The cats like to dabble with strings, ribbons, threads, of course, your kids’ shoelaces. They are the source of their ultimate happiness. If you give your kitty with yarn, she will love it!

These things lift their spirits because they like to creep or flail upon these objects. It is due to the instinct to punch and attack their prey.


1. Ancestry of Cats

These feline pets are calm by nature. But, if we look littler deep into their ancestry, they are the descendants of the wolf who are fierce predators. These domestic animals, though clam, used to stalk and foray their enemy in the forest. They, still, retain the habit of attacking and torturing their prey.

That is the reason why they like to meddle with strings. The predatory instincts remain and start attacking the yarn just like they do with cardboard boxes. The one difference being, the cardboard box acts as their hideout, and the string is their prey, according to them.


2. Misconception

They consider the string to the mice and don’t leave the yarn until they are thoroughly exhausted. They bring them down or pierce it to make sure that their foe is close to submission. If you have kept some extension chord close to the ground, be careful. It may harm your kitty.

Another reason close to reality maybe they think the string is a snake. The cats fight wildly with a snake. In the woods, they put up a fight, whenever they come across a snake and kill them. That is the reason why these feline creatures, even though, a domestic animal, love to hunt.


3. Strings Appear Like Enemies

Sometimes, they may take these things to be their enemies and think their security is at stake. To protect themselves, these kitties attack strings or yarns. For this, Naples cat alliance president says that it is a figment of the cat’s imagination.

They consider them to be mice or small rats or even small reptiles. Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital’s veterinarian has a similar opinion to share when he says that the string resembles a rat’s tail.

It is no secret that they can sense mice or rats or even death more accurately than us. Their sensory faculty words so efficiently to identify even a ghost!


4. Playful Nature

They love to play around and explore the surroundings before getting adjusted to it. This habit helps them to familiarize with the surroundings if you have bought a new feline member to your house.

Their playful character helps them develop and improve the hunting traits or turn of mind in them. If you find your kitty playing with strings, allow her to play in front of you. Never let your cat play with strings when you are away. It may kill your pet.


5. An Exercise to Brain

Cats respond to sounds and movements faster than us. Try turning and twisting a string in front of your cat. Observe her for some time. She will never get tired or take her eyes off the string.

They invigorate their brain and forces them to act quickly. The way they coordinate our actions with their mind is commendable. Even though they use most of their lives sleeping, they need some exercise to ignite and activate their brain. It will keep your lovely pet moving and healthy.


6. A Part of Entertainment

If your pet runs behind these strings or other things, understand that she is bored and is badly in need of some entertainment. Play with her, regularly. They have to vent out the accumulated energy, and they find some way or the other to let their pent up energies out.

That is the reason why they act like a sleuth and walk from one corner to another in search of strings or yarns to play with. Your kitty will be a victim of depression if you don’t give enough opportunity to play and enjoy.


Why Should You Avoid Keeping Strings in Front of Cats?

Above all, the saddest part of the story is that these strings can put them to death. Many veterinarians have found strings or yarns inside a cat’s intestine.

If your kitty has ingested a string, immediately rush to a vet. It is challenging to identify a string in a cat’s stomach. The veterinarians use an ultrasound test to locate the string as X-ray can’t help much. If all these things can’t support, then a vet may recommend surgery to remove the string.

The reason why we have to keep our pets away from the strings is that these things will tangle up in the intestines causing problems in digestion. These may intertwine with the respiratory system, making the cat go out of breath. The cat may die due to suffocation.

The intestinal tissues may get hurt and start to bleed. If you don’t take your cat to a vet, maybe, she will die. It becomes hard to treat Peritonitis if you delay things because this is a disease that causes poisoning of the pet’s intestine.


Why Are Strings Harmful?

These are tiny objects once they put it in their mouth, they can’t take it out. They have to throw it out using their paws which are a little difficult for cats. The reason is they have many barbs in their mouth that helps them to push the food into their stomach.

They are created in such a way to face inwards, and once something gets into her mouth, it can’t find a way out. These barbs help them to stick the prey to their mouth preventing them from escaping. But, if the victim is a string, it is hard for them to pull it back from the mouth.



In short, it is the natural habit of cats to play with strings. They imagine the strings to be a mouse or their prey. That is why these objects give visual stimulation to your pets. Give them some pet instead of these strings or allow them to play under your supervision.

The strings may choke your pet and kill her, eventually. If you suspect your feline pet has eaten a string, take her to a vet. Timely treatment may save her. These strings can be harmful. When they go inside, they get clogged up in the intestinal or respiratory tract. So, be careful and never let your kitty play with any such object.


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