Like every other living organisms, Cats have their own way of communicating. Everybody of part of Cats speaks a different language and only by noticing them you will be able to understand what they want to say. Their eyes, nose, smile, ears, tails, and body language tells a different story which can be contemplated if you observe them correctly. Various factors can determine the proper way cats communicate with humans.


What Should You Notice About Cats?

Usually whenever people look at their cats, the first that comes into their mind is to find out what is going on in their Cat’s mind. Fortunately, with years of dedicated research about cats, the Scientists have understood the ways how Cats communicate.

The points that must be noticed are listed below:

  • Cat’s voices like chattering, chirping, meow, purr, etc.
  • Ears
  • Eyes
  • Smile
  • Body language
  • Tail
  • Belly

Apart from the above listed there are other ways too that cats can use to communicates. But as we have already mentioned the main criteria by which the cats communicate, we are going to elaborate them first.


Why do Cats Purr?

Every person loves the Cats when they purr. It is quite apparent they are cute little pets, and they do many lovely things. And the same is with their purring. Although why cats purr is still a mystery, there are some common conditions in which cats purr such as injury, nervousness, or hunger. And the fact is that all cats purr for a different reason.

The cats purring in a particular sound frequency means that their body is promoting healing and improving the bone density. Thus, the purring represents an efficient way that cats are soothing themselves.


Different Voices Cats Make

When cats are happy, sad, excited or have another mood. They express their feelings in different ways. That’s why they make some weird and exciting sounds to handle those emotions. We will tell you what kind if voices the cats make and what does it exactly means.



Cats do look cute when they meow; it is the rarest form of communication that cats use. The kitten meow whenever they are hungry, but that is not the case with grown-up cats. They meow whenever they want to say something or express a deep emotion for humans. You might also notice that cats never meow other cats.

The most common emotions cats express by meowing is greeting, or a way to get attention. But even the meowing differs from cats to cats, some breeds meow more often while some breeds only meow when they want something.


Growling, Hissing, Spitting, and Yowling

Other than simple meowing, humans don’t know that the voices Cats make have a different name. Growling, hissing, spitting, and yowling are the vocalization techniques used by the cats. The point to notice is that these voices are rarely used for humans. An angry cat growl, hiss or spit and they exhibit this aggressive behavior when they are around other cats and feel like they are invading their personal space. The voices are the sole way to communicate with other cats.

The Yowling is a little different method to communicate and tells that the cat is in distress. Yowling is the typical mating behavior the cats express when they are in heat.



Chirping the way the Cats communicate with her kittens only. It is a mother and baby thing, and that’s why the sound is so soothing and musical. Their chirping gathers up the kitten and makes them follow her.



You might have noticed that your cat makes an unusual sound whenever they see birds or squirrels on the trees. The sound is chattering. It is very frustrating and signifies that the cats are mimicking the other animal to swoop them away. It is basically trying to scare away the different animal from her region.


What to Observe In Cats?

Even the body parts can help the cats to communicate with cats. To understand what they are trying to say, you must give them proper attention and soon you will be able to understand everything every facet that they used to communicate.



The cats have eyes that are so expressing that just by looking into their eyes you will find every clue that you need to communicate with them. The eyes give a preview of her state of mind. Usually dilated pupil means that she has an adrenaline rush. That happens when the cats are excited, nervous, or in the defense mode. If you cat is staring in a definite place that indicates that she is interested in that thing. A slow blink of the eyes means that she is showing affection and trust to humans.



The position of ears is also a way of communicating. Ears which are pointed in forwarding direction indicate alertness and interest. Ears in upward direction mean that cat is in a content state. Side and flattened ears that cat is afraid of something. And if the ears are completely flat, that means she is ready to attack whatever comes in front of them.



The tail tells its own story. Looking at the cat’s tails is a reliable way to determine their emotional state. A relaxed cat will have a tail which is upwards. Stiffened tail means cats are in fear. Puffed up tail indicates that she is either angry or upset about something. While a cat who twitches her tails back and forth signifies that she is irritated. And to express love, cats will wrap her tail around her body.


Belly Maneuver

This might be the most fantastic way of cats trying to communicate with humans and to tell them that she trusts you completely. Cat’s abdomen is very sensitive, so if she entrusts you with her belly, that means she totally loves you and wants to grab your attention.



It is straightforward to interpret the behavior of cats and to communicate with them. All you need is keen attention, and you will be friends with them in no time. Irritate her, and she will scare the hell out of you!!


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