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10 Reasons: Why is My Dog Drinking so Much Water?


All animals and humans need water for their survival. Water keeps us hydrated giving us the required energy to go about with our normal, everyday activities. For dogs, drinking water is crucial. Unlike their human counterparts who sweat, dogs pant. While panting, there is a decrease in water through evaporation.

Are you worried that your dog is drinking over the amount of water he should drink in a day? The number of water dogs should drink in a day varies in breeds and also depending on what brand of food they eat, whether wet or dry. The average amount of water intake is between 20-70 ml/kg per day.

So, if dogs are drinking too much water in a day, then pet owners are to be on the scout for these ten signs.


Should Dog Owners be Worried?

Dog owners should be aware and take concern if their dog is drinking too much water. As stated, all dogs are different when it comes to consuming water.

Thus, devise a research experiment to note the intake of water in a day. If you find that the numbers are dangerously changing, it’s time to get your vet’s advice.


1. Psychogenic Polydipsia

Another medical term for the meaning behind dogs drinking too much water is called Polydipsia. It is also a condition where dogs build up on water due to behavioral concerns.

Similarly, it is hard to decipher whether the problem is due to illness or whether the dog is bored and decides to drink all the water he wants in a day.


2. Increase of Urination

No matter what, pets drink water, and they’ll surely have to go to the bathroom. Too much urination is a problem and is the first sign of a health effect. Furthermore, diarrhea is also a real problem. Since dogs are losing water, they’re becoming increasingly dehydrated.


3. Thirsty After a Hot Day

Those summer days can be brutal to dogs who have long fur coats. Owners should not be worried if their dog decides that they drink down a big bowl of water. Therefore, staying hydrated is vital most especially during a warm hot day.

Beware that dehydration is a danger and a health risk for all dogs. Ways to note dehydration in dogs is if their fur stands up after grabbing their coat.


4. In-Need of Attention

Yes, the increase in water can make just another reason for dogs to get attention. And the plan may work out well. Spend more time with the dog, so you know that your pet is healthy and getting the proper care that any dog deserves.


5. Too Much Salt

Salt is not a healthy diet. Dogs will only develop the desire to drink more water. Likewise, dry food also leads to excessive drinking and absorbs too much water.

As a result, don’t feed him treats at every minute of the day as if will only imbalance their weight. Keeping dogs on a regular healthy diet along with ordinary liquids he’ll be healthy.


6. Sign of a Disease

An increase in the number of water dogs drink could be the underlying reason for disease. Regurgitating is not a good sign after a dog has drunk too much water. Most common conditions are:

  • Kidney Failure
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Cushing’s Disease
  • Dehydration
  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Fever
  • Cancer
  • Nephritis


7. Problems with Medication

Any of these diseases are a viable reason regarding the amount of water dogs drink. However, drinking too much water is also a side effect of the medication. Moreover, prescribe exact amounts of dosages and give them to dogs on a regular schedule.

Medications that can affect dogs are:

  • Prednisone
  • Heart Failure Drugs: This medication is a risk of an increase in urination
  • Seizure Medications


8. Signs of Kidney Disease

Kidney disease is hazardous, especially for dogs. Without the role of a kidney, needed toxins won’t fill the bloodstream. Waste will build up due to kidney disease which leads to excessive thirst.


9. Dogs are Not Used to Change

Dogs don’t take change very well. Drinking water is a dog’s way of coping about a moving or if a new owner has just adopted them. Get them used to their new environment or owner. Gradually, dogs will get used to the new change and start following their usual routine once more.


10. The Differences Among an Older Dog and a Younger Dog

Older dogs are more at risk of a health issue if they’re drinking excessively. Due to their age, they should drink the right amount of water in a day. Overly drinking is not healthy for their bodies.


How to Prevent Dogs from Excessive Drinking?

Cut them off. Even pick a dog’s water bowl up from the floor to prevent a dog from drinking over the amount of water. So, create a routine schedule like with how a dog eats.

Besides eating and drinking, make sure dogs are getting daily excise and being healthy. Dogs who are healthy in weight is essential.


The Best Time to Call the Vet

It’s a tough call on how to determine whether your dog is drinking too much water or not. If you feel that there is something the matter with a dog’s health, then a visit to the vet is necessary to have a proper diagnosis.

Make a note of your questions and all the details of your dog’s health and normal routines so you will not skip over any relevant information.

A vet will perform a multitude of tests and examination accordingly. Vets will prescribe needed prescriptions to make dogs healthy again. Watch out for how the medication or even surgery will cost depending on what the underlying cause is.



Don’t immediately be concerned upon noticing that your dog is drinking too much water. It’s important to keep an open eye on how much water they consume because it could be a reason due to ill health, a problem in their medication, or they’re anxious about a sudden change in their life. Water is vital for your dog’s health.

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