Dog owners love to do everything with their canine pets around. They bring them for a walk in the park, for a dip at the beach or even for shopping at the mall. It is not a problem for most shopping centers. The most popular ones have developed their establishments to be pet-friendly. They incorporate specific features that make life more comfortable and convenient for animal loving people. In IKEA, however, there is a question on whether dogs are and should be allowed or not.


Shopping With A Dog

This is not a thing of the past anymore. The animal does not have to stay at home all sad and lonely. They can go out with their owners and the rest of the family for some quality time. They are not restricted to the outdoor parks and recreation places anymore. Initially, it was only the pet-related stores that were open for them. They have smooth and natural access to shops selling pet food, toys, and similar other products. In some cases, these shops also host activities. These give dogs and their owners a chance to socialize with other canines and their human companions.

Eventually, other shops followed suit. Home Depot and other home improvement stores started to allow access for these four-legged pets. It is mostly because such establishments are selling items for dogs, cats, and other domesticated animals.


Are Dogs Allowed In IKEA Or Not?

The Swedish furniture giant IKEA is renowned across the globe. It has numerous branches in different countries. Homeowners sought the brand for its exciting and interesting line of items. The brand has a very forward-thinking theme in its products. This overall concept of the IKEA brand makes it a favorite of many. It is expected by many that the brand will be comfortable to have pets inside the shops. Therefore, it is a shock to find out that they do not allow pets inside the IKEA stores.


Why Are Dogs Not Allowed In IKEA?

The brand has specified in their online site that they do not allow any pets inside their stores. They have specified that they have implemented this policy due to health reasons. There is no further specification on the matter though.

It is, however, explicitly mentioned in the same site that certified service dogs are allowed to enter the IKEA stores. This is apparently for practical reasons and to avoid any discrimination against customers with disabilities.


Why Should Dogs Not Be Allowed In IKEA?

There are different opinions on this subject. Mainly, it is expected those who do not like animal pets to be in full agreement and support of IKEA’s decision. Some reasons can support them on this.

One of the most critical factors is the safety and security of the general public. Animals tend to act as they will. They are not as capable as humans at the cognitive level. The risk is to have an animal run amok in the store. This is a considerable hazard for customers especially those with kids. It is expected and natural for kids to be around in IKEA as the brand is very family-oriented.

Another consideration is related to health. There are quite a good number of people who are allergic to dog hair. It cannot be avoided that one customer with such an allergy will get close to the animal. This will trigger the allergic reactions and its accompanying symptoms and risks.

These canine creatures do not have a common sense sometimes. It is natural for them to be distracted. This can result in being uncontrollable due to discomfort or even in excitement. IKEA stores are arranged uniquely. This arrangement can easily be destroyed unnecessarily and unknowingly the pet dogs.


Why Can Dogs Be Allowed In IKEA?

The other side of the argument spectrum highlights the obedience and discipline of trained pets. There are pet owners who take time to teach their canine buddy the ways to behave in public. This allows for ensuring order and avoiding chaos when a dog is inside the store. Keeping the pets on a leash should be enough. This can serve as a requirement for allowing a dog’s entrance and presence in the store.

Another detail that can be incorporated is to set a schedule. This timing can be a couple of hours during the day when the store is less busy. It is at this timing that pet owners can do their shopping with their dogs with them.


Dog Discrimination

Certain advocates of fair animal treatment are in total disagreement with IKEA on their policy. They claim that it is a form of discrimination against animals and their owners.


Dog Parking at IKEA

A brilliant alternative IKEA started offering is Dog Parking. This can again be easily targeted and claimed as negative. This can be argued to be not appropriate as parking is developed to keep cars. They are non-living, non-breathing things. They are very different from canines.

This is a work of genius for most people though. They do not have to leave their dogs alone at home. They can instead bring them to the shopping mall and keep them happy and safe in the Dog Parking. The first one is in Germany. It is technically outdoor but with a roof for sun protection. Also, It is equipped with patches of astroturf, water balls, and kennels that resemble dog houses.

It makes sense to say that IKEA is creating a unique combination of the shopping experience. The brand can do so without necessarily going against what it believes in. This new amenity does mean they allow dogs inside the store. However, it surely does communicate a sense of care.

There are some limitations to the idea behind this IKEA additional feature. For one the dog parking should be overseen by authorized personnel. The absence of such a person can result in unattended pets fighting with each other.



The US IKEA store only allows certified service dogs. It is for a good number of logical reasons that IKEA has decided on its pet-free policy. After all, the priority of any business is to ensure the comfort and safety of its customers. The added conveniences are details that are not required. This includes being able to bring pets inside. The brand is unable to accommodate such an arrangement. It puts the rest of the buying population in different forms of risks.


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