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8 Tips: How to Keep Cats Off Your Car?


Are you an Ailurophile? Do you love your cat so much? How do you feel when you find scratches on the roof of your new car? The next moment you will be steaming as the car would have cost you a few hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The cats love to rest on the vehicles as they are warm and comfortable. It looks like cats find them an unusual object to rest. But, it is so irritating to see the paint peel off due to the cat’s paw.

When your neighbor’s cat has become your foe, the best way to keep her away is to use a cat repellent. It is one of the remarkable and safe ways to keep the kitty away. You can cover your car with a tarp and apply the cat repellent on it.

You can also buy a cover for $10, and custom fit it to the size of your car. These cat repellents are not harmful chemicals. Besides this, they never harm the kitty. Natural things like pepper powder or citrus spray can help you to keep your automobile safe from these feline creatures.

If the troublemaker is your very own pet, then train it to stay away from your house fittings and vehicle. Ask your neighbor to keep their pet indoors. It would also help you to some extent.

Now, let’s talk about the tips to drive cats away from your car.


1. Car Repellents

Use homemade cat repellents to chase the cat away. Initially, try spraying them on the ground all around your vehicle. If the kitty stops sleeping on your car roof, it is well and good.
But, if the cat still tries to make your car its bed, spray it on the car cover to prevent it from climbing up your motor car. Since they are made of natural substances, that won’t cost you a fortune.


2. Mothballs

Rush back to your cabinet and grab some mothballs. Put it on the car roof. It will keep the cat away, naturally. You can get a packet of it from a nearby shop for $5. These are fantastic budget-friendly methods to prevent the cats from making your car their favorite napping spot.

Consequently, cats are known for their excellent sense of smell as they have 40 times more odor-sensitive cells than humans. They have a natural aversion towards the mothball smell. Since they are an object of scorn for cats, they will not find it comfortable to get a shut eye anywhere near your car.


3. Deodorants

If you have a habit of using deodorants, spray a little on the car cover. You can try a bitter apple spray that can help you shun the cats away from your vehicle. Do you remember, cats hate the sound while you spray it all over your body?

They interpret it as a hissing sound as they get scared. Furthermore, the moisture in the spray irritates them. Therefore, you can use them safely in your car as these deodorants will keep your groomed cats as well as feral cats away.


4. Set Up Cat Alarms

Of late, there are many kinds of alarms available online or in your nearest supermarkets. One among them is Tattletale sonic Pet training vibration alarm that detects the presence of a cat when the cats walk towards your car.

The movement of the cat will trigger the alarm making a loud noise. Thus, it will drive cats or other animals away from your car. If your neighbor’s cat is troubling you by biting the mouse chord or poops on your furniture, use this alarm to chase her away.


5. Roof Mats to Scare the Cats

It is a fantastic trick to scare the cats away. But this is a bit costly. You can get this mat and place them anywhere in your car. It would be ideal to put them on the car top as they rest on the hood of your vehicle. It can turn out a permanent solution because they would learn to keep themselves away from the car.

One such mat is the scat-mat, a pet proofing mat. This low volt battery mat would release a low-intensity charge that would scare the kitty away from your car. Additionally, they can be conveniently used on your couches, trash cans, or anywhere around the house.


6. Pepper

It is, perhaps, the safest and natural way to train the troublesome cats some manners. You can spread some cayenne pepper or black pepper on the roof of your car. When these feline creatures try to perch on the vehicle, let’s say to take a nap, the chili will spread all over its body.

Later, when it tries to lick the body to clean herself, the spicy taste of pepper will irritate the cat. It will help you to keep the moggie away from your car. This wonderful spice has done the trick!


7. Training the Cat Giving Cues

The cats are brilliant animals. They will understand the cues you give to drive them away. You can try to instruct them by providing warnings to make them know they are not acceptable to you. One of the methods to shoo them apart is to place a scarecrow motion activated repellant. This repellent will spatter water on the cats when they come near it.

Instead of being so harsh to cats, showering some cold water on these feral cats to keep them away is better. Hence, these scarecrow repellents will frighten the intruding cats and water your plants in the backyard.


8. Cover Your Car

The cheapest option to protect car is to use a protective cover. These covers give space to those furry pets. So, pets can take rest for some time and stop doing any damage to the car.

Get yourself a cover that stays intact on your vehicle. It will avoid any direct contact the cat will have with your car. Moreover, It is comfortable for both of you.

There are many custom-fit scratch proof car covers available online to keep stealthy cats away from your vehicle. These are available for 30 to 50 dollars. They keep irritating feline creatures at bay.



It is quite natural for you to get irked when you see your new car with scratches all over it. Some naughty feline thief has intruded into your backyard damaging the paint job on your vehicle.

But, don’t worry! Try out any of the eight ways mentioned above to get the cat off your car. You can try out these excellent, cheap ways to protect your vehicle from the cat that strides on it to take a nap.


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