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Are Dogs Allowed In Starbucks?


This question has been troubling Starbucks customers for a long time now. People often agree that pets, no matter how clean and healthy they are, pose a risk of spreading unwanted bacteria and ailments. If you are sitting in a Starbucks store and someone walks in with a dog or puppy, then you’ll experience the hard truth of life.

If the staff of the store doesn’t ask the person to keep their dogs outside, then one of the customers will surely stand up and ask you to leave. Many stores all over the world have stretched the rule. Many dog owners were reported for bringing their dogs in the store as well. That’s why we say that it is a matter of debate for all the dog lovers and the superconscious people.


What policy does Starbucks offer for the dogs?

Starbucks doesn’t really have a policy that states that dogs cannot be allowed in the store. There are stores where the staff won’t mind you have a dog inside unless it doesn’t bother the customers. But if a customer report against you, then you might have to leave your dogs outside.


Why aren’t pets allowed inside various stores and restaurants worldwide?

The main reason why people avoid having pets inside the store is that they prefer a more sanitized and clean environment. And even though the pets are cleaned and bathed correctly, they still contain allergens, bacteria, and they can contaminate the food around them. Thus to make sure that the health and quality of dining are not compromised, the pets are banned in stores like Home Depot, Tiffany & Co, Pottery Barn, Barnes, and Nobles, etc.

That’s why Starbucks is also considered as an animal free place to maintain hygiene and sanitary standards. This is the simplest way to keep the store clean, peaceful and safe to dine.

Dogs are very different animals. They shed, fight, relieve themselves, and this kind of habit is not liked by everyone. Believe it or not, there is only 49% part of the population on this earth that really likes dogs. The rest of them are either afraid or think they are wild animals. They destroy the things they don’t like, they get aggressive from time to time, and they consider everyone other than their owner is a bad person.

Still, some dogs don’t exhibit this kind of behavior, but the population is judged by the majority of them. As a result, dogs were banned from various shopping and dining stores all over the world.


Why there is no sign that “Dogs Not Allowed” outside StarBucks?

All dog owners ask this question that if dogs aren’t allowed to get inside then why there is no signboard. Honestly speaking, the sign doesn’t exist for Starbucks, and they even have an exception for this kind of rule too. There is one legitimate condition where dogs can enter Starbucks without any restrictions. It is the Service animals which are allowed in the store.

But as you enter, you will be asked a few questions as the service dogs often wear a vest. So, what is a service animal?

Service animals are not considered pets, they are appropriately trained to enrich the lives of the people who suffer from a physical disability. Thus, the person relies on the dog for their mobility and independence.


Why Starbucks Welcome the Service Animals?

You will find the answer to this question very intimidating. Starbucks is bound to follow the rules stated by the Government. And in the United States, there is an American with Disability Act which mentions that the service animals can’t be prohibited from any store. This law includes Starbucks too. So, even when the store has a policy of not allowing dogs or other pets inside the store, they can’t prohibit a service animal to enter the establishments. Any person who is found breaking this law would have to face a legal pursuit or penalty.


How to make sure that your dog is allowed in a store including StarBucks?

Well, state law often states the rules and regulation clearly. Therefore, you can check the law details to see if a restaurant or store can ban dogs or not. Take the example of Chicago, their people are very friendly with dogs. Every dog is allowed into the stores, and no one asks them to leave. There are also few restaurants who feed the pets as well. If a dog or pet owner orders a meal, then your dog will also get a free meal.

But in Illinois, you’ll find a different situation. There the law has banned dogs inside the stores, and you might have to face penalties too for breaking the law. There was even a case in Illinois where a person asked to add emotional support dogs in the list of service dogs. As a result, several adjustments are also made in the impending list of service dogs.


How can you avoid such situations?

Frankly speaking, it is only you who can avoid being in such kind of situation. So, whenever you plan to go out and eat at some restaurant or shop in a store, cross-check their policies. This way you’ll be able to learn whether dogs are allowed in that particular store. Whatever the rules are, you must also follow them because they are employed because of some valid concern regarding the health of the customers. Almost every business has a different policy regarding the entry of dogs. So, you better be careful before taking your dogs inside any store.



If there is a big sign that dogs not allowed, then leave your dogs outside. In case there is no sign still make sure that you ask the manager of the store whether dogs are allowed or not. This way, you’ll be able to prevent yourself from a humiliating situation. Plus, keeping your dogs away from Starbucks seems like a good idea in case they ever lash out seeing a stranger.

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