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4 Effective Ways: How To Get A Cat Out Of A Tree


Cats are very well known for being mischievous all the time. But sometimes their mischiefs take them to some place from where they can’t get out. And the most common place where cats usually get stuck in the trees. If your cat is stuck on a tree and she is teasing you by staying there, then you might get worried. In such a situation people often look for effective ways to get a cat out of a tree. But it is very tricky. So, before you think of something, know why your cat would try to get inside such kind of situation.


Why cats climb a tree?

The main reason why cats climb a tree is to get away from predators. The cats have a sixth sense, or they might exactly know that not all predators can climb a tree. Thus, it is the safest place for them to hide. In such cases, if you find your cat on the tree, then you can try a few things to make them climb down.

But as you think of the methods to get them out, you should consider a few things:

  • Before you do something to lure your cat, make sure that you can see them.
  • If your cat is hiding then figure out where she exactly is, and this will help you to understand what would be the easiest way to get them out.
  • Steer away all the stray dogs to make the cat feel safe. It is common for dogs to start barking when they see a cat. Thus, you need to get them away from the place as far as possible.

Unless the cat feels safe to come down, she is most likely to stay there as long as possible. So, here are some practical ways to get a cat out of a tree. Hopefully, at least one of them would work for you.


Method 1: Coax the Cat Down the Tree

Luckily, there are so many things that can be used to get the cat down from a tree. But for this, you need to be careful. Maybe your cat got on the tree themselves, but a small mishap could risk their life.

  • You can try calling them out. If your cat is obedient, then she will follow your voice and get in your arms as fast as possible.
  • Use tasty treats that your cat loves to get them down.
  • Try putting their favorite toy at the bottom of the tree. As she gets relaxed, she will automatically down and take it.
  • You can try putting food close to them and keep an eye. When the cat gets hungry, she will climb down herself.
  • Use a laser pointer to lure the cat if they like playing with it. All you need to do is to distract them from possible threats and point their attention towards you.

If you are lucky enough, your cat will easily come down. But if it doesn’t then you need to try other methods.


Method 2: Helping a Cat To Come Down

If your cat is too afraid to come down, then it’s time to help your cat to come down. You can try a couple of things to help them.

  • Lay something against the tree on which the cat would feel safe to climb on. But don’t hurry, let the cat decide whether it would be the right escape method or not.
  • Try sending the cat’s carrier up the tree. As the carrier would be familiar, the cat would feel safe to get in.
  • If you can reach the cat, then try using a broom and a towel. As you get the broom close to the cat, it will form a grip, and you have to be ready to handle its weight.


Method 3: Try Using A Ladder to Reach the Cat

If your cat isn’t convinced to come down regardless of all the methods you tried, then it is time for you to climb up. In case you don’t know how to climb a ladder, then call for help.

  • Wear safety equipment to stay safe while climbing the ladder or directly the tree.
  • Check the ground thoroughly to ensure that the ladder would be stable while you climb up.
  • Put on long sleeved gloves, and you’ll need, and it might stick its nails in you.
  • As you reach the cat, grab it and hold it firmly while you climb down.
  • You can think of using the carrier to make it easier to reach the ground safely.

If you are incapable of climbing a tree, you can ask your friends or other family members to do so. But make sure you help them as it is you who your cat trusts not anyone else.


Method 4: Call Firefighters

If you don’t want much trouble, then you can directly call the firefighters for help. They are really professional in getting cats down from a tree. People often say to wait 24 hours to call for help. But that doesn’t mean it is a hard and fast rule. You can call for help anytime.

You can also look for close trimming companies, local animal shelter, or tree climbers to help you. The tree climbers specialize in rescuing the cats from the tree; all you need to do is contact them. Rescuing the cat from the tree isn’t as easy as it seems. It needs efforts and tactics. Plus you need to think smartly to get your cat out of the tree as soon as possible.



After your cat is in your arms again, take it to the house and calm it down. Check for any signs of injury. If your cat was on the tree for a long time, then she might be hungry and dehydrated. So, provide it with proper food and water to drink. And make sure that the next time your cat doesn’t face this kind of situation.

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