Trees Reviews and Comprehensive Guide 2019

Songmics Cat Tree Condo

CARB certified board is very sturdy and safe for your cat

Check Price

10 Best Cat Trees Reviews and Comprehensive Guide 2019

Bestpet 73-Inch Cat Tree Condo

Durable tall design

Check Price

Table of Contents

Why Do You Need the Best Cat Tree?

For non-pet owners, investing on a quality cat tree may seem like a waste of money. However, cat owners will derive a ton of plusses. Some of the benefits of cat trees include:


It Acts as a Cat Territory

Cats love to scratch indoor furniture as a way to mark their boundaries. This is what a cat tree offers them; a place to have their property and lounge in.


Helps Your Cat’s Claw Health

The best cat trees have scratching posts that boost your cat’s claw health. This is a way to keep them sharp and ready for action. Also, it aids in shedding off old nails to keep them clean. A cat tree should offer enough places to scratch.


Fun and Rest

Cat trees offer a lot of fun through climbing, poking toys and ropes that are attached to the trees. What’s more, there is a place to offer rest after hours of play. As a result, it acts as a home and a playground saving space.



Real trees are dangerous for cats as some may fall. In fact, some cats may climb on trees and find it difficult to come down. This is why you need a cat tree – to offer a safe place to play and rest without worry.


Common Features to Look into In a Cat Tree

Cats are active creatures, and most cat trees manufacturer seems to understand this. It is for this reason that cat trees feature pet’s favorite accessories that they love. Even as you look at the features, you need to look for a design that best fits your cat’s behavior.

Popular cat trees have the following features:


Hanging toys

Some furniture comes with hanging toys like balls, feathers, and animal-like accessories. The toys have been designed to grab your cat’s attention. Kittens are more fascinated with toys than old cats.



Cat’s love privacy particularly when there are many people around. Some cat trees offer condos and tunnels where cats can crawl, hide and sleep.


Scratching posts

As you already know, cats love scratching things. Most furniture use sisal ropes on posts which is perfect for sharpening the claws without damaging your home.



Cats like to see the surroundings from high up. Cats keep jumping on countertops and trees especially when there’s movement. A perch offers a platform that your cat can sit and observe.



Some trees feature levels of platforms which are connected by ramps. This feature is an important consideration when you have an old cat or kitten as these may find it difficult to jump. Different levels are ideal for multiple pet households as there are enough places to relax.


Tip: Catnip offers an extremely attractive smell to cats. So, you may spread some on the tree base to attract your cat near the tree.


Things to Keep In Mind When Buying a Cat Tree

Are you considering to buy a cat tree? You need furniture that can deliver functionality. Here are some things to keep in mind when purchasing a cat tree.



First of all, the best cat trees come with a base that is sturdy to prevent wobbling. The last thing you want to see is your cat not liking the tree because it can fall anytime. Even worse, if a cat tree falls on it, there might be injuries. You need to check how much weight a cat tree can support. Plan ahead and get the appropriate model.


Weight a cat tree will support

The average weight limit is usually 50 pounds where most cats fit. The best thing, however, is to read the specs of the product to see if it fits your cat. All the products we have included in our review are well built, but some may suit different pet sizes.


Number of cats a tree can accommodate

The best part is that multiple cats can use kitty trees. There’s no need to invest in many cat trees because you can get a suitable tree for multiple cats. This is beneficial particularly for those who don’t have too much space and are on a budget. It is satisfying to see your cats playing, climbing and scratching on the same cat tree before resting on the platforms.



Everyone wants to have a kitty tree that can perform well and stay in good shape for as long as possible. Furthermore, I believe that every pet owner values their cat and wishes to offer them high-quality products. Therefore, your kitty deserves the best cat tree made of high-quality materials.

Consider a cat tree that features wood as this is durable. You may realize that most ropes covering the posts are sisal ropes. Take time to consider the whether the quality is satisfactory. This way, you will have a long-lasting product.


Materials used

As you would expect, there are many materials used to make cat trees. Typically, most cat trees are made of pressed wood with faux fur as cover. Some use plywood which is another excellent option. You may also find other cat trees made with solid wood, but these are a bit pricey.


Note: It is recommended that you choose cat trees made of natural materials, e.g., wood and sisal. These are more durable and helps protect your furry friend from allergies and other health problems.


Other things to consider include;


Cat tree weight

If you need a kitty tree that can be moved around the house, it’s wise that you take something lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble.


Interactivity and engagement

If you need a tree that can keep your cat active, look for features that bring out your cat’s favorite activities. If your cat loves to climb, look for a tall model to encourage vertical movement. If your pet likes to take naps, pick a tree with plenty of resting surfaces. For cats that love to scratch, choose a unit with many durable scratching posts.


Age of your cat

When buying a tree you should consider the age. If your cat is old, you need a small tree because it does not move a lot. Go for a short model with beds and spacious patches to offer exploration without climbing much.



If you’re on a budget, it’s best if you would explore the market to get the best product in your budget. After all, there’s no point admiring a cat tree only to find that it’s too expensive for your budget.


Top 10 Best Cat Reviews 2019

Your cat deserves proper furniture to keep them active and to stop them from scratching your furniture. The market offers a wide range of trees to exercise, entertain and offer rest to your kitty. Therefore, you need to pick one that fits your cat’s preferences. Considering that there are hundreds of cat trees on the market, this can be a difficult task for you. That’s why we have included top 10 Cat trees in buying for your cat.



Features That Make Go Pet Club 62-inch Cat Tree Furniture Stand Out

  • This cool cat tree from Go Pet Club offers exactly what your cat needs for play and relaxation
  • The cat tree provides an ideal place to hang out or climb and even play around
  • This is one of the best trees for the kitten as the base features a ladder that makes it easier to access the playground
  • The first platform offers an igloo-like condo for privacy as well as around hammock to provide a cozy nap
  • Your cat gets enough napping thanks to a more traditional hammock under the first platform
  • With a tube under the top platform, your cat can climb with much ease through a tube
  • Cat’s love to poke and claw which is why this tree for cats offers a rope that hangs under the second platform
  • This model from Go Pet Club Model is suitable for cats under 42 lbs. providing hours of entertainment and relaxation
  • This is model is perfect for smaller and medium-sized cats offering a 62 inch of height and doesn’t take too much room
  • If you need a cat tree that can help your cat exercise, then this one is a great choice
  • All the areas are wrapped in sisal which offers plenty of area to scratch

Proc of Go Pet Club 62-inch Cat Tree Furniture

  • Has three levels of fun
  • Has condo for privacy
  • Has 2 hammocks for excellent comfort
  • Has a ladder for easier access

Conc of Go Pet Club 62-inch Cat Tree Furniture

  • You need to follow instructions on how to assemble the cat tree
  • Not suitable for larger cats

Why We Recommend It

This model form Go Pet Club has a lot of features that your cat will love. The rope is an excellent source of entertainment for your cat and the tube, condo, and hammocks offer comfort and privacy for your cat. However, this is best suited to small and medium sized cats.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make Vesper Cat Furniture Stand Out

  • This is a top-rated product on Amazon with an elegant design to match with your decor
  • The model features a fiberboard with grained wood, and white finishes combine with a wood-grained MDF base
  • It has six ropes covered in a sea-grass rope which is a bit smoother than sisal for scratching
  • There are hanging sea-grass balls that keep your cat some company when alone
  • The innovative design features soft memory foam cushions so that your feline friend can have rest and comfort
  • The four feet tall cat tree has three platforms with a novel cube cave and plenty of scratching space offer your cat with the natural, satisfying instincts
  • The modern cat furniture comes in different shapes and configurations to choose the one that fits your cat’s needs
  • This is one of the best cat trees under $100 featuring a sturdy built and reasonable price

Proc of Vesper Cat Furniture

  • Has a modern appearance
  • Has a variety of color options
  • Has memory foam for comfy naps

Conc of Vesper Cat Furniture

  • Maybe pricier compared to other models

Why We Recommend It

If your primary goal is to offer your cat a place to hang around and relax, you may consider the Vesper Cat Furniture model. With 4 scratching posts, your cat gets a chance to feel the instincts through scratching. This unit gives your cat hours of entertainment as it claws, jumps, scratches, and pounces.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make Armakat 57-inch Cat Tree Condo Stand Out

  • This model is composed of a sturdy wood frame with sisal rope covering it and comes with your choice of faux fleece, faux wool or even carpet for flat surfaces
  • This fits in the category of best cat trees for multiple cats as it comes with a large cat apartment at the base that can easily fit two cats
  • Besides, it comprises of 3 posts that support the 3 platforms so that your cat gets a place to sit
  • This cat tree will offer your cat with fun for ours featuring a toy that cat can play with and offers a good form of exercise for indoor cats
  • Do you want to make your house look more cozy and beautiful? Acquiring this cat tree will add a whole home view as it comes in various elegant colors such as tan, ivory, khaki, beige and goldenrod
  • It features a hammock to keep your cat feel comfortable as its designed for rest and play
  • The built is sturdy as it features a metal rim that has been covered by a plush fabric for an attractive look
  • It has natural sisal scratching post to keep your cat’s claws looking healthy

Proc of Armakat 57-inch Cat Tree Condo

  • Great for multi-cat homes
  • Has plenty of space for climbing
  • Solidly designed

Conc of Armakat 57-inch Cat Tree Condo

  • The fleece covering can tear

Why We Recommend It

This cat tree is moderately high to allow your cat to watch everyone in the room. It is the best place for your cat to relax and play featuring a soft fleece covering and a toy to poke. With multiple pedestals and covered area, your cat will have a place where they can play safely. Better yet, it comes in various colors that will match any decor.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make Trixie Pet Products Cat Tower Stand Out

  • The Trixie Baza Grande cat tower is one of the basic cat trees in the market featuring a design that is beautiful, simple and one that cats love
  • The unit is wrapped with plush fabric so that you can relax with poles that are covered with sisal rope
  • The sisal covering is great for cats that love to scratch and bite
  • Better yet, the best tree for cats has a toy on the mid platform that offers hours entertainment
  • When they get tired, there is a condo with ample space inside where your cat can crawl and rest
  • The German model comes at a pocket-friendly price and adds decoration to your room without taking a big space
  • This is a tall product with a hammock on top that’s suitable for cats that love to stay on top to watch what happens in its environs
  • This tower is ideal for small cats and will ensure your cat gets everything to keep them happy
  • It’s extremely easy to set up and maintain this cat tree

Proc of Trixie Pet Products Cat Tower

  • Built with a fluffy fabric
  • Has an attractive look
  • Moderately tall with a hammock

Conc of Trixie Pet Products Cat Tower

  • May not be an ideal choice for multi-cat homes

Why We Recommend It

This is a great sleeping tree featuring a fluffy material and is beautiful to look at. The German model offers hours of entertainment with a toy and rests in the condo and hammocks. What’s more, you do not need much time to set it up.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make Armarkat Classic Cat Tree B5301 Stand Out

  • Here’s another great option for climbing, scratching, sleeping and exercising
  • This is made of a great-looking hardened wood with a covering that feels soft and comfy for your furry friend
  • Standing at 56 inches, the Armakat Classic B5301 features a fancy edge to it
  • This is an excellent choice for kittens, pregnant and old cats as it features a ladder to the first level to ensure easy access
  • The great looking cat tree has a big condo where your cat can hide, and the hiding place can accommodate two cats
  • The design is easy to assemble and will not waste your time
  • The model has 4 different platforms, and hence you can be sure your cat will get enough exercise
  • It comes with a ramp, manual for instructions and all the necessary tools included
  • This model is tall and offers a huge playing area for your furry friend

Proc of Armarkat Classic Cat Tree B5301

  • Has faux fur
  • Easy to assemble
  • Elegant look

Conc of Armarkat Classic Cat Tree B5301

  • While most cats do like it, some customers say it’s less durable

Why We Recommend It

This is an excellent unit for climbing, exercising and sleeping. The great looking model features an attractive hardened wood with faux fur covering. Besides, it offers plenty of areas to scratch so that your cat feels wild.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make Midwest Feline Nuvo Cat Furniture Stand Out

  • Made for the stylish cat, this model offers both plat and rest and will match with any decor
  • The model is not only classy in design but also durable featuring multi-level furniture for cats
  • The cover is an eye-catching black soft fur and a designer printed cloth that feels warm and soft for better rests
  • The unit offers sturdy support featuring a covering of sisal cloth that’s tough and offers an elastic stretcher that your cat will love
  • The best part is this model comes with more playing than just relaxing, featuring 2 tiers, a soft perch and 2 other spaces to sleep and relax
  • The hammock is bowl-shaped with an exciting feel so that your cat spends his naps on it
  • To encourage play, the amazing cat tree has a pom-pom toy that offers fun

Proc of Midwest Feline Nuvo Cat Furniture

  • Features a classy designer print fabric and soft fur
  • Has multiple scratching posts to provide instinct satisfying kitty hangout
  • Has a dangling pom-pom toy for poking

Conc of Midwest Feline Nuvo Cat Furniture

  • The hooded high rise design may be a deal breaker for some cats

Why We Recommend It

For an excellent cat tree that really treats your furry friend, this stylish and practical cat tree is a worthy buy. The tree is sturdy and durable which is ideal for the most adventurous cats. The best part is that it adds to the house looks.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make New Cat Condos Premier Play Tree Stand Out

  • As the name suggests, this is a stylized “natural tree” that’s made of solid wood and hence a sturdy cat tree
  • The cat condo has been covered with natural sisal to offer enough scratching that feels natural
  • This is a lovely place for your cat to hang out and has been offering immense fun among the feline populations
  • The model offers household grade carpet that your cat will find extremely comfy
  • Additionally, the fun design that looks like a trunk offers a great scratching post that won’t wear out from cats claws
  • The narrow design makes this a great choice if you don’t have ample space as it can easily fit into a corner or even close to the window
  • Your cats will love the entrance located at the back of the tree and will undoubtedly find ways to enjoy this cat tree.

Proc of New Cat Condos Premier Play Tree

  • Can offer many activities including climbing, running through and hiding
  • Has a simple design that would fit anywhere
  • Right size for a majority of cats

Conc of New Cat Condos Premier Play Tree

  • You may need to prepare for the assembly job

Why We Recommend It

This cat tree has truly taken things to the next level; it’s not your normal poles-and-beds combination tree. It looks like a real tree with great colors that will comfort your cat. It’s a pretty simple tree that entertains your cat for hours on end.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make Simple Sleeper Cat Post and Bed Stand Out

  • Need an ideal condo for your cat of any size? Here’s one that fits even the largest indoor cat
  • The Simple Sleeper Cat Post and Bed offers to perches for napping after enough play
  • Your cat feels the wild instincts with this model that features sisal rope for scratching
  • The simple and fun design has been made with durable materials such as a natural thick rope to offer play and rest for a long time
  • The household quality carpet feels warm and comfortable, and your cat can rest
  • One great feature of this best cat condo is it comes completely assembled, so you don’t have to stress about assembling it
  • The design has been made in the USA with the most durable materials

Proc of Simple Sleeper Cat Post and Bed

  • Extremely durable
  • No assembly required
  • Has a natural sisal rope for scratching

Conc of Simple Sleeper Cat Post and Bed

  • The quality of the carpet could have been better

Why We Recommend It

Most Amazon reviews for this cat condo are positive particularly with the resting platforms it offers. The cat tree is made in the USA with high-quality materials that will offer a long time of service. The best part is you do not have to waste time assembling the cat tree.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make Songmics Cat Tree Condo Stand Out

  • If your furry friend cannot stop messing with the furniture, get him this Songmics cat tree to scratch all day
  • This is an ideal choice for large indoor cats and hence a perfect fit for medium-sized cats too
  • The Songmics model is made with a CARB-certified particle board which is then secured for stability
  • This is a stable cat tree that supports cats will up to 24 lbs and the best part is it can fit in multi-cat homes
  • It offers plenty of scratching areas with many posts that are covered with hard-wearing sisal rope
  • The perches are padded, and the hammock provides a soft and comfortable sleep
  • This model comes with different hanging rope and toys to keep your cat entertained all day long
  • The condo is spacious enough to allow easy jumping and napping spot for them
  • This is one of the most stable cat tree condos as the baseboard has been strengthened with battens to offer more weight and hence stability

Proc of Songmics Cat Tree Condo

  • CARB certified board is very sturdy and safe for your cat
  • Easy to assemble
  • Hanging toys for fun

Conc of Songmics Cat Tree Condo

  • The fabricated hooks for the hammock are less sturdy

Why We Recommend It

This is a long-lasting cat tree made from CARB certified board with many posts that have been covered with sisal rope. This stable cat condo offers plenty of areas to nap and provides enough scratching area. The assembly is easier because the screws are easy to tighten.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make Bestpet 73-Inch Cat Tree Condo Stand Out

  • This cat tree is ideal for cats of all sizes standing at 73 inches tall
  • It comes with many levels of condos and pedestals to ensure enough fun and exercise
  • It’s one of the best cat trees for kittens as it has ramps to offer easy access to all levels
  • It is covered by a soft material that makes it ideal for lounging
  • The condos come in 2 different sizes to accommodate cats of all sizes
  • The 73-inch cat tree condo offers your cat a fun place to play and is an ideal unit for those looking for a condo to accommodate 2 cats
  • This is perfect for cat owners with ample space in their house
  • It features durable material for the cats’ claws promising durability

Proc of Bestpet 73-Inch Cat Tree Condo

  • Durable tall design
  • Multiple condo and levels
  • Can handle more than one cat

Conc of Bestpet 73-Inch Cat Tree Condo

  • Maybe complicated to set up for some owners

Why We Recommend It

This interactive tree stand has multiple levels of condos and pedestals with ramps for easy access. Moreover, it is covered with a soft material to offer comfort to your furry friend and can accommodate cats of all sizes.

Check Price on Amazon


Final Thoughts

Getting a cat tree online is easy and convenient. All you need is to choose one that fits your cat’s needs from our list. The best part is this furniture is great at offering your pet with endless happiness, thereby keeping you at peace.

We hope that our guide has offered you knowledge about cat trees and helped you to choose one. Kindly share your choice with us on the comment box.


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