Have you ever seen your dog, shaking? Do you know why the dog is shaking even when the weather is warm? Dogs can shake when they are playing when they are stretching out among other days. In most cases, shaking can be a sign of illness in a dog. You need to understand that there are various types of dogs. There are prone to shaking while others are not this is due to the variation in temperature.


Causes of dog shaking

There two main primary causes of shaking in dogs that is cold and anxiety. To add to that, we assume that those dogs with less fur or hair are more likely to shake or shiver. This is contrary to those dogs with heavy coats. Here are the primary causes of shaking in dogs



Shaking or shivering is a typical response due to the decrease in body temperature of the dog. This is one of the primary causes of shaking in animals. During cold seasons, the temperature of the dogs’ drops. This causes the body to shiver to generate heat through the movement of the muscle. If you have realized that your dog is shivering due to this. Transfer the dog to a warmer place or warmer environment.

The healthy body temperature of dogs should not go beyond 103 F. This is because the body temperature of dogs is warmer than that of human beings. If you realize that after transferring your dog into the warmer environment there is no change. The pet contuses to shake, then your dog may be suffering from an illness. Seek the assistance of a medical expert. They will treat your dog, and it will stop shaking.


White Dog shaker syndrome

This is a common and serious illness that may cause your dog to tremble or shake. This syndrome makes the dog to have unusual movements. The movements are not related to anxiety nor are they associated with any specific stressors. This is a disorder in dogs that cause tremors of the body entirely especially to young dogs. Despite being associated with young dogs. The syndrome can also be discovered in various dog breeds like Maltese regardless of the size of the dogs. This can be treated by injecting the dog with corticosteroids which will make your dog improve after a given period.


Stress-induced trembling

Heartbreaking trembling caused by the severe anxiety of your dogs can also make your dog shake. Various factors cause stress in dogs. Some of these factors include, unfamiliar of strangers to the dogs, thunderstorms. A visit to the pet and others factors are also some of the cause of the anxiety in dogs. This factors may bring some accompaniment to the dogs that can make it shake like panting, chewing, among other harmful behaviors.

You need to understand that some dog breeds that are more prone to the anxiety. This plays a particular role in the creation of stress in a dog. To counter this, if your dog is suffering from chronic stress. Try to train your dogs on how to combat this or how to overcome the fear to culminate the situations. It is also good to seek for medication from dog experts who will guide you on what you should do.



Dogs may also shake due to poison. In addition to diarrhea and vomiting, when a dog is injected with poison or eat unhealthy food, it will also suffer from shaking which is uncontrollable. In case of dog poisoning, you only need to call your vet or any other dog medical experts who will help your dog in treating it. Seek medical assistance before the situation worsens.


Kidney Diseases

Renal failures or chronic kidney diseases on a pet that lasts for an extended period can bring some severe effects on your dogs. You will notice that your dog will frequently drink a lot and also urinate frequently. Other than this signs, shaking is also another sigh that will be experienced. Since you can not treat this condition, it becomes difficult to solve it. However, renal disease management can be done. With therapy and treatment such as furosemide. This will give your dog the best life after suffering from the disease.



Advanced aging of dogs can also be one of the causes of dog shaking. Aged dogs are prone to various disorders that make them tremble and even deterioration of cognitive of the dogs. With aging, there is no treatment you can do to avoid the shaking of your dogs. However, you can consult your vet on various therapies you can apply to your dog to prevent shaking. Some of the treatments that can be done include deramaxx, dasuquin among other medicines. You can also involve your dog in regular training even if they are aged. This will make them healthy and will not be tacked easily with various diseases.


Addison’s disease

Those dogs that are suffering from this disease do lack the sufficient cortisol that is very important for dogs. Some of the sighs of this disease include energy loss, gastrointestinal problems and lack of appetite. To add on that trembling is another sigh that can be experienced on your dog. This disease could bring more questions to your dog if it became chronic.

To address this problem, you need to talk to your doctor who can help you in solving this problem that your dog may be undergoing. It should be understood that earlier treatment is better because it helps in solving the problem before it worsens.



Shaking or shivering of dogs can be affected by various factors as we have discussed above. Some of these causes can be caused by the change in temperature while others are diseases and syndromes. Some of the common reasons we have considered include, cold, white dog syndrome, aging stress and trembling and Addison’s disease. Other causes can make your dog shake. We have also discussed that various ways that one can do to help your dog from shaking.


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