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9 Effective Ways: How to Keep Cats Out of Houseplants


Yay, a new member of the family is coming home! No, not that type of new family member. This new member has green leaves and colorful flowers. The happy new owner is so excited to have a plant to decorate their home. Above all, the only downside is, this new member doesn’t last long.

Cats love to destroy houseplants. The feline instinct enjoys chewing green leaves or knocking the whole case to the floor leaving a big mess to clean up.

However, this is bad not only for the health of your plant but also for your cat. Think of where that dirt ends up. Cats will drag it to their litterbox! So unsanitary; isn’t it?

Of course, owners need to take care of their cats, but they do also want a plant to decorate their home! No, you should not get rid of the cat. Instead, you can follow these nine ways to keep your cat out of the houseplants.


1. Spat With a Spray Bottle

First of all, cats don’t like water, which is why you should train them by spraying water at them. You’re the boss! Or their parents. Cats have to understand that they’re in the wrong. If you keep spraying water, cats will instantly know that they’re at fault and will behave.

Fill a small bottle with water and then gave a swift spray if they’re approaching like a jungle cat towards the plants.

Additionally, keep a sharp eye out. It seems like cats know how to be sneaky! Owners may feel anxious about leaving their precious plants alone. Don’t let your plants keep you at home all the time! Cats will eventually learn.


2. Use a Spray With Scented Products

Try a few different scented products, too. Either use the spray for your plants or mix your recipe. There have been repellant sprays mixed with chili powder!

Don’t go all out or put anything dangerous that may harm your cat or even your plant! Most importantly, note that it is your cat we’re talking about! You love her dearly!


3. Add in Pebbles, Sea Shells, or Pice Cones to the Mulch

Are you almost tired of having to clean up all that dirt from when cats dig up the soil? Here is an idea! Add pebbles into the mixture of clay. Spread the rocks nearby the base of the plant. Don’t add too much now. Water won’t be able to flow or seep through to the roots of the plant.

Almost all cats don’t like the texture and maybe instantly back off, receiving the message.

Pebbles don’t have to be the primary example. Decorate your plant with sea shells or even pine cones! It’s not just to keep your cats away, but decorating the plant also makes a strong aesthetic.

Furthermore, there is also the option to wrap the base of the plant with aluminum foil. However, never put anything harmful into your plant.


4. The Same Old Spot Is Boring!

Life is boring when every day is the same old day! So, move your plant to a new space each day. Having plants in the same old area will not make cats back away from their objective.

Try hanging plants in baskets by attaching them on hooks to the ceiling. As a result, you are keeping the plant out of reach from your cat.

Plants are meant to be seen. Hence, don’t hide them away being the basement stairs in the cold dark. Move plants into a comfortable, sunny spot safe from your cat.


5. Loud Noise

Cats probably don’t like loud noises. So, you can holler a whistle, or ring a bell. A good startle sends a message.

Consequently, this method takes a bit of vigilance as you’ll have to keep a close eye on your cat, but it can be useful when used regularly.

Likewise, it’s highly suggested not to use this method if your cat is timid. Don’t scare your cats to the point of stressing them out.


6. Create a Safe Barrier

Place tin-foil plates on a table. Stepping on tin foil creates a racket! Therefore, until your cat learns to stay away, you may have to set up this technique day after day which becomes a chore.

Another idea is to create a sticky surface. Double-sided tape laid out between your plant pots creates a barrier. As long as you don’t allow enough space for your cat to jump around, your plant will remain safe.


7. Clean Your Cat’s Messes

Don’t just leave your cats messes laying around. Be sure to thoroughly clean out the litter box even if your cat has not been digging in the plant’s dirt.

Also, if the litterbox is not properly tended to, this may be the exact reason why the cat is digging through the dirt. Similarly, your cat’s health matters just as much as a plant’s health. Thus, encourage your cat to use its litterbox, and even change the type of litter you may use.


8. Give Your Cat a Plant of Their Own

Don’t be selfish and keep a plant all to yourself. Give your cat a green leafed gift. Besides this, research different plants safe for cats to nibble on. Cats know a decoy when they sense one.


9. Safety Tips

Finally, watch out for toxic plants! Whether or not you know if your cat is not going to chew on your plant, be very cautious of toxicity, as they may be detrimental to your cat’s health.

A few plants to be on the lookout for are:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Dumbcane
  • Begonia
  • Lilies
  • English Ivy
  • Pointsettia



Create new and humane ways to keep your cats away from digging into the houseplants. Reward them for their excellent behavior if they have stayed away from the plant. NEVER use verbal or physical punishment! They will not understand.

By creating a safe environment and thinking of new and creative ways to keep you houseplant safe, everyone will be happy. Maybe, you can never change a cat’s behavior. Because cats are who they are. Therefore, to distract them from houseplants buy them toys to keep them occupied while you’re not home.

Follow each of these steps to keep your cats out of the houseplants.

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