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10 Best Cat Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 2019


Very few things keep your cat happy and satisfied than a good selection of their favorite toys. Cats tend to be choosy when it comes to toys, unlike dogs who will be happy and satisfied with a single toy as long as it remains intact. Therefore, for cats, you might need to invest in a few toys.

With the market having a lot of brands and types of cat toys, it can be overwhelming to choose the best toy for your cat. Fortunately, we are here for you. We have compiled a detailed guide on how to choose the best cat toys 2019 and reviewed the top-rated toys for cats.

We spent over 72 hours comparing cat toys to arrive at this list of top 10 cat toys. With the market having smart cat toys, feathered cat toys, automated cat toys, and every other type of toy, it was quite difficult for us too. However, we managed to come up with this list of top 10 best cat toys after analyzing expert reviews, customer reviews on Amazon, as well as product ratings. We hope you will find the best toy for your cats on our list.

Before we get to our review of top 10 best cat toys, we will take you through a process of choosing the right toy for your cat. Every cat is different and has different needs. Since there is no single best toy for every cat, you have to look for the right one for your cat. We believe with our buyer’s guide, in addition to our top 10 best cat toys review, you should find the right toy for your feline friend at home.

Ready for this? Let’s get started…

If you are in a hurry, check out our recommendation list below.

10 Best Cat Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 2019

Prosper Tunnel Toy

Has tear-resistant polyester

Check Price

10 Best Cat Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 2019

Cat Charmer Wand Teaser Toy

Offers good exercise by mimicking the movements of snakes

Check Price

10 Best Cat Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 2019

Pet Fit for Life Replacement Feathers

Has 7 pieces of colorful feather attachments

Check Price

10 Best Cat Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 2019

Features that make Fashion’s Talk Cat Toys Stand out

Lots of toys included

Check Price

10 Best Cat Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 2019

GoCat Da Bird Rod and Feather Cat Toy

Looks and moves like a real bird

Check Price

10 Best Cat Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 2019

Go-Cat Da Bird

It’s colorful and attractive to encourage your cat to play and exercise

Check Price

10 Best Cat Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 2019

Runfish Laser Cat Toy

Has colorful paw-shaped printers

Check Price

10 Best Cat Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 2019

PAWZ Road Cat Tunnel

Has a long tunnel and a cozy bed to enhance your cats play and rest

Check Price

10 Best Cat Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 2019

HARTZ Just For Cats

Equipped with 12 bright colored mice

Check Price

10 Best Cat Toys Reviews and Buyer Guide 2019

Easyology Amazing Roller Cat Toy

Has balls that come in attractive colors

Check Price

Table of Contents

Why Do You Need to Invest In the Right Toys for Your Cat?

Research has shown that toys can be beneficial to cats. Toys provide light entertainment and also alleviate boredom.

Most vets recommend toys to cats that are known to have less energy and those that look sluggish. They provide a healthy environment for a cat.

Here are more benefits of cat toys;

  • They help stimulate the natural instinct for your cat for exploring and hunting
  • Toys awaken all the five senses of your cat. That is sight, taste, smell, hearing, and touch
  • They offer an opportunity for interaction with you as well as other feline friends
  • Provide satisfaction and happiness to your cat
  • Generate enthusiasm and interest for physical activity and play
  • It brings out and enhance your cat’s creativity, agility, and intelligence

Overall, toys for indoor cats can particularly be important, since outdoor cat get all the above benefits from their outdoor environment. And because all cats need and deserve a chance to enjoy and play, toys will act as a better alternative to the outdoor play.

They keep your cat intellectually active, which is a healthy thing for them.


How to Choose the Right Toy For Your Cat

Before we discuss the steps to choosing the best toy for your kitty at home, you need to keep in mind that cats’ tastes and preferences keep changing. This means that your cat will not be attracted and motivated by the same toys it did when it was a kitten.

You will, therefore, need to purchase more toys as your cat grows as their preferences keep on changing. Besides, chews and scratches will wear out your old toys. Keep in mind that it is important to throw away damaged toys as they can be hazardous to your cat if they end swallowing small pieces that fall off.


Discover What Type of Toys Your Cat Likes

Knowing what category of toys your feline friend likes is very important. This is often one of the most difficult things when buying toys because cats are very unpredictable. To know the toys that appeal to your cat the most, you may need to experiment with a few of them and test her reaction.

If you are concerned about spending a lot of money trying to learn what appeals most to your cat, you can order some cheap cat toys. Buy a couple of them and ensure you mix different types. This way, you will learn what your cat likes and what it doesn’t. However, don’t expect these cheap toys to last for a long time.


Experiment With Different Toys In The Category That Appeals to Your Cat

Once you have found the preferred group of toys your feline friend likes, you can purchase a few in that category, and find the one that most appeals to him. The best way to do this is to keep them on the floor and observe which your cat will spend a lot of time with.

The toy that your cat spends most of his time playing with, in the next few days will be their preferred model. Now you can purchase similar toys in that category.


Figure Out What They Like

After observing your cat playing behavior, you will begin to notice a pattern. Cats tend to like toys with features they like the most. If you notice your cat prefer playing with toys that have lights, then it is highly likely that they prefer toys which stimulate their visuals.

While your cat’s preference will change as they grow old, once they hit a certain age, their preferences will stop being dynamic. An old smell that prefers red visuals will continue to prefer visual stimulation over any other type of stimuli, such as audio-visual or olfactory stimulation.


Keep Alternating the Toys

As we mentioned before, cats are very unpredictable and dynamic. While you may have experimented and discovered what your cat likes, their preferences may change. Therefore, it helps to keep rotating different toys to diversify their interest. If you let your cat play with the same toy for a long time, he will get bored, and you will be forced to get them another one.
Another reason you should keep alternating your cat toys is that failure to do that will lead to one toy wearing out faster than the others. Therefore, rotate a set of toys to keep them in the same condition and to avoid your cat from getting bored of one toy.


What to Look For In a Cat Toy

How to Buy the Best Cat Toys In the Market


Just like purchasing any other thing, you want to get a cat toy that will be worth your money. A toy that looks too fragile will get damaged within days. Ensure that you are buying the cheapest toys as most tend to spoil easily. Most don’t stand up for a long time especially if your cat is quite ferocious.



We mentioned that you need to look at the cat’s natural instinct when buying toys. For cats, being able to express their natural instincts is vital for their mental and physical well-being. They allow your cat to express their exploring and hunting skills as well as entertain both you and himself. Toys allow your cat to be a cat.


How a Toy Move

You need to consider how your preferred cat toy moves. Some are electronic and thus will be able to move on their own thanks to their onboard batteries.

However, most cat toys will move around when your cat moves them, or when you move them manually. There are not many electronic cat toys.



Most cat toys focus solely on visual stimulation, but there are cats intrigued by sounds and sight. Toys that have lightings and make funny sounds are some of the best cat toys.



Cats are bitters and like tearing things up. Toys consisting of lots of small parts can be torn and easily swallowed; you should avoid them. Even the best cat toys get worn out after some time and therefore, you need to throw them away once they start showing signs of getting damaged.



Size is another consideration you need to make before you purchase a cat toy. Too large toys may end up being too difficult for your cat to handle while too small may turn out to be insignificant for your cat. Also, a toy that is too small may inadvertently get swallowed and pose a choking hazard.

You will need to ensure that your toy is not smaller than your cat’s mouth to prevent a scenario like this from occurring.



Ensure your cat toys is made of materials that stimulate your cat’s senses. For sound, crinkly materials, electronic chirps, and bells are the best. For feel, materials like fur, fleece, and wool are the best option. For sight, cats love movement. Therefore, you can move for a material that lights up, is fluttery, or has moving parts.

Finally, concerning flavor and scent, cats adore a smell indicative of fur or a material with a taste added to it.


With that, we are sure you are in a better position to choose the toys for your cat. We have reviewed the top rated cat toys in 2019.



Features That Make Prosper Tunnel Toy Stand Out

  • Every kitty will love this box that offers an impressive design that your kitty will not resist popping into
  • The model is made with high-quality materials that make it durable and tough no matter what your kitty throws at it
  • This tunnel has endless features to keep your cat occupied such as a little bell ball on one of the entrances
  • The system comes with three tunnels which makes it even more suitable for homes with more than one kittens as they can chase each other through the system
  • What fascinates cats like finding a place to hide? The system is a great place where your cat can hide and feel secure
  • It comes in a wide variety of colors so you can choose the color that suits your cat’s personality
  • The tunnel has a crackling paper that’s irresistible to your cat
  • Need to travel, the lightweight tunnel collapses for easy storage

Proc of Prosper Tunnel Toy

  • Has tear-resistant polyester
  • Can accommodate multiple pets
  • It’s portable

Conc of Prosper Tunnel Toy

  • Takes up space

Why We Recommend It

The Prosper Tunnel Toy offers room to roam, hide and pounce with added features to keep your cat fully occupied and happy. The tunnel is durable with a material that cats can’t resist. The washable tunnel is available in many colors and is portable in case you’re traveling.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make Cat Charmer Wand Teaser Toy Stand Out

  • The Cat Charmer is one of the most interactive cat toys making it a favorite among most owners
  • With a flick of the wrist, this amazing toy behaves more like a snake to keep your cat active and entertained
  • The Cat Charmer comes as 4 feet fabric that is attached to a polycarbonate wand
  • The material is a soft fleece that your cat won’t resist and is much easier to detangle than most standard string toys
  • The wand toy is about you and your kitty playing together as you will be the one to hold it and move it around – you move the wand in circles and swirls to exercise and entertain your cat
  • The polycarbonate wand is long lasting, and the fabrics will entice your kitten and old cat
  • The US made cat toy has been a top seller since it was introduced in 2014

Proc of Cat Charmer Wand Teaser Toy

  • Offers good exercise by mimicking the movements of snakes
  • Durable and safe for cats
  • Made in the USA

Conc of Cat Charmer Wand Teaser Toy

  • Human interaction is needed as cats can’t play with this one alone

Why We Recommend It

This toy will keep your pet getting fun with just a flick of the wrist. This is a good way to create bonding with your cat as you’re the one holding the wand to offer them happiness. Additionally, the toy boasts durable construction and is safe for your cat.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make Pet Fit for Life Replacement Feathers Stand Out

  • This is a collection of 7 piece replacement feather attachments including 4 assorted fluffy feather toys, I neon orange worm, I furry tail, and an irresistible furry mouse all to entice your cat to chase
  • Enjoy hours of fun as you watch your kitty go crazy pouncing, and chasing after her favorite toy
  • The attachments are extremely easy to fit with an eye hook connector and can fit in any interchangeable Pet For Life Wand
  • The 7 replacement feathers are tough and durable to offer value for a long time and ensure your cat never gets bored again
  • This toy is safe for all cats whether young or old as they can hardly resist chasing the feathers

Proc of Pet Fit for Life Replacement Feathers

  • Has 7 pieces of colorful feather attachments
  • It’s tough and durable
  • Safe for your pet

Conc of Pet Fit for Life Replacement Feathers

  • It needs human intervention

Why We Recommend It

If you’re in need of add-ons for your interchangeable wand, this is a great pack containing an amazing selection of 6 exciting attachments that last long. The attachments are extremely easy to fix using an eyehook connector and will fit in any interchangeable wand.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make Features that make Fashion’s Talk Cat Toys Stand out Stand Out

  • This is one of the best interactive cat toys for an indoor kitty
  • The generous pack features 20 toys including stuffed mice, crinkle toys, glitter balls, teaser toys and other creatures
  • Does your cat get crazy with catnip? This toy has enough catnip with mice, feathers, balls to ensure hunting and pouncing
  • The design is colorful with patterns that impress not only the cat and but also the owner
  • The safe to use toys come with a wand, which is suitable when you and your cat want to play together
  • You don’t have to visit the store for a bunch of kitten toys as this pack saves your money
  • None of the components used in this toys are harmful to your cat, and you’ll never have to break up fights between your cats over toys.

Proc of Features that make Fashion’s Talk Cat Toys Stand out

  • Lots of toys included
  • Suitable for solo play
  • Safe for your cat
  • Catnip stuffed in toys

Conc of Features that make Fashion’s Talk Cat Toys Stand out

  • Toys have varying quality with some not lasting long

Why We Recommend It

Whenever you need to entertain your cat, you do not have to stop at a store to buy a bunch of expensive kitten toys. The Fashions Talk Variety Pack comes with everything to keep your cat happy at a bargain price. The best part is the catnip to keep your young cat crazy.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make GoCat Da Bird Rod and Feather Cat Toy Stand Out

  • Every cat goes crazy for this toy particularly kitties that lovebirds
  • When compared to other feather toys, the Da Bird toy looks and moves like a real bird and will last quite longer
  • The GoCat bird and feather toy has been manufactured in the USA and hence a great option if you are looking for quality
  • It comes in 2 options for purchase – the original single plastic pole, or you can go for the newer 2 part fiberglass wand
  • The wands are similar in length (36 inches) and come with attachments made of guinea fowl feathers attached by a strong test braided nylon string
  • These teasers are irresistible to cats and come handy when you need a toy to exercise your cat
  • Take note that while the feather portion is non-hazardous to your cat, you should never leave this toy with your pet without supervision as the metal connector holding the dangler together may be dangerous if swallowed
  • You can buy replaceable feathers once they get worn out

Proc of GoCat Da Bird Rod and Feather Cat Toy

  • Looks and moves like a real bird
  • Has a suitable pole length
  • The danglers are replaceable

Conc of GoCat Da Bird Rod and Feather Cat Toy

  • String may tangle easily

Why We Recommend It

The GoCat Da Bird Rod and Feather Cat Toy is a favorite for bird loving cats. The toy was born out of necessity and curiosity featuring the movement of a real bird. This is arguably the best cat toy for exercise as your cat will hardly resist the interactive feathers, fur and more.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make Go-Cat Da Bird Stand Out

  • This is the original version of Go-Cat Da Bird with a length of 36-inch pole to control the play experience with your cat for a bonding experience
  • This is a USA-made cat toy and works great when you want to keep your cat engaged and exercised
  • Cats go crazy over its flight-like motion and the prey-like appearance
  • You will love your cat’s reaction to the multicolored guinea feathers that mimic the look, feel and sound of bird wings to remind your feline friend of his hunting instincts
  • The two-part pole offers for easy storage as you can easily disassemble it when not in use

Proc of Go-Cat Da Bird

  • It’s colorful and attractive to encourage your cat to play and exercise
  • Made of quality materials
  • The wand has a reasonable length of 36″”

Conc of Go-Cat Da Bird

  • Some owners reported that some wands might splinter at the end where they hold when playing with their pet

Why We Recommend It

This is a high-quality interactive cat toy that your cat will love. It comes with a two-part pole that offers enough length to keep your cat active and happy. The multi-colored feathers that mimic the look and sound of a real bird fascinate your cat enhancing bonding.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make Runfish Laser Cat Toy Stand Out

  • Your cat cannot be happier without the two laser toys for cats
  • These feature little colorful paw-shaped laser printers where you point the beam so that your cat can follow
  • This is a great toy even with kids as they can engage the cats for many hours with this interesting toy keeping them engaged
  • The design of this toy offers easy to control as you only need to press any button 1 time for blinking, twice to keep it steady on and, 3 times to switch off
  • The design is also beautiful and stylish for most pet lovers because each button can be used to light up the toy
  • It comes with 2 laser pointers at the price of one to ensure you enjoy the interaction and training longer
  • The handheld laser toys are lightweight and small meaning that you can carry it anywhere including to the garden
  • The toy requires 2 AAA batteries, but these do not come as part of the pack

Proc of Runfish Laser Cat Toy

  • Has colorful paw-shaped printers
  • Stylish design
  • Lightweight and portable

Conc of Runfish Laser Cat Toy

  • Requires 2 AAA batteries during a purchase

Why We Recommend It

This cat toy offers joy and liveliness to your cat with much ease as it’s designed for cat lovers in mind. The lightweight design allows for countless hours of fun with your cat even with kids. It offers great value for money although you have to buy the 2 AAA batteries.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make PAWZ Road Cat Tunnel Stand Out

  • For cats looking for a spot to play and have a comfortable nap, this is a great combination toy that offers a tunnel and built-in bed
  • The exterior boasts a gorgeous leopard print pattern, and the inside comes with a bed made of soft and plush fabric making it a comfortable spot for nap and play
  • The long tunnel has a zipper where you can unzip any time you want to roll it out
  • The tunnel is a curve and has a sturdy steel frame to make it stable and strong
  • It has a 10-inch diameter which makes it suitable for kittens and adult cats with a 54-inch length to ensure plenty of space to explore and play
  • The bed has been made with large cats in mind and will accommodate most sized cats and even 2 mid-sized cats
  • The design doesn’t come with peepholes like with most tunnels, and this makes it an excellent option for cats that need privacy
  • The tunnel is collapsible hence you can easily store it when need be
  • The bed is machine washable as it can be detached from the tunnel

Proc of PAWZ Road Cat Tunnel

  • Has a long tunnel and a cozy bed to enhance your cats play and rest
  • Tunnel is easily collapsible
  • Has faux fur cover which feels natural on your cat

Conc of PAWZ Road Cat Tunnel

  • Some cats may not like it at first due to faux fur smell

Why We Recommend It

This model features an ‘earthy’ vibe and would just be a good fit for your cat and house decor. It’s solidly constructed to withstand rough play and is ideal for cats most cats. If your feline friend loves to burrow under blankets and cushions, this tunnel may appeal to you.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make HARTZ Just For Cats Stand Out

  • Bring the hunter’s instincts out of your cat with this soft, lightweight and great looking mice designed for hours of fun
  • The mice have catnip which helps enhance your cat’s interest so that he doesn’t resist during playtime
  • The mice are lightweight and mimic your cat’s natural prey to stimulate your cat’s underlying predatory needs
  • Watch for hours as your feline friend discovers these furry playmates and brings them back to you
  • This toy is a sure way to keep your kitty entertained and further create a memorable bonding experience
  • The Hartz Just For Cats comes with 12 mice to ensure that your cat is fully engaged all day

Proc of HARTZ Just For Cats

  • Equipped with 12 bright colored mice
  • Catnip offers enough stimulation to keep your cat happy
  • Perfectly sized for predatory play

Conc of HARTZ Just For Cats

  • The mice could be more durable

Why We Recommend It

What we like about this toy package is that it comes with many toys. Better yet, they contain sufficient catnip that keeps your cat stimulated all the time. Get these perfectly sized toys at a bargain.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make Easyology Amazing Roller Cat Toy Stand Out

  • Need a fabulous way to engage your cat for hours and bond with them in a fun new way?
  • This amazing cat roller offers a superb design with vibrant balls contained in each tunnel
  • Your cat may choose to watch the balls spin or try to retrieve the balls from the tunnel which offers extremely engaging playtime
  • The interactive toy puts your cat’s mental skills to the test and provides enough exercise to keep them active
  • They are made of high-quality ABS plastic material so you can rest assured that these won’t easily break
  • Besides that, the balls are safe for your cat as they don’t ornament like feathers, strings or ribbons that can pose a danger
  • The three-level tower is lightweight but has non-skid pads to prevent toppling

Proc of Easyology Amazing Roller Cat Toy

  • Has balls that come in attractive colors
  • Has a heavy-duty design
  • It’s lightweight

Conc of Easyology Amazing Roller Cat Toy

  • This may only be suitable for kittens and young cats

Why We Recommend It

Most cats will hardly resist this toy as it comes with colorful balls stacked up in the three-level tower which captures the attention of your cat. Besides, the swirling balls are constantly in motion which keeps your kitty in good shape both mentally and physically. The toy is 100% safe for your cat.

Check Price on Amazon


Final Thoughts

We hope that you love our buyer’s guide and our curated selection of the best cat toys on the market in 2019. Even more, we hope that your little feline friend will love the toys too. In fact, we would like to hear which toys your cat enjoys the most.

Feel free to share with us your experience in the comment section below. Is your cat head-over-heels for the toy you just bought them? Please tell us about your experience!
We have come to the end of our long guide, adios amigo!


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