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6 Best Dog Boots Reviews and Ultimate Guide 2019


Many people think of dog boots as fashion accessories or luxurious things. However, these boots are much more about safety, convenience, and functionality. They not only make your pooch more adorable but also have other purposes.

You can improve your canine companion’s life in many different ways by investing in the best dog boots. And as such, there are a lot of brands making dog boots, with others better suited to certain areas and situations than others.

With this in mind, we are going to provide you with all the information you need to know about dog boots. We have prepared a handy buyer’s guide explaining the reasons you need them, different kinds of boots available, and how to choose the right boots. We will later provide you with 6 products that represent the best dog boots on the market in 2019.

Buckle up for a long read…

If you are in a hurry, check out our recommendation list below.

6 Best Dog Boots Reviews and Ultimate Guide 20196 Best Dog Boots Reviews and Ultimate Guide 2019

My Busy Dog Water Resistant Shoes

It is water resistant

Check Price

6 Best Dog Boots Reviews and Ultimate Guide 20196 Best Dog Boots Reviews and Ultimate Guide 2019

QUMY Dog Boots

Has rugged and non-slip soles

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6 Best Dog Boots Reviews and Ultimate Guide 20196 Best Dog Boots Reviews and Ultimate Guide 2019

Ruffwear Grip Trex

Has a breathable mesh

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6 Best Dog Boots Reviews and Ultimate Guide 20196 Best Dog Boots Reviews and Ultimate Guide 2019

WUXIAN Waterproof Dog Shoes

It’s water resistant with high-quality fabrics

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6 Best Dog Boots Reviews and Ultimate Guide 20196 Best Dog Boots Reviews and Ultimate Guide 2019

EXPAWLORER Waterproof Boots

They are Waterproof

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6 Best Dog Boots Reviews and Ultimate Guide 20196 Best Dog Boots Reviews and Ultimate Guide 2019

Winsoon Dog Australia Boots

Specially made for small dogs

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Reason to Invest In Dog Boots

Here are different ways boots can help your dog;


Shielding Your Dog’s Paws From Hot Sidewalks

Dog, just like humans, don’t enjoy extreme heat. What makes it even worse is the fact that when sidewalks get extremely hot because of being hit by direct sunlight, it becomes too hot for your dog’s paws. They can’t walk comfortably on hot sidewalks as their paws get scorched.

Ideally, when you are in your usual local adventures, you won’t be walking your dog on the sidewalks. You find them an area with grass for them to walk and play on as it is cooler. However, what if you are not in an area with no grass pavements? What if the sidewalk is the only place for you to walk on?

The right heavy duty dog boots are designed to help your dog walk on hot pavements and sidewalks. They will shield your exposed dog’s paws from the heat in the same way your shoes do for you. These boots will enable your dog to walk on any sidewalk regardless of how hot it gets.


Providing Additional Grip to Help Dogs Walk on Snow

Many dogs enjoy playing in the snow, and they don’t care how cold the snow freezes their feet. However, as dogs age, they find it hard to play outside as the cold nature of snow becomes too much for them. You find that they are not enjoying their stay outside when it is snowy.

Dog boots can help bring the joy back and help in this situation. It provides a waterproof layer between their soft paws and the snow. This enables even the older dogs to play outside without worrying about their paws.

However, the temperature is not the only problem, ice, too, is problematic for all dogs. Dogs find it hard to walk on ice. They slip a lot which often results in accidents. This is why it is wise to invest in quality dog boots to provide additional grip to their feet to ensure they stay safe. This is particularly essential if you live in an area that is prone to icing.


Offering Additional Grip to Help Them Walk On Hardwood Floors

Most dogs dread walking on hardwood flooring. This is because they often slide and slip while walking on slippery floors. This can potentially lead to accidents and injuries, especially if they come running. Besides, they can also destroy your floor with their nails.

Dog boots help provide more grip to help them walk on hardwood floors without sliding and slipping. It may not solve all the problems, but it is better than nothing.


What Are the Different Types of Dog Boots?

You will find a wide variety of different types of dog boots on the market with each designed to meet the needs and situations we have discussed above.

Here are the main types of dog boots;


Heat Dog Boots

As the name suggests, these dog boots are designed to protect your dog paws from being scorched by hot sidewalks. They have a relatively thick material to provide a barrier for your dog’s paws. While they provide additional grip, they are not considered essential when compared to other dog boots.

Heat dog boots keep your dog’s paws as cool as possible thanks to their breathability. They are also rarely waterproof.


Rain Dog Boots

They are often the thinnest dog boots available. These boots are usually worn when your dog’s paw has a wound to keep germs away. Some owners also prefer using them on their dog to prevent their pooch from bringing dirt and mud into the house when it is muddy outside.

Because of their thin nature, most rain dog boots are often semi-disposable. However, you can also find reusable rain dog boots.


Snow Dog Boots

These boots are very similar to heat boots, with many manufacturers designing their products to be useful in both cold and hot situations. They too have a thick insulating material, but they have more grip than heat dog boots.

Snow boots are not designed to be used in hot weather. They often have soft linings in them to offer additional warmth and insulation.


Hiking Dog Boots

These are designed to be worn by a dog when you are taking them on long adventures in areas that may be too tough on their paws. If you are taking your dog outdoors in an area that has sharp sticks, sharp rocks, and pine needles that can harm them, it is important to fit them hiking boots.
However, hiking boots are not necessary if your dog doesn’t go hiking; a city dog doesn’t need hiking boots.


Fleece Dog Boots

Fleece dog boots are mainly designed for indoor usage, but they can also be used outdoors. Primarily, they are designed to prevent dogs from sliding and slipping on PVC and hardwood flooring. They look like socks and have more grip on the bottom.

Those are the 5 major types of dog boots. Now let’s discuss how to choose the right boot for your dog;


Factors to Consider When Buying Dog Boots

Besides protecting your dog’s paw from the heat sidewalks and cold snow, dog boots have many other benefits. These include preventing injuries, keeping them paws dry, and offering more traction when they are walking in slippery areas.

So, what are some of the things you need to keep in mind when buying dog boots?



You need to buy a quality, durable boot for your dog. These are the shoes they will be jumping and running in. It is, therefore, important to select boots that will last. Just like your shoes, your dog needs boots that will get the job done and are dependable. You are purchasing dog boots to help protect their feet.

A good quality pair of boots should last for at least two years. They should be quality enough to withstand daily usage and not fall apart. It should also fit the lifestyle of your pet. Daily use can mean something as simple as a walk around the city or to the park or a rougher routine like hiking. Regardless of how you plan to use your dog boots, they should be qualified enough.

To ensure durability, go for boots with a thin rubber sole. The common assumption is that the thicker the sole, the more durable a shoe is. However, most of the times, it is quite the opposite. This is because thin rubber soles provide more flexibility.

However, you need to balance between the thickness of the sole and flexibility. It is important to ensure the rubber is thick enough to withstand the pressure of a dog’s weight but flexible enough to bend and adjust to the pace of a dog. Too thick rubber soles may be too rigid and unable to adapt the gait of your dog. Besides, these thick rubber soles tend to crack in the area where the rubber meets the fabric.

In a nutshell, ensure the dog boots you buy a suit the purpose you intended to use it- don’t buy a heat dog boot and use it on snow. There are multipurpose boots you can target. Also, pay attention to the thickness of the sole. Thinner sole provides better durability and flexibility.



When buying dog boots, most people tend to concentrate more on outer traction. However, inner traction also needs to be considered. In addition to protecting your dog’s paw, boots should offer more traction to enable your dog to walk in them without slipping.

Therefore, it is important to ensure the dog boot you are choosing doesn’t have a slippery bottom. Most dog shoes have bumps, lines, and ridges on their bottom part. This allows for a better grip on surfaces that may be rocky, wet, and icy. Most of the popular brands are even coming up with dog boots with raised crosshairs on their bottom part to offer more traction.

Dogs also require traction in the inside of their boot because their paws sweat to cool their bodies. Sweating often lead to condensation, which makes the inside of the boot slippery thereby making it incredibly hard for your dog to have a proper inner grip.

The best dog boots have markings in them to enable a dog to get a proper grip even when condensation has occurred. Dog’s boots will be useless if they don’t provide inner traction, irrespective of how good the outer traction is. A dog can’t walk properly in boots that have a slippery inner sole.

Ideally, the boot should either have a good ventilation system to keep your dog’s paw dry and cool or have a ventilation system of bumps and ridges inside, allowing for your dog to get a good grip. The ability to gain traction and grip from the inside of the boot is important especially when your dog is walking on uneven surfaces or climbing a hilly area.

In a nutshell, the best dog boot should offer good outer and inner traction. The traction should be a combination of lines, ridges, grooves, and bumps. The insole traction should have markings and a good ventilation system to reduce moisture build-up and slippage.



For comfort, it could have been easier if our dogs could talk and tell us what was uncomfortable for them. Unfortunately, you will need to guess and decide for your dog to know the right boot for them.

The ideal book is the one that suits different activities such as hiking, walking around the city, and going on adventures. However, very few boots offer this flexibility. The general rule is that the dog boot should not cause discomfort when your dog is walking in it. It is also strong enough to offer support to your dog on uneven terrain.

Go for a boot that fits your dog well. If it is too loose, your dog may feel like it no longer has control over their paws. Boots that are too tight may not have proper ventilation.

Also, go for boots with a softer inner sole to protect your dog from getting blisters. This will lower the degree of impact on their legs and protect their paws at the same time.



Your dog boot should give him stability when walking. An unstable boot can cause slippage and injuries. One common injury caused by unstable boot is sprained ankles. It is hard to tell whether or not a boot will bring stability to your dog.

However, you can increase the chances of purchasing a stable boot by buying a boot made of elastic material. Also, go for boots with an adaptable Velcro strap. This will ensure adjustability to create a snug fit.



It is important that you buy the right size of dog boot for comfort and stability. Similar to human, wearing too large shoes will lead to tripping. Too small sized boots will be too uncomfortable for your dog.

Companies have come up with a universal way of measuring dog’s feet. The first way is to measure a dog’s shoe size based on their weight. This is a generalized average where dogs of specific weights and ages have an average size of the paw.

Another way to know the correct size of boot for your dog is to measure from the paw’s pad to the longest toenail area. This is a more precise method, but the problem is that some dogs have longer toenails than others. This means some boots may not fit properly.

By getting your dog the right size of boots, they will delight in walking in them as if they have been wearing them for many years.



Ideally, dogs tend to do a lot of jumping and running, and thus you should go for a boot that is lightweight. A heavy boot will make your dog tire easily which may lead to sliding or slipping.

Besides, heavy boots will drain the energy out of your canine friend quickly. If you find your dog resisting wearing his boots, that indicates either they are too heavy or uncomfortable. Therefore, go for a lightweight pair of boots for your dog.


Other factors to consider include

Type of material used to make dog boots. Plastic is a popular option as it keeps dog paws dry, but it lacks flexibility. Genuine leather is tough, reliable, and more flexible but lacks enough air circulation. Nylon is waterproof but has poor insulation. Avoid synthetic leather as it wears quickly. A boot made of nylon and polar fleece is the best.

Weatherproof. A dog boot should withstand weather elements. Look for boots that are waterproof and one that has high-quality mesh for good ventilation.


Now that you have what it takes to choose the best boots for the dog, here are the top-rated dog boots on the market at the moment.



Features That Make My Busy Dog Water Resistant Shoes Stand Out

  • Finding ideal boots for all seasons can be a challenge considering that most of the shoes come in limited sizes. As such, you may end up buying something that doesn’t fit your pooch’s feet properly
  • With these dog shoes from My Busy Dog, you don’t have to worry as you get the right size for your dog’s paw as the shoes come in 8 different sizes
  • Apart from the wide range of sizes, this boot comes in 4 smart colors including orange, red, green and black
  • Besides, the colors are reflective so that your dog stands out from the crowd where you can see them easily for increased safety
  • The dog shoes are fairly simple to put on, thanks to the expandable split seam opening plus two adjustable Velcro straps
  • This one of the best affordable dog shoes you can find. It will also protect your floor and furniture
  • To top things off, these top-rated dog shoes hold onto the feet tightly with the help of the upper wraparound reflective fastened. This is to ensure that boot stays in place even for the dogs that like running
  • They are waterproof with an anti-slip sole that offers traction for all seasons providing your dog with enough stability
  • The durable boot features a heavy duty construction with all materials sewn together to provide your dog with value for a long time
  • The waterproof boot is best suited for winter since it contains a strap that’s located on top to prevent snow from getting inside
  • The boots are ideal for walking in the rain without the worry that you will have to wipe your dog’s dirty feet

Proc of My Busy Dog Water Resistant Shoes

  • It is water resistant
  • High quality sewed fabric
  • Has anti-slip soles that offer stability

Conc of My Busy Dog Water Resistant Shoes

  • May not work with dogs with sensitive skin

Why We Recommend It

With My Busy Dog Water Resistant Shoes, you are getting high-quality, water-resistant shoes. You no longer need to worry about harmful objects and dirt on the floor. The boots are available in various sizes, and thus you can choose one that is comfortable for your dog.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make QUMY Dog Boots Stand Out

  • By getting the weather-resistant foot protection, you get longer runs and more activity even when the weather is unfavorable
  • Qumy boots feature a rugged and non-slip sole that keeps your dog running with confidence on ice, snow, and dirt without harming them or making their feet dirty
  • The sturdy soles also offer excellent protection from hot pavements and thorns while their rugged nature comes handy when your dog is walking on slippery places
  • For dogs that love to run, there’s a need for shoes that can fit properly. As a result, you get these in 4 sizes to get one that can fit your dog’s feet
  • They contain reflective Velcro straps that are not only reflective for safety at night but also adjustable to ensure fit
  • The boots offer reliability and comfort for large dogs and are secure enough, so you don’t have to worry about them falling off during runs
  • The opening is stretchable which makes it easier to wear and remove them, hence no ripping when putting them on and off
  • If you have a large breed dog with large feet, this is a perfect choice because they have been specially designed for large dogs
  • These boots boast high-quality materials and are easy to wear and put off
  • The uppers are water resistant which makes them ideal for poor conditions
  • Qumy dog shoes are one of the best hunting dog boots featuring heavy-duty construction and simple design which is fashionable with cute pet embroidery

Proc of QUMY Dog Boots

  • Has rugged and non-slip soles
  • Offers easy adjustability
  • Fits well without falling off

Conc of QUMY Dog Boots

  • Have heavier rubber soles

Why We Recommend It

If you are on a budget, here are durable boots that can offer comfort and protect your pet from injuring their feet. Featuring an adjustable Velcro strap and stretchable opening, you can be sure that it will fit tightly on your dog’s paws. Besides, they feature rugged and nonslip soles for added stability. While they may need some adjustment to the soles, owners have expressed satisfaction with their fit and protection that they offer.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make Ruffwear Grip Trex Stand Out

  • Ruffwear is a popular brand in pet clothing for offering adventurous pets with clothing that helps enhance their performance in the best way possible
  • Better yet, most of their products come with a performance guarantee which just shows the quality you get with their products
  • Ruffwear Grip Trex is not an exception as it offers enough support that your dog needs when walking on a dangerous or uneven ground
  • One of the best-highlighted features is the breathable upper which has been made using mesh for easy ventilation around the paws of your pet
  • The best part is that the mesh also dries quicker than other materials which ensure no stale smell
  • If you need versatile boots to take your dog anywhere, this is a perfect choice for you featuring rugged soles and is strongly built to withstand anything
  • If you need ideal boots for rocky terrain, these hiking boots offer unmatched traction thanks to Vibram non-marking outsole
  • These boots will not fall off in the middle of walks, thanks to the hook-and-loop closure which is simple yet secure
  • The rugged and non-slip soles offer enough traction so that your dog can run without slipping
  • Regarding cost and value, the Ruffwear Grip Trex boots come at a reasonable price with numerous amazing features that similar dog boots are unable to provide
  • The company has included a guarantee which offers more value with a 30-day refund policy if you’re unhappy with the product
  • The major drawback with the boots is they are not waterproof which is a deal breaker if you need boots that are ideal for rainy weather

Proc of Ruffwear Grip Trex

  • Has a breathable mesh
  • Has a stable Vibram outsole
  • Has a durable and resilient material

Conc of Ruffwear Grip Trex

  • Non-waterproof

Why We Recommend It

While these may be expensive boots for some, they feature quality materials hence durable. They have been made by one of the recommended brands for pet clothing which adds trust. Besides, you don’t have to worry if your dog doesn’t like them because they come with a 30-day money back guarantee. For active dogs, there are durable boots with excellent traction and offer a snug fit too.

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Features That Make WUXIAN Waterproof Dog Shoes Stand Out

  • The Wuxian Dog shoes are one of the best hunting dog boots if you need something durable and within budget
  • These boots are water resistant and hence ideal if you need dog boots that can withstand wet conditions
  • They are easy to put on and off featuring straps with a high-quality fabric that won’t get torn easily
  • For dogs that are often out exploring, these boots have breathable uppers which are crucial for pooches with sensitive skin
  • The company states that these soft boots are hand washable
  • It comes with durable and tough soles that can almost stand anything while offering stability and traction making them ideal to use on uneven ground
  • The good thing is that they are lightweight and contains wide split seam opening that makes it easy to put them on and off
  • Like with most other boots, they have reflective lines and straps that make them visible at night for safety
  • The straps are also adjustable to ensure they fit tightly on paws hence do not slip off
  • You get different sizes of these boots so you can get one that fits your dog well

Proc of WUXIAN Waterproof Dog Shoes

  • It’s water resistant with high-quality fabrics
  • Durable soles that offer traction
  • Ensures breathability to paws

Conc of WUXIAN Waterproof Dog Shoes

  • Some dogs may not get a fitting size

Why We Recommend It

These are durable boots that feature high-quality fabrics and a wear-resistant sole. They are lightweight with adjustable straps that offer a secure fit. Besides, these boots are water resistant. The shoes are simple to clean with a hand wash and air dry.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make EXPAWLORER Waterproof Boots Stand Out

  • Need high-quality boots to explore with your pet? These come with amazing features to keep your pooch’s feet safe and dry from weather and harmful objects
  • They feature a safety reflective material that ensures your dog is safe in low light conditions
  • The booties have non-slip soles with a flexible design to provide enough traction
  • Another feature is the highly rugged design on the sole to help boost your dog’s control particularly on slippery terrain
  • The outsoles of the boots feature a lug and groove design to offer better control and protection
  • The dog shoes are easy and comfortable on your dog as they are highly cozy on foot and fits comfortably on the paws
  • Your dog will also enjoy the long runs without the boots slipping off, thanks to the Velcro straps that hold them tightly on the paws
  • They come in 8 different sizes with three colors to choose from. This provides more variety to dog owners
  • Unlike most boots, the Expawlorer boots boast an ergonomic shape that helps prevent pain around the paw area
  • A standout feature of the shoes is that they are waterproof hence can be used on almost any weather conditions – the waterproof construction is sturdy and skid resistant
  • For dogs that love hiking, here is an affordable option for outdoor activities

Proc of EXPAWLORER Waterproof Boots

  • They are Waterproof
  • Has a non-slip sole
  • Has many sizes to choose from

Conc of EXPAWLORER Waterproof Boots

  • Has narrow straps

Why We Recommend It

These boots are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. They are entirely waterproof if you need to take your dogs for walks on rainy conditions. Better yet, the affordable boots come in numerous sizes which ensures you get the ideal size for your pooch.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make Winsoon Dog Australia Boots Stand Out

  • Looking for ideal boots for your small dog? Winsoon is specially made for small breed dogs and toy breeds
  • It features a rubber sole which offers enough traction and control
  • The outer part of the boot has been made with water-resistant material to ensure your pet’s feet remain dry and warm
  • The inner side of the boot has been created using a woolly fabric that not only feels soft but also keeps your dog’s feet warm
  • The boot comes in various sizes for small pooches and includes a size guide to help you when making a decision – observe caution when making a decision on the size as there’s a very small difference between the available sizes
  • The boots look classy with 3 different colors to choose from including light brown, black and pink
  • The beautiful boots also include the “Australia Dog” logo on the adjustable straps which makes them more eye-catching
  • Many owners express their satisfaction in these boots as they come at a friendly price and offers unmatched comfort
  • The boots will not slip on ice or snow due to the rubber sole hence are an excellent choice for winter

Proc of Winsoon Dog Australia Boots

  • Specially made for small dogs
  • Sole made of rubber
  • The inner is lined with warm fabric

Conc of Winsoon Dog Australia Boots

  • Measures are difficult to decipher

Why We Recommend It

Looking for warm boots for your small dog? The Winsoon Dog Australia Boots come with a comfy inner fabric to make them comfortable. The rubber sole offers unmatched traction on snow and ice. These boots look fashionable with various colors to choose from. If you get the right size for your pooch, you’ll find this boot very snug and comfortable too.

Check Price on Amazon


Final Thoughts

Although dogs have enough padding on the paws, they need added protection when they are walking on rough terrains and in unfavorable weather conditions.

While there are many products you can choose from, we have made it easier for you by giving you all the information you need to make the right choice. We have also reviewed the top 6 best dog boots you can find in the market.

Make sure you choose the right boot from the ones we have recommended in this guide because they are the best you will find. All the above dog boots will protect your canine friend and keep him happy and feeling comfortable when accompanying you for morning or evening strolls.


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