The tiger is one animal that comes to mind whenever we think of swimming cats. The domestic cats probably never strike a pet owners mind because they spend their entire life trying to avoid water.

The widespread human domestication and our will to protect them from the elements are some of the reasons for this. Most cats don’t love water, but you might be surprised to learn that there are indeed certain cats who love water. If you like to take a swim in your backyard swimming pool with your pet, you better get cats on this list.


Cats That Love Water


Maine coon

The humble and massive giant from the state of Maine in the United States is especially adored in North American. The Maine Coon cat is a large furry breed with short hair on its shoulders. The cat packs a large size, larger than an average domestic cat. She also has broad shoulders, a long tail, and a significant amount of hair on her ear tips, resembling the wild bobcats.

All these features make her very intimidating. Don’t fall for these look though, because the Maine coon is a social cat with dog-like behavior. The cat has a good sailing history on its back, which explains why it occasionally loves to swim in the tub or pool. Additionally, thick water reflecting coat allows it to dry up quickly after a bath.



The Manx cat which hails from the land of ‘’The Vikings the Isle of Man’’ is a must-have pet for all cat lovers out there. The Manx cat has good hunting abilities and excellent for fighting rodents in your backyard. In the olden times, sailors and farmers raised it to get rid of rodent problems in their ships and barns.

The Manx cat is especially adored for its friendly and playful nature because it can even learn to fetch things if you give it proper training. The Manx are particularly famous for their long hind legs and very stub tails. These cats are great swimmers and will play with water in their water bowls. The cat has a double coat which prevents too much water from seeping into their bodies.


American Bobtail

The American bobtail cats are also some of the best cat breeds a pet lover can own. The large American bobtails are fun-loving swimmers who would happily hit your bathtub. This short-tailed and intelligent cat will readily accept a leash around their neck for a walk around your neighborhood.

It is a social cat that loves to run around your house to draw your attention to it. These cats meow and make small adorable hops to invite you to a play. Experts claim the American bobtails’ love for water is a result of natural selection. Their genetic mutation, throughout a long period of time, resulted in a shaggy coat that’s excellent at repelling water.


Japanese Bobtail

The only similarity between the American and the Japanese bobtail are their second names. Japanese bobtails do not share any genetic heritage with the American bobtails. These cats are pretty common members of many households and streets of Japan and are famous for their bond with humans.

The Japanese bobtail cat has been prized in Japan and around the world for their unique short tail. They love attention from their owners and enjoy being petted like dogs. Indeed, they can be perfect starter pets for families with little kids. Even better, this Island cat can be a perfect bath mate for your child as it loves getting wet.



The sphinx will remind you of those cat pictures in Egyptian arts. The hairless sphinx may bear complete resemblance to the pyramid-era pictures, but it originated in North America. The ancestry of these beautiful cats is in the USA and Canada. Sphinxes are high-maintenance cats that need constant care and protection from the sun, as they are highly prone to sunburn.

The owner needs to bathe them on a bi-weekly basis to clean the oily sweat which ends up on their skin. Therefore, you need to train these cats to swim at a very early age. However, the fun thing about training them to get into the water is that it comes quite naturally to them.


Bengal Cat

What do you do when you want a beautifully coated domestic cat? The answer is simple; you breed a wild Asian leopard with a domestic one. The Bengal cat is the result of breeding a wild breed of cat with a domestic cat, and then rebreeding them with more domestic cats.

The Bengal cats are distinguished by their beautiful big cloud shapes, rosettes shapes and arrow shapes that are common among the big cats. Breeders presume the cat gets its love for water from the wild genes passed down from its wild parent. You may feel scared to own a cat with wild genes, but these beautiful swimmers have lost their killer instinct.


Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is highly friendly towards their owners and guests in the house. These cats are inquisitive fun lovers who love to play with humans and items around the house. Also, they are excellent climbers and can ascend to any height inside your living room walls. The Angora will ask you to pet him whenever he feels like and rest uninvited on your lap.

These lovely white cats are intelligent and playful even when they are well into their old age. She will occasionally take her beautiful short hair to fun-filled swimming. Experts believe their love for water may be a result of the hot tropical climate of Turkey where they mainly come from.


Turkish Van

The highly famous Turkish van cat derives its name from the Van Lake of Turkey. The Turkish vans are distinguished primarily by their unique pattern. The van cats are white throughout their whole body, with a distinct color pattern on their head and tail. They are low-maintenance cats because they shed pretty less and do not require grooming.

If you are looking for a cat that’s remarkably easy to train, the Turkish van could be a perfect fit for you. Interestingly, they can easily play hours of fetching the woolen ball or handy stick. And just like their counterparts, the Angora, these cats are pretty good swimmers and readily swim with you in streams, lakes, ponds, and pool. We all expect a cat which derives its name from a lake to be a great swimmer, don’t we?



Majority of domestic cats are unsocial, avoid water and don’t have a strong bond with their owners, but not all of them are the same.

The cats on this list love their owner’s attention and are the perfect pet for families. These cats are readily available to walk on a leash as well as play and go for a swim with you.


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