We often hear our colleagues telling that she was taking a catnap when her friend tried to get her on the phone. In the human context, it is a short nap that we take for 15 to 20 minutes.

But, is it same with cats as well? Or they sleep for prolonged hours? These cats are hypersomniac by nature. They rest from 15 to 20 hours in a day. It sounds weird that they sleep throughout the day!

They can fall into a deep sleep despite the unpleasant surroundings. If you wake up in the early hours of the day, you get to hear your cat meowing, purring, and hissing! The reason why they sleep during daytime is that they are creatures who are wide awake before the sun is up in the sky.

During this half-light time, they run around, making a mess all over the place. The reason is their circadian rhythm works differently from ours.


Reasons Behind Their Prolonged Sleep

It is quite irritating, to see your cat waking up much ahead of you, leaving you out of sleep during twilight! When it is time for you to go to work, it is out of hours for your kitty. You can see her finding refuge in one of your soft recliners or couches with her eyes shut.

These crepuscular creatures create no trouble as they are awake from nightfall to the peep of the day. Why do they have more extended hours of shut-eye? Let us get into it to understand why these feline creatures sleep so much?


1. Hereditary

It is their inherent character of sleeping for more extended hours. These creatures are lazy by nature; only to save energy. These feline creatures used to live in jungles where they have to work hard for hours before they can gulp in some food.

They used to stalk the prey and kill them. When cats hunt, the significant portion of their energy gets used up. Therefore, they needed rest. The cats slept for long hours as a measure to conserve energy.

This habit is imbibed in their genes and is passed on for generations. So, a cat sleeps for more than 15 hours a day as they get most of their characteristic features from their parents. The cat’s ancestors passed on the habit of sleeping with these cats.

Even if you have a kitten at home, same is the case with her too. The National Sleep Foundation endorsed the opinion that cats are usually “sleep lovers” and they sleep for even 20 hours a day. It is entirely reasonable as it is their habit. You don’t need to be anxious about that.


2. Saving Energy

They are, by nature, predators. These predators have to run at the back of their prey, which uses up the staked energy. Long-age, when they used to live in forests, they used to prey on rodents and rats during the day fall. They usually chase and hunt during the middle of the night. Many times, the prey escaped from their clasp, and they had to put in lots of efforts to fill their bellies.

If they sleep for more extended hours, they will be able to save them for future use. Have you ever watched your feline pets jumping on you after being followed stealthily for some time? They love to play such games as the habit of stalking is there in their blood.


3. Cats Have a Deep Sleep for a Short Time

Even when they sleep so much up to 20 hours a day, they fall into a deep slumber only for 10 to 15 minutes. These furry pals either have a deep sleep or light sleep. We can say that the cats doze off or snooze.

When they snooze, they sleep with their eyes a little open. During this time, they swirl their ears and have full consciousness of the surroundings. They usually settle down in a sitting position while they snooze.

We can easily make out whether they are in a deep sleep or half asleep just looking at the gestures. They close their eyes entirely and hold their hands on their eyes to envelope their faces.

Even if they are in the hibernation mode, they are observant of what is happening outside. Their sleep positions are such that they are ready to do the activities, immediately after they wake up.


4. Climatic Changes

Just like the climatic changes make humans more sleepy than usual, kitties also feel more sleepy during a rainy day. It is true that the behavioral traits of different breeds of cats are different.

Some breeds sleep for more time, whereas some of them rest for a shorter duration. Regardless of the breed and sleeping habits of your cats, they sleep more when the weather is wet.


5. Cats Need Mental Stimulation

Who will not love to have a change? Just like humans, these feline creatures, need mental stimulation. There are many mental stimulation exercises can strengthen their muscles and heart. In between the nap time, they want to do something exciting.

During olden times, they got mental stimulation through hunting. Now, these domestic cats don’t have to go after the prey for their dinner.

Hide toys in some places of your house. Ask your kitty to find it. She will feel excited at the same time these physical activities will help her stay fit and fine. It is an excellent solution for obesity too.


6. Signs of Health Problems

When your cat sleeps for more time than usual, understand that she is suffering from an illness that needs treatment.


Let Your Cat Sleep in a Cozy Corner of the House

These furry creatures love to sleep in a serene atmosphere. There will be some individual corners in your house where they sleep at all times. They are their haven of comfort because they are muted spots where these feline creatures can have an undisturbed sleep.

You can also buy them cat beds, or allow them to sit on window perches that helps the cat to see what is going on outside their house.



In short, cats sleep at least for 15 to 16 hours a day. Kittens sleep up to 20 hours a day. When they sleep the body secretes a lot of hormones that assist growth. If your cat sleeps for a long time, don’t worry. This character is inbuilt in their genes, and nothing wrong.

But, yes, if she sleeps for more time, it is a hint that you have to take an appointment to take her to a vet. When they are awake, please give some time to them. Play some exciting games to help your kitty stay alert and healthy.


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