You might have wondered “why do cats like fish”? Many owners have noticed that when their cats see fishes in TV or in their iPhone/iPad or any other device, they jump off and run to catch it. This strange behavior of cats is quite astonishing. And it also leaves us wondering what it is that the cats like about fishes. So, in this article, we are going to unfold the mystery. We will cover up the reasons why do cats like fish so much.

Animals have been depicted in the cartoon to provide basic information about them. And even in the cartoons, cats have been so fond of fishes but only as food. Well, people obviously know that they can’t believe everything they see on the TV. So, it will be better than you know the exact reason behind this uncanny likeness.


Where does the fact originate?

There is an ancient story related to the fact that cats like fishes. The story starts from Ancient Egypt where cats were worshipped as Gods. At that time, they used tuna and salmon fish to attract the wild cats. As the feline domestication started more than 10000 years ago, the exact traces can’t be found to this topic.


How Did Cats start to like Fish?

As we all know that cats have an unbelievable sense of taste. And as the sense is quite similar to humans, they love enjoying their food too. But it is the heightened sense of smell that helps them to find food. Just as the humans get attracted to the food by its smell, the same thing happens with the cats.

Thus, we can assume that the strong smell of fish might have been the reason why cats started craving for it. They have developed a very advanced organ called Vomeronasal or Jacobson’s organ. This organ connects the smell and taste senses, i.e., nose and mouth. And it is one of the main factors that led to the liking of various types of fishes in the cat.


Is Fish Healthy For Your Cats?

We understand that a cat’s diet must be maintained properly. So, it is good that you add fish in its diet. But there are some restrictions over the intake too. Cat owners often hear that they have to do this and that to keep their cat healthy. But not all cats are same, so you don’t have to listen to some worthless advice to decide what kind of diet your cat should have.

The only person you should listen to is your vet. As long as he/she says that fish is excellent, you are good to go. Cats usually love fish, milk, meat products, etc. But as they are predatory animals, giving them properly cooked food can be somehow doubtful. So, as you know that fish diet have both good and bad effects, so you better learn about both to keep your cat fit.


How Is Fish good?

Everyone knows that fish is a rich source of protein and have certain health benefits. Fish contain the right elements of protein such as Amino acids, in an exact amount that is needed by cats. In additions, fishes are packed with taurine which contributes to controlling the heart rhythm, vision, reproduction, and digestion too.

Often, it is recommended that if your cat lacks the Thiamine enzyme, then you should cook the fish properly. Otherwise, it can lead to loss of coordination, anorexia, vestibular disorder, aggression, etc. Moreover, sometimes the fish contain parasites that can be passed to the felines. So, it is important that you cook it properly.

Some people don’t know this, but tuna fish also consist of a significant amount of polyunsaturated fats which also leads to pancreas issues. So, ensure that you only give a small portion of fish to your cat. And ensure that your cat doesn’t rely on fish as their sole source of food.


How is fish not good for cats?

If you don’t have any idea how fish can be harmful to cats, then you surely need to go through this section. Here, you will find what bad effects can be caused by fishes.


Fish can lead to Allergic Reactions:

When you give fish to your cats for the first time, it is likely that they would love it. But this can’t be said for all cases. Many cats are allergic to fishes. Fish mixed with grains can lead common reaction like running nose, red nose and eyes, sneezing, gloomy or patchy coat, and last but not least the worst effect will be on the digestive system.


Non Allergic Cats can get addicted to Fish-based foods:

Once your cat gets addicted to fish taste, then there are chances that they will crave for it more often. Fish might be tasty, but they don’t have other essential nutrients required by cats. So, you have to make sure that your cats eat fish as a treat, not as their primary food item.


Fish Lack Everything other than Protein:

Apart from Iodine, fish doesn’t contain other essential nutrients. Other than that, fishes are not often raised in a healthy source of water. As a result, the unhealthy and polluted water with antibiotics is ingested by the cats.


What are the fishes that can be given to cats?

You must remember that only 15% of the cat’s diet should comprise of fishes. Few suggestions are given below:

  • Completely Canned fish such as sardines, herrings, anchovies, etc.
  • Preservatives like Ethoxyquin
  • Icy water fishes like menhaden, salmon, sardines, herring, etc.
  • A small dose of seafood like shrimps or as a flavoring treat



Hopefully, now you know why and how cats like their fish. The only thing you have to remember is to give fish to your cat in moderate amount. As long as the diet is balanced correctly, the cats won’t be at risk. The size and amount of fish can also vary with your beloved cat. But don’t make the common feeding mistakes with your sweet little fellow.


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