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6 Reasons Why Do Dogs Sit or Lay On Your Feet?


Does your dog often sit or lay on your feet, and you are wondering why your dog does that? Dogs communicate through different means, and one of those means is sitting or lying on someone’s feet.

Dogs don’t sit or lay on your feet without reason. It is either they are trying to show affection, or they are seeking to stamp their authority over other dogs or animals or may be trying to protect you. It is not a scary act; in fact, this is a behavior in dogs you should encourage.


What Is the Root Cause of Dogs Sitting or Laying on Your Feet?

When dogs sit or lay on your feet, what is operational in them is the general instinct. They perceive you as the leader, and of course, you should always be the leader of the group.

In other words, your dogs should not act without leadership. You should lead them, and they will follow you. In case, if your dog does not exhibit the particular right behavior, then you can correct your dogs with calmness and assertive leadership.

If you have more than one dog, you should leave them to decide who will be the leader of the group.


Reasons Dogs Sit or Lay on Your Feet!



Dogs can read our emotions, and they understand the way our feelings change. When you are in a lousy mood, or perhaps something wrong happens after a stressful day, then your dogs can feel it too. They will come around you, then sit or lay on you to provide comfort and support.

They don’t have the words and the voice to utter comforting words. But, they do have this behavioral instinct to show they also care for you. Isn’t it so pleasant to notice our pet’s love for us?

In simple words, if you are happy, they are happier, and if you are moody, they are moodier too. You can cheer up your dogs by petting it.

Experts say that dogs can offer greater comfort than your spouse or loved ones. It is somehow right to an extent because this behavioral instinct in dogs makes some breeds to serve as therapy dogs in hospitals, schools, and retirement homes — for example, the golden retriever.



Another reason dogs sit or lay on your feet is to protect you. Anytime dogs sense the danger they come around their owners to claim authority over the place against an intruder. And this is the reason dogs bark when they see strangers. They do it to protect you.



No doubt, one of the reasons we get a dog is a protection against the threat. Or at best, they can give warning of the imminent danger. But, dogs too see humans as their protector.

So, anytime they feel insecure they sit or lay on your feet for reassurance that you care for them. And you too can affirm it by encouraging the behavior through petting or cuddling.


To keep others away

When dogs value a person, they tend to sit or lay on the person’s feet to place their right on the individual.

So if your dog exhibits such character, it is trying to show other pets that you belong to him alone, and every other person is second.



Dogs sit or lay on their owner’s feet to show affection, especially if their owners cuddle them often. If you do this habitually, then expect your dog to respond to your love by sitting or laying on your feet.


For warmth

Your dog may do it for warmth. Dogs most times learn this behavior at an early stage when they form a puppy pile around their mom for warmth.

But, right now, there is no better place to get the warmth except the one they perceive as their leader and protector.


Ways to Encourage Dogs When They Sit or Lay on Your Feet

Most dog owners like this behavior in dogs. If you also love it, don’t interfere! You can even encourage the dog by petting or scratching when it sits or lay on your feet.

However, if you don’t like the behavior, then there are ways you can encourage appropriate behaviors.


Don’t Support the Behavior

First of all, don’t support the behavior by cuddle or petting, instead, encourage the dog to lie a little bit far away from you.

How can you achieve this? Anytime your dog exhibits that behavior, throw some treats to him far away and then train the dog to lie or sit there.

With the passing time, your dog will learn not to sit or lay on your feet, but rather maintain its position far away.


If the Dog Needs Support

If you perceive the reason for the behavior is because of fear or insecurity, then you can move closer to show that you care for him. It will improve the dog’s confidence tremendously.


Your Dogs Fighting Over Attention

If your dogs fight over who sit or lay on your feet because of jealousy, then you’d better seek the counsel of a dog behaviorist to manage the issue. It is normal behavior that most commonly gets to see among animals, especially pets.

Remember, you can’t expect the results right after the first day. Positive reinforcement is always beneficial. If you want your dog to learn faster and adapt your training, then you have to be patient.



That’s all! Dogs sit or lay on your feet to get comfort, provide security. They also want you to protect them when they feel insecure. A dog can also act this way to show they care about us, especially when we have a sad countenance. There can be nothing amiss with it until it disturbs you. You can execute some or all of the best training tips mentioned in our post.

It is good behavior that every dog owner should try to encourage in their dogs. It is because our dogs feel bad when we do not reciprocate the affection.


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