Introduction Dogs are known as carnivores. Carnivores eat meat. However, dogs eat grass at times. Many dog owners always wonder what is it with their pets eating grass. Some dogs even vomit in the process. So, why do dogs eat grass?

Despite dogs being in the family of cats which are carnivores, dogs can eat almost anything. One of the reasons for this could be the domestication and training. Dogs, which are kept as pets, have no time to go and hunt.

Dogs digestive system is not designed to handle and digest grass. There are no enzymes to digest herbs food. That means there is no nutritional value they get from eating grass.

It is important to note that dogs, regardless of the breed, commonly will eat grass. Dogs eating grass seems to be something natural which you don’t have to worry much about. Even wild dogs eat grass.

Also, most importantly, you should note that eating grass does not cause any significant health problems in dogs. No known health problems occur when dogs eat grass. In many instances, dogs vomit after eating grass.

There is no single explanation as to why dogs vomit, except that grass is believed to cause irritation which triggers vomit. Some people think it’s intentional for dos to do that. Notably, not all dogs vomit whenever they eat grass.

Dogs eat other plants too, but grass is the most consumed plant. Maybe it’s because the grass is accessible.

Dog’s tendency to eat grass is triggered by nutritional deficiency, some say. The condition of eating substances that are viewed as non-food is called Pica. This is the case with most dogs, especially when they are bored.


Why do dogs eat grass?

Below are some of the factors that cause dogs to eat grass;

1. Some people say that dogs eat grass when they are experiencing stomach upsets, as a way of triggering vomiting. After vomiting, the dogs feel better. This view is however disputed, with some saying dogs are not that smart to treat themselves in case of stomach upset.

2. When dogs are, and there is no food, they can find grass to be an alternative. 3. The grass is rich in fiber, and this may be the entire reason as to why dogs eat grass. Grass contains extra roughage which may be lacking in the daily meals.

4. Some say that dogs eat grass naturally as a way of treating digestion complications. The grass is considered to kill worms in the intestines. This is not proven.

5. Some dogs like the taste of grass. They, therefore, go for it whenever they get an opportunity.

6. Dogs will eat grass for enjoyment- you must have observed how dogs enjoy eating grass.

7. Dogs will also eat grass out of mere curiosity- to feel the texture.

8. Dogs eat grass when their body system is experiencing unmet nutritional needs.


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Is it safe for dogs to eat grass?

With the above evidence that dogs will eat, you may wonder whether it is safe for your dog to eat grass. You may also be concerned about the effect of the dirty grass in their digestive system.

The only observable effect of eating grass is vomiting. Mostly, before dogs eating grass, they seem fine. After eating the grass, the majority of the dogs vomit, meaning they are not okay. It is a common tendency of dogs to vomit after eating grass. But when vomiting seems abnormal or accompanied by signs of sickness, you should be concerned.

A concerned pet owner will even wonder how he can stop his dog from eating grass, especially if the grass is dirty. One of the things to do is to learn your dog behavior. Under what circumstances does your dog eat grass. That way, you will be able to identify an effective strategy of stopping your dog from eating grass. Above, we have seen instances in which a dog may eat grass. That may act as a guide in identifying the real cause of the dog’s habit.


How to stop dogs from eating grass?

You can then try any of the following and see if it works.

1. Add plant nutrients in their diet. Below are some of the plant foods you may add to dogs’ food. The meals are rich in fiber and may act as a suitable substitute if the dogs are craving for roughage. The list is not exhaustive; therefore, you can always think of what other foods are rich in fiber.

  • Green beans
  • Banana
  • Broccoli
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Cabbage
  • Apples

2. Another way to stop your dog from eating grass is by ensuring the dog is physically active. You can make sure the dog exercises every other day. Dogs are playing so you can buy toys for your dog to play with. That way, if the dog was eating grass out of boredom, it will stop.

3. Make sure there is food for dogs, and they are fed in time. If the dogs eat the grass when they are hungry, they will stop.

4. Make sure the dog food is well balanced with the required nutrients and fiber. For more information on what is needed of dog food, consult a specialist.


What to do when you can’t get the dogs from eating grass

If it is unavoidable for you to stop your dogs from eating grass, then ensure that the grass is clean. Do not apply any harmful chemicals on the lawn. Additionally, do not grow toxic herbs in your garden. Lastly, always be on the lookout what your dog is eating.

When you should worry We have said eating grass is a safe practice by the dogs, and you should not be worried. Are there instances you should be concerned, yes. Be observant of any changes in the behavior. Any sign of sickness should not be ignored. In case you see something abnormal in your dog, consult with your veterinary doctor.


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There is no definite answer as to why dogs eat grass. While there are many theories to explain this habit as we have seen, none conclusively explains why dogs, canine, eat grass. Next time you look at your dog eating don’t worry. However, make sure you keep your lawns clean and free of chemicals. Finally, ensure your dog exercises frequently.