Are you an animal enthusiast? If you have just adopted a cat and it is your 10th cat, you should read this writing piece. We will discuss how many cats means you have too many. First of all, if you have too many of them, you can’t give enough love and care you can provide if there are a few of them.

There are so many cat hoarders who own more than 100 cats. The worst part of it is, they have emaciated and dead animals, too, in their homes. Generally, there should be, to a maximum, 4 or 5 cats to allow the owners to take care of all cats.


The Problems of Having Many Cats

You can consider these problems as tips to know how many cats is too many for you and your family.


1. Behavioral problems

There will be acute inter-cat maladjustment problems if there are many cats in your house. On the flip side, having a companion to play with, provides mental stimulation. They have a mate to enjoy and spend their time.

But, some cats have behavioral problems when there are more than 4 to 5 cats in a house. There will be regular sessions of hissing and fighting if some cats don’t like their companions.


2. Difficulty in finding which cat is sick

Every household having pets will have a litter box where the cats poop. If we have many feline pets, we will get confused about the one who is having soft stool while removing the droppings from the litter box. You will not understand who ate all the food and who is starving.

Moreover, you should consider the question of how many of them can you take care of? You must think in monetary terms. If you have too many cats, will you be able to shelter and provide food to all the cats?


3. Choose a proper diet for all cats

Taking care of cats is not a kid’s stuff. You have to follow an appropriate diet for your kitty. Furthermore, you should not always give tinned food. For this, you have to provide homemade food along with some wet food because these fluffy creatures don’t feel thirsty.

But, it is essential to prevent your cat from getting dehydrated. Most of the cat’s foodstuff is dry food that causes severe dehydration in the cat’s body. You should be careful while feeding your cats.


4. Financial situation

Moreover, you have to buy a comfortable bed for all cats. You also need to find a suitable spot for them to doze off. Kitties, usually, like to climb the heights. So you should have cat trees to help them stay energetic and brisk.

Do you know that on an average you have to spend from $30 to 100 per month for one cat? If you are financially fit to take care of all of them, you can own lots of them. But, it is ideal to limit the number to 4 or 5 to take care of them, without facing a financial crunch. You should stop accommodating more cats when you feel you can no more take care of new pets.


Tips to Avoid Too Many Cats at Home

Do you have enough time?

If there are many cats, you will have more responsibility. Cats love human interactions as they long for love like humans. You have to spend quality time with each cat. It is challenging if you have too many cats. This time is apart from the time you take to feed your cat. They need to be caressed, petted, and hugged (sometimes, as we see on Facebook videos)!

You have to take them out and play, outdoor games to keep them healthy and fit. If you don’t have so much time to spend on each cat, having one is even enough!


Do you have enough space?

If you have a big home, you can have 4 to 5 cats, comfortably. On the other side, if you have a small house, don’t even dream to have more than 2. You will face a problem because of the lack of enough space for family members.

In ordinary cases, if you have two sleeping rooms, you can have a maximum of two cats. Your house will comfortably contain you, your family members, and your pet cats.


Do you find the personal time?

If you are not able to socialize for the reason that you have to take care of your cats, it is a sign that you have too many cats. If you don’t get time to hang out with your friends or balance your cat and peer time, consider having only one cat. It would help you stay happy.


What about their health?

Having more than five cats can have an adverse impact on the health of the cats. It can cause emotional and physical stress in your pets. When there are more than five cats at home, the risk of all of them getting an infection is high.


Can you keep your house clean?

Keeping your house spick and span is very difficult if you have many cats at home. It is essential to retain your house clean to prevent your cats and family members falling sick. How long will you keep cleaning if your cats are dirtying your home now and then?


Are you following the law?

From homeowners association to the local legislation, there are strict restrictions on the number of pets you can have in your home. There are towns in the US that come up with a law restricting the number of pets every homeowner can have. Check for the legislation to avoid problems later on. The law limits the number of cats you can own because too many cats can mean nuisance, at times.


Do you consider taking the opinion of family members?

You should decide to invite a new cat guest after considering the opinion of your family members. Of course, the term is generic enough to include your existing cats. Some cats will not accept a newcomer sharing her love and space. If your cat has a charming personality, you can adopt up to 5 cats, without facing any difficulty.



In short, it is, indeed a debatable topic whether the number of cats you have is enough or too much. Always consider your financial status and home space before considering to adopt an extra cat. For many, even one would do.

It is everyone’s wish to have many pets. But, you have to take into consideration lots of factors before welcoming the new pet to your home.


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