Being a pet parent is always tricky. Imagine that you get home after a hectic day, lie in your bed and find it wet because of your cat’s pee. That is disgusting, and you will wish that you never had a pet. But this is the dilemma of being a parent.

Individual litter boxes are made for the pets so that they can pee and poop in it. But if your cat pees on the bed, then it can signify a few things. But as we don’t expect them to do that in the place where we unwind and sleep, so if your cat does this very often, then it is time that you act out and resolve the issue.

A cat has a very independent nature and sometimes that independence can result in inappropriate behavior problems. When cats exhibit such kind of behavior, it can be very frustrating for the cat owner and other members of the family too. But the fact is that cats don’t usually behave this way without reason. So before you lash out on your cat, try to find the possible reasons for that.


What are the reasons cats pee on the bed?

There are several reasons why cats must be peeing in your bed. To figure out what is the underlying cause, you must have knowledge of specific reason. Then you will be able to figure out what is the actual reason behind this action.


Bladder Infection or Urinary Tract Infection

The first and the worse reason that your cat might be peeing on your bed is that she is suffering from a bladder or a urinary tract infection. There are higher chances that there is a bacterial infection in their system. The disease can be fatal, so you better take your cat to the vet immediately and get it checked up to eliminate the risk of its life. Luckily the treatment is straightforward, and you will be able to bring your cat home healthy and fit.


Litter Box Problems

In case your cat doesn’t have any medical condition that is leading to such behavior, just means that it is other environmental issues. The main reason that might be causing this is some problem in the litter box. If the litter box is dirty and they don’t like to litter and pee in that box, then ultimately they will end up on your bed.


Cat Needs Attention

If you have started working for long hours and you stay away from home for a more extended period, then the cat will start missing you. The cats require regular attention, and they can literally do anything just to grab the attention of their owners. If your routine has changed and now you are less attentive towards your cat, then you will sure to see pee on your bed. This way the cat tries to intermingle its scent with yours and mark their territory.


Stress and Anxiety Due to Competition

If your cat is the only pet you have and suddenly you bring some stranger or a new pet in your home, then the cat will feel vulnerable. She will end up thinking that she is less critical for you now. Hence she will be stressed. And driven by anxiety, she will induce this behavior. Even you brought a little kitten, she will feel competition and has to show her that you belong to her she can do that.

However, the reason for every cat can be different. You just need to contemplate their behavior so that you can fix the issue. Just be patient, flexible and willing enough to help your pets to adapt to behavior so that they can live appropriately with other people.


How to stop a cat from peeing on your bed?

Cats are not considered as a friendly type of pets. Thus, the underlying issue can be addressed when you pay attention to your cat. As Kittens are not socially solitary, they feel more attachments with people and other animals. Whatever the reason might be, the owners just need to take action if the cat is exhibiting this problem. Many countermeasures can be made to stop your cat from peeing on the bed.

The first and most critical factor is the medical condition. Get your cat appropriately treated so that it will be free from her sufferings and problems. If the cat doesn’t have any problem and doing it for any other reason that you will need some prevention methods to stop her from peeing on the bed.



The first thing you can do is to train her to pee and litter in the litter box only. This way you will be able to prevent her from peeing and pooping in other areas of the house too. But as the training won’t be finished in a single day, you will need other preventions also. So, cover your bed with plastic sheets until they stop doing this.



If the cat is doing this for attention, then you got to give it some attention. Otherwise, they will keep doing it. They also need their own private space so they will get fed up from the attention soon enough so that you can go back to your routine as usual. If you introduced a new pet in the house then allow them to introduce themselves and connect with each other. Give them food together and let them play so that they can bond and you will be free from the irritating situation.


Toys and Food

Moreover, cats usually have their favorite toys and food items in the house. So, put her toys or food items on your bed, and she will stop peeing on your bed on its own. They don’t spoil their things, so ultimately you will be able to put a stop to her awful actions.



Thus, now you know why cats pee on the bed and what can you about it. But you have to be careful enough because having a pet is similar to having a human baby and you can’t always control them.

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