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Is Cat Sick? Why Are My Cat’s Ears Hot?


Are you wondering how to know if your cat is sick? If only humans and pets could have the same symptoms, then it would be much easier to determine. This article will guide you through the signs and teach owners how to take care of their cats.

Pets are our children after all. For instance, if you feel your cat’s ears warm, it’s her temperature. She is supposed to be warm, but if your cat’s ears are hot, that’s when you should be concerned. She may be caring a fever or illness.

Here are a few other symptoms to note when your cat is sick.


Vomiting and Diarrhea

It’s awful when one’s stomach cannot settle. Vomiting is the first indication where owners should note that their cat is not feeling well. Vomiting is not normal! It may have been something they ate. If it’s not a hairball, then it’s time for a trip to the vet.

The same goes for diarrhea. Diarrhea is an indication of any bacteria in the intestine and can lead to dehydration if not treated. Bring your cat into the vet if symptoms don’t subside.


Loss of Appetite or Increased Appetite

Cats love to eat. As soon as they catch the sound of the jar opener, they are in the kitchen in a matter of seconds. A loss of appetite is unusual, but don’t immediately panic. Maybe, your cat is passing through a period. Take concern when your cat’s loss of appetite becomes more frequent.

A loss of appetite is a sign that there is trouble in a cat’s digestive system. Lack of eating for a few days can also lead to an unhealthy fatty liver or hepatic lipidoses.

Even an increase in your cat’s appetite should be of concern. Whether old or young, a cat’s appetite should never be ignored. If you let your cats keep eating, they may become ‘Garfield.’ Yes, Garfield is a beloved cat, but obesity isn’t healthy.

Whether the loss of appetite or increased appetite, make an appointment with the vet to have them run a few tests.

Be sure to keep track of your cat’s weight, also, whether they are gaining or losing weight.



A lack of energy or enthusiasm isn’t a good sign. Signs you should keep note of her sleeping too much, lying around a lot, or even lack of power to play with toys. Lethargy is a likely sign that something is not right with your cat.


Changes in Urination

Your cat’s urinary system may not be of your interest, but if your cat’s urination is of concern that it may be a real sign of a urinary tract issue or kidney problems.

If you ever see blood, notice your cat is straining to urinate, or if your cat is going too frequently, then that is the most accurate time to get the vet on the phone.


Shortness of Breath

Don’t ignore your cats if they wheeze after only ten steps. It is an absolute indication that there is something wrong with their heart! Some symptoms other than wheezing include, rapid breathing, shortness of breath, or even raspy breathing.


Skin Irritation or Hair Loss

Hair loss can be an indication of allergies, any little external parasites, or another skin condition. Skin irritation is painful and itchy all at the same time! Don’t ignore your cat’s anger. It’s even painful for you to watch her suffer from such an awful itch. Make an appointment with the vet who will offer treatment options.

Also, take note of over-grooming. Overgrooming is a form of stress relief for cats and is considered a behavioral mannerism. However, if your cat keeps doing this, it may be a sign of skin issues or pain. Again, a visit to the vet will help solve problems.


Is Your Cat Meowing Too Much?

Studies show that cats can make more than 100 different sounds! Cats can be moody and will vocalize whenever they want to. Though, too much meowing can also be a telltale sign that something is not right.

It may be a sign that they’re sick, stressed, or they could be bored. Before calling the vet, explore your cat’s behavioral issues before citing it as something wrong with their health.


Changes in Personality

Cats have varying personalities, especially as they age. Although aggression is not a sign to worry, and neither is if your cat suddenly becomes a fraidy cat; you must notify the vet when your cat becomes confused or disorientated. That is urgent.


Trouble in the Back Legs

If your cat is having trouble jumping onto furniture or even limping, then it could be a sign of injury or even arthritis. Before making your assumption, schedule an appointment with the vet anyway so they can examine for possible injuries or conditions.


How is your Cat’s Breath?

Whenever you get to the home from a long day of work, your cat happily jumps in your lap to great you, but then you’re greeted with bad breath. Usually, a sign of poor dental health or your cat’s breath may not be urgent, but you should probably get your cat’s teeth checked out, especially if your cat’s breath is severe.

Watch out for excessive drooling and bleeding from the mouth. Bacteria in the mouth or infection can lead to heart or organ problems.



Go to the closest veterinarian clinic if you notice any signs of trauma, difficulty breathing, seizures, or severe pain. Your cat’s health is essential! Taking care of your cat is the same as taking care of your child. Don’t wait until the last minute to bring your cat in for a check-up.

Set up regular check-ups to make sure your furry little guy is in the right health. A vet is never a favorite place for animals (that is understandable), but it’s the right thing to do. Keep your cat on a wholesome yet healthy diet and provide a happy home for them to live in. Remember, you are ultimately giving your cat the best life that she deserves.


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