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5 Tips: How To Get Rid Of Cat Urine Odor In House?


How nice is it to have a sweet looking cat to welcome you every time you go out? It is an outstanding experience to have a cat who will love you all the time.

But, it is undoubtedly a tedious experience to see your favorite couch smelling bad because your kitty peed in it. Your cat is your best friend at home, indeed not its urine.

Usually, people search for ways to get rid of the cat urine odor at home. There are numerous judgments why your cat pees outside of the litter box. Sometimes, it may find it dirty and irritating to urinate in the litter box. Other probable causes may be, it is sick, or it is stressed up that makes it pee wherever she wants.

Whatever may be the logic, you have to get wind of ways to get rid of funky urine odor to keep you and your family healthy. What are they?


1. Clean the floor

If your kitty has urinated only less, you are lucky. You don’t have to turn a mountain out of a molehill. You can, naturally, use some water to clean it. If you find your feline friend has urinated outside the litter box, use a blotting paper that will absorb all the urine.

In another 5 seconds, your room is going to shine again. It makes the work more comfortable for you as you now may use another piece of cloth to wipe it off completely. The humane society of the US, recommends this way.

If your cat has peed on your cloth, wash it off thoroughly to get rid of the bad smell. You can use sweet smelling detergents while washing those clothes. You can also use the cooking ingredient, baking soda to get rid of the bad smell, completely.


2. Detergents with enzymes

The enzymes present in the detergents help you get rid of bacteria that make urine smell bad. When you kill the bacteria, automatically, you are getting rid of the smell, too. The first reason why you should get rid of the smell, immediately, is, it will be difficult for you to remove it later.

At the same time, your cat will sense the smell well ahead of you and will assume it is okay to pee in the same place. If you want your cat to stop this habit, remove the urine stain and smell, at the earliest.

Otherwise, you can spray the enzyme room freshener on the floor or area where your pet peed, will also help you clean the spot where your kitty urinated. While using a detergent, make sure that you use a strong one with long-lasting effect. It should eat up the bad odor, at the same time, remove the smell, completely.


3. Use vet vacuum

You can use a veterinary vacuum cleaner to clean the place. If you are using carpet all around your living room, you can use a clean cloth to suck the urine and clean the area. It will help you to remove the odor, significantly.

The waterproof containers and the waste collectors in the veterinary vacuum cleaners will suck the spilled urine and keep the place tidy and neat without damaging your carpet.


4. Use fragrant air fresheners

Once you have tidied up the carpet or the urine spot, the next step is to use a fragrant air freshener to remove the bad odor, completely. The best idea to avoid bad odor is to squirt some sodium bicarbonate powder. It will remove the unpleasant smell, quickly. You can clean it up after some time.

Take some baking soda, add cinnamon, and cloves powder. Mix the three ingredients, thoroughly. Spray the mixture on your couches, upholsteries, and the area your cat dirties, frequently. After 15-20 minutes, clean up the place, thoroughly. Cover the leftover powder in a tight vessel.


5. Tips to stop your beloved cat from suddenly peeing outside the litter box

As a pet owner, you have to find out ways to get rid of the cat’s nasty behavior of peeing outside the litter box. The more you keep quiet, the more she will think she can urinate anywhere in the house.

Quick Tips

  • Train your cat, better. Whenever you see the cat peeing outside, mete out small punishments to restrain the cat from repeating the same thing in the future.
  • Puppy training pads are an excellent way to avoid the putrid smell of urine. Till you train her thoroughly, you can use training pads for her. It will help to keep the place clean.
  • You can clean her litter box now and then to keep it sanitary and odorless.
  • Get her to the nearby vet in case if she is facing an underlying medical problem. Your pet may be a trained cat; still, she pees on the carpet or couches, probably due to some disease. A vet will only be able to diagnose the illness and prescribe medicines, accordingly.
  • If you have a female cat, litter training will help. At the same time, if you have a tomcat, get him spayed to keep your house clean.
  • If you use only one litter box for your kitty, now, try using two to three in different rooms to help her urinate in the desired place.
  • Spend more time with your pet because she may find your house uncomfortable. She may feel isolated in your big home if you don’t interact with her well.



To conclude, no one, including a passionate cat lover likes a bad odor in their house. There are many ways to tidy up your home if it stinks due to the putrid smell of cat urine. You can choose from many pet stain and odor removers available in the market. These products can help you clean the homestead.

The reason why you have to get rid of the smell, fast is that it will bring back your pet to the same place due to its strong sense of smell. In addition to many stains and odor remover, you can find refuge in your kitchen as you may stock baking soda for cooking purposes. This remarkable inorganic compound will remove the putrid smell of urine, and make your house clean and fragrant.

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