Do you even know what is meant by being in heat? Here in this article, we are going to explore what it means by the word “heat” and what are the common signs that your cat is in heat.

Similar to other mammals, cats also go through an age in which their body prepares them for fertilization and birth. In humans, the physical cycle is termed as menstruation but in cats, the period is called estrus. And when the cats are experiencing estrus, that means your cat is in heat. In this period the cat’s hormones become receptors to intercourse and reproduction. Cats go in the heat a little late in their kittenhood so that they can avoid unwanted responsibility of raising kids and finding a home for its kittens.


When does a cat go into heat?

The kittens which are over 5 month’s start their estrus period. Although the age is not entirely sure as some cats experience this sooner and some later. The feline body usually goes in heat twice a year. It happens when the season change from spring to winter and during the summer time.


How the Estrus period affect Cats?

This period is quite disruptive for the cats. They exhibit a variety of behavior which is all part of the hormonal change. Although cats don’t have the same physical symptoms as humans, the emotional experience is more or less the same. Cats don’t shed the uterus lining and don’t involve vaginal bleeding. The heave of hormones will make your cat more eager to mate. It will lose her appetite during the period and lick her genitals more frequently.


What are the commons signs that your cat is in heat?

Cats don’t usually keep the same behavior throughout the estrus period. And the symptoms could last for up to 7 to 14 days. Some of the most common signs of cats being in heat are:


Vocalization and Calling

You will notice that your cat is meowing and yowling unexpectedly and it will sound like she is in pain. Many cats are often distressed during the period, and thus, she will more frequently sneak around the house vocalizing and wailing. But sometimes, this sign can’t be taken into consideration if your cat is naturally loud and calls you often. However, if that’s not the case and your cat is keeping you up at night by her distressed crying, then she is undoubtedly in heat.


Estrus Posture

Your cat will often make the estrus posture by raising its rump in the air, and the hind feet might seem to tread the carpet.


Deflection Reflex

The cat will move the tail to one side just like the Estrus posture if you rub her. She will react like this if your hand is closer to the pelvis areas. It is like an invitation for access to mating.


Excessive Affection

The cat will rub her body around your ankles and stick to you all throughout the day making it hard for you to walk without tripping. She will also rub her scent glands against the furniture and door frames. This is done so that she will leave her scent all around the area she lives in to attract the male cats for mating.


Tries to Escape

The pet cat will try to go outside as often as possible searching for a mate. They will try to get out of the house so that they can find a male cat to mate with. But this behavior can also be expressed by cats who are introduced to a new neighborhood.


Licking of Genital Areas

Usually, cats lick their body to clean themselves, but if your act is doing it more than regular, that means she is in heat. Due to the excessive licking, her vulva will get swollen, and you will notice a slight discharge too.



Cats usually exhibit this kind of behavior when they are in heat. They will urinate all around the house to attract the males as the urine will contain her pheromones. You will also notice some other cats are also spraying around the house to mark their territory because they want to mate with your cat.


Commando Crawling

This is a position formed by a cat which is undoubtedly going through heat. She will flatten its front side of the body as close as it can get to the ground and stick their rear end in the air, and then she will crawl like a commando rubbing her parts from the ground.


What can you do when your cat is in heat?

Well, if we are being true, there are not many things that you can do for your cats. The best option you have to get the cat spayed as soon as possible to help her. Although the vets would recommend you to wait until the heat period is over. But if your cat is being too much aggressive and needs to be spayed right away, then you can surely get her spayed.

There are some other ideas too that you can try other than spaying:

  • Try to spend as much time as possible with your cat. She needs plenty of attention and physical contact during this period. Thus petting will help her to calm down, and it will ease up her restlessness and anxiety.
  • Playing can also help. You can distract the cat from her pain and restlessness.
  • You can also use Catnip to calm her down. Just give her a little amount of catnip and see if it helps.
  • Try to warm her up by a warm towel or washcloth. You can also consider a warm heat pack. Remember to keep the temperature as soothing as possible because excessive temperature and heat can burn her.



So, now you know almost everything about your cat going through the estrus period. As you understand how the heating time affects your cat, it is better that you get your cat spayed after the heating time is over.


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