Well, it is not a fun subject to talk about, but it is a necessary one. Everyone poops; it is not rocket science than half of the population doesn’t understand. The problem is, with humans it is easy to communicate, but with pets, things can get a little bit complicated. Many cat owners have recently asked about their cat’s litter routine. Well, not every cat owner can keep an eye on their cat 24/7. Thus, it becomes tough to monitor their routine. So, it is vital that every cat owner has a basic idea how often do cats poop. Further, we will learn about the cat’s routine and how their bowel movements affect their system too.


What are the factors that affect the cat’s bowel movements?

Similar to humans, the cat’s bowel movements should be adequately maintained. Otherwise, the irregularity can lead to several issues for the cat and the owner too. Many owners would find it disgusting to monitor the shape, size, and color of their cat’s waste. But it is essential for their health that you keep track of the frequency by which they poop. As you are already struggling to figure out how often your cat defecates, you should make a list of the factors that affect it too.

Some of the factors that have impending results on the cat’s bowel movements are given below:

  • Cat’s Age: The kittens defecate a lot as compared to the adult cats due to their small system capacity.
  • Their Food: How much you give your cat to eat will also determine the frequency by which they poop.
  • Their Exercise Routine: If the cat plays a lot and roam around the house all day long, then it will also play a vital role to determine their bowel movements.
  • Cat’s Medical Situation: In case your cat is troubling with some kind of medical situation then it will exhibit different motility. Every disease has a different effect so you will have to determine the routine according to the problem.
  • Cat’s Medication: Whether or not your cat is on medication or some kind of supplement, will also affect their gut motility. This will decide how fast the food passes through the food pipe and reach the stomach for digestion.

All these factors have a significant impact on the digestion of the cats. So, you must be careful of all the factors that can have different effects on your cat.


Do you know about the general Thumb Rule?

The straightforward idea of Thumb rule can help you in such conditions. This rule states that no matter how often the cat eats or what’s its age, the cat should be able to pass at least once a day. Moreover, the movement should not be painful at all, and it must have a normal brown color.

If the movements are varying individually and you can’t determine when your cat poops at all then focus more. Moreover, if the poop’s frequency, color, odor, or anything else keeps changing, then it is a sign of some health issue. So, you better take your cat to a vet immediately.


What are the terrible health signs in cat’s poop?

Typically, a cat’s stool can tell a lot about its health. So, stay attentive and notice if something is not usual with your cat’s bowel movement. Some signs that you should watch out for are listed below:

  • The most alarming symptom is to see blood in the stool. If you ever see blood stains in the stools, then you should hurry up and take your cat to a veterinarian instantly.
  • If you catch your cat pooping and struggling trying to pass a stool, then it is also a bad sign. Constipation can be very uncomfortable, but there is also a risk that the cat is suffering from the urinary obstruction that can be fatal. So, don’t delay for a minute and take your cat to the hospital.
  • In case, your cat is straining, and you notice that it has a string, floss, or any other linear material hanging from the rectum, then don’t try to pull it out. It will be better than you stay cautious and visit a vet as soon as possible.
  • Sometimes, people even try to attempt performing enema at home. But never ever try this at home. It can cause rectal tears and other severe issues. So, don’t judge the condition by yourself and consult a vet.

If you see any of these signs, then visiting a vet is the most ideal thing to do. Only a professional will be able to tell you about the complexity of the situation. Listen to the vet and take their suggestions into consideration to keep your cat healthy and fit.


How to make a cat poop regularly?

Usually, a healthy cat poops a day thrice, and it is pretty good. The situation will be worrisome if your cat doesn’t even poop once for two days regular. The most important thing that affects the cats is their diet. As long as you keep their diet healthy, they are most likely to have regular bowel movements. So, every now and then observe your cat while passes a stool. By looking at her, you will be able to determine her health condition.

If you want to make sure that your cat has a healthy bowel movement, then start by increasing her water intake. Also, play with your cat as much as possible. The regular exercise will be fit for her, and her water consumption will also increase. Moreover, the food will be digested properly, and the pooping issue won’t exist anymore.



As you devote a little bit more time for your cat, you can make sure that cats stay healthy throughout their life. The minimum amount of time that a cat must defecate is just one. So, make sure that you cat poop once a day and everything else will be just fine.


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