Did you recently notice that your dog licks the carpet? If yes and you are wondering why do dogs lick carpet, then you are on the right page. As a pet owner, we know that every animal has a different habit of expressing their emotions. But dogs have their own strange and weird habits. They chase off their tails, roll around in the backyard, and often lick the carpet too. Seeing them doing these idiotic things, it often comes to mind the reasons behind these weird habits.

If you are also keen to find out what exactly is the reason for the dogs to lick the carpet, then here you can find the real answers.


Have you heard the term Excessive Licking Syndrome?

The main reasons why dogs like to lick carpet and other surfaces are because of the condition termed as Excessive Licking Syndrome. The Veterinarian has coined this term to label that the licking behavior is more likely to be afflicted with other things too. The dogs who have this condition often stick their tongue to any surface such as walls, furniture, crate, and the carpet. It is so common that 6 out of 10 dogs have this condition. Some dogs are also are known to exhibit behavior like excessive licking of their paws too which further leads to another medical condition called acral lick dermatitis.

Usually, the dog owners ignore this behavior by thinking how much harm licking a carpet can bear. But if the situation isn’t objectified, then it could lead to intestinal issues too. Plus, excessive licking can also be a sign of health problems.


How to decide whether licking is normal or abnormal?

Typically, when the puppy or dog licks themselves here and there eventually, then it is considered grooming. But the unexpected repetition of this behavior is a sign of an underlying health issue. The obsession with licking has different reasons. Also, it can lead to intestinal blockage too. If the dogs continue this habit, then they are more likely to suffer from some serious medical condition. For instance, if the dogs consume something that can inhibit the internal organs working, then it will be fatal for them. Even the fibers of the carpet can cause issues.

So, you better know what your dog is doing and learn the reason behind this too. If you have no idea regarding their abnormal and obsessive licking, then consider taking your dog to the vet to get it diagnosed for some possible sickness or health issue.


What are the common reasons for dogs to lick the carpet?

Everything the pet animals do is not alarming. Sometimes pets like to play and do some crazy stuff to intimidate you. It is you who should pay attention to their behavior and notice if there is something wrong. Some of the common reasons why dogs lick different surfaces including carpets are listed below:


Some Food is Spilled on the Carpet

It is evident that animals have a different point of interaction with the world. They don’t think that the food which is spilled on the ground is bad for health. So, when they see something is spilled on the carpet, and they like its smell, then they get attracted towards it. The strong smell and good taste are enough for them to lick the food off from the carpet.


Your Dog is Bored, Anxious, or Depressed

As the dogs have different ways of expressing their emotions too when they are bored, anxious, or depressed, they try to engage in a harmless activity for fun.

Canine Dementia or Physical Pain: Apart from emotional distress, dementia, and some kind of neurological or physical pain also afflict this kind of behavior in the dogs.


The dog has a Gastrointestinal Disease

Another reason why you should be concerned with this habit is that excessive licking is directly related to gastrointestinal issues. This could lead to irritable bowel syndrome, delayed gastric emptying, foreign bodies, chronic pancreatitis, giardiasis, etc.

Genuinely speaking, Vets have considered the floor licking habit is linked to emotional distress. But getting double checked can never be harmful. Therefore, to ensure that your pet is entirely fine; you can take them to the vet to diagnose for some possible issues.


Can Carpet lick cause Severe issues?

Throughout their life, dogs lick a lot of things. And there are not many things that you can do to stop them from doing so. But as they lick unfamiliar surfaces, there is a chance that they might ingest something harmful. It can be a long carpet fiber or pathogenic bacteria. Even though the odds of happening something like this are very low, but there is no harm in being more cautious.



Along with the licking habits, the dog’s age, size, and present health also affect the condition. You won’t believe what happened to a Chihuahua while he was trying to lick the bread crumbs from the carpet. A long carpet fiber was swallowed by the dog, and it got stuck inside the intestine. The dog was hospitalized for three days to make sure that it is fine. Smaller dogs are more likely to get sick from the germs and other hazardous products from the carpet or bare surfaces.

So, if you want to keep your dog safe, then you should be more careful. Some steps that you can take to prevent the dogs from licking floor or carpets are:

  • Spray the surface with a deterrent like Apple Spray or Lemon Spray
  • Be careful and don’t spill drinks and bread crumbs on the carpet of the floor
  • Don’t let your dogs get bored. Play with them as much as possible
  • Give them something better to lick like a stuffed toy or popsicle
  • Ask the vet for other possible preventions.



If you have a dog, then you must know that even a small thing can be dangerous for them. So, don’t let them play all by themselves and try to keep them busy to avoid licking carpets.

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