Many cats lick the plastic bags you carry for shopping. These feline creatures have a natural obsession towards plastics. It is true that cats love to lick plastics, they don’t have anything to taste yummy, though. They have a wild excitement to touch plastics that make them feel sick, sometimes.

There is no one clear-cut reason to why they love this crinkly stuff. Isn’t it strange to find these cats chasing a plastic bag just like they chase rats? There is no unanimous conclusion to why they do this. Some veterinary say that it may be because of an eating disorder called Pica.

The possible reasons why your cat goes crazy over the grocery bag, photo albums, or any other plastic item, are mentioned below.


1. The Strange Sound of These Polymer Bags

When we handle the plastic bags, it gives a strange crinkling sound that attracts your feline pets. They think it is their prey- critters. These carnivorous animals, immediately, get ready to chase its prey. It is called predatory drive in cats. Thus, they end up licking the plastic grocery bags.


2. Smells Like Cat’s Food

Do you know that the cats have a great sense of smell? When we order a sandwich, it comes in plastic bags that locks the odor of the food contained in them. The cats think they have found food they can gulp in and eventually end up eating a large portion of plastic in these bags. Moreover, your cat’s sense of smell is intense and can whiff anything you get for yourself in these bags.

These bags smell nice tickling their nostrils as most of them are made of animal fat or oil. Nowadays, lots of companies are manufacturing biodegradable bags which commonly contain cornstarch that tastes wow! Sometimes, companies use fish fat or cod liver oil to prevent plastic bags from being so sticky. These are some of the probable reasons why they have a natural fascination with grocery bags.

The chemical substances with which they are made also smells nice to attract your kitty. These chemicals have a strong odor that makes these animals sniff plastic and eat a lot of them.


3. Mental disease

One of the reasons why your kitties would like to lick plastic is a mental disorder called Pica. Pica is a strange mental disease which causes an uncontrollable desire in cats to eat non-food materials. When there is a sort of nutritional deficiency, cats and even humans have a psychological drive to lick strange items. These items are potentially dangerous to their health.

When these feline creatures face mental problems, they have an increasing tendency to lick plastic. Carefully observe your pet if they start beating plastics if they get excited. These infectious agents can be life-threatening. So, rush immediately to a vet and get her treated before it kills your pet.


4. Natural attraction

These domestic animals have a natural tendency to lick plastic because they are playful. They mistake it for a toy and would love to be frolic, at times. Just like any cat would do with a toy, they love to toss and turn it to amuse itself for some time.

Another assumption is that the cats play with these toys and chew them to take out the dirt in their teeth. The cats also need to clean their teeth to maintain oral hygiene. The best way to prevent her from chewing and ingesting plastic is to buy your kitty cat many safe chew toys that are available in the market.

Get your kitty a Ping-Pong ball, feather toys or even mice toys and encourage her to chew it. This way, your pet can keep its teeth clean. It will also keep your cats away from bacteria and other harmful microbes.


5. Dental health

If you find your cat biting or chewing plastic for a long time, take her to a veterinary because it may be an indication of a dental problem. Just like humans, they also can get oral problems like a cavity, teeth not in order, or even a plaque. A plaque is some dirt deposit in the teeth that allows bacteria to grow and infect your kitty’s teeth.

If your feline pet has terrible breath, never take it lightly. Your cat may lose teeth or even experience excruciating pain and hence face difficulties in chewing food. In rare cases, it will result in the death of these furry animals.


6. Cats are fond of taste if lubricants

You only need to watch what your cat does when she grabs a photograph lying on the floor. She will, immediately, start licking and eating it if left unchecked as her taste buds are activated because of its flavor.

Another reason why they lick plastic is that of the compounds used to treat plastic. They are fat from animals or plants. Your kitty may find it tasty and hence try to touch and eat it.


7. Boredom

When they feel bored and don’t have anything to play, they start licking plastic. The state of lack of stimulation leads to boredom. Usually, barn cats, are fed with enough food, and they don’t have to hunt their prey. As these barn cats are couch potatoes, they feel it irritating when they don’t get an opportunity to run around and play. These feline creatures have a natural affinity to climb trees and enjoy.

Buy some fish pole toys or allow her to sit in front of a glass door. Additionally, you can encourage her to look at plants and animals outside.


Is licking plastic hazardous?

If your kitty has an obsession of licking plastics every time, be watchful all the time. If she eats plastic, it can be hazardous. Take her to a veterinary, immediately. It can cause minor as well as significant health problems in cats. Minor health problems could be puking sensation or loose motions. It can also lead to breathing difficulty because the plastic may choke her nostrils.



In short, the cats have a natural affinity to sniff and chew plastic. It is because they get excited when they see plastic bags and sandwich bags. It is not very dangerous if they lick plastic. But, if they swallow it, it will be quite dangerous.

If you can’t consistently keep an eye on your cat, then keep plastic items away from her. It may block her respiratory tract, and there are chances that your kitty may die due to suffocation. Declutter your house and keep all the plastic items neatly arranged in your cupboards. It will keep your lovely pet away from danger.


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