Most of the people prefer to have dogs as a pet over other pets. Dogs are a great companion of human after books. They are incredible creatures that spread happiness in the human world. Since ages, dog and human bond are known as a pure one.

If you also have a dog, then you might be sometimes want to stare into your dog’s lovely eyes forever. Sometimes, you wonder what your dog is thinking when he or she sits very quietly.

What are the things going in your dog mind? Is your dog is thinking of you? What does your dog want to say through her or his eyes? If you are very curious to know about answers to all these questions, then continue reading this article.


Do Dogs Think?

Dr.Jill Sackman, who is a clinician in pet’s behavioral medicine, said words “Oh My Gosh Yes” dogs really think and they also have cognition level of 3 to 5-year-old human.

Even, today, many scientists are doing research on how a dog’s brains work and how they understand things and how they can better understand. Worldwide, it is known as dogs are intelligent animals, and they learn things very quickly and understand what human want to say.

Thus, it means things are going in their mind, and they also have enough capability of recognizing and giving reaction according to the different situations.

However, what dogs think about and how they understand things is a mystery. So, continue reading this article to resolve mystery and know more about dogs.


What Might They Be Thinking?

“Like, we can’t read another person mind; it is not possible to examine what dogs are thinking,” this was said by one of the animal behavioral experts.

Here, after so many researches, we have mentioned what dog may think about.


Dogs Think About Their Owners

Many experts have proven that when dogs think about their owners, they get happy. Dogs think how their owner’s feels and what they are doing. They are very attached to their owners and seeing their owners happy also makes them happy too.

Dog’s brains always think of their owners, and that’s also the reason why they are best at comforting their owners. You might have even felt this whenever you are sad, your dog always stands with you and try to comfort you in every possible way.


Dogs Think About Their Food

Dogs also love to eat food and even, many scientists have tested that dogs enjoy food as they love their owners. When the test was carried out in the reward center of the brain, dogs gave a response to food and owners equal, and they love both equally.

Thus, they also think about their food, as they think about their owners.


Do Dogs Dream?

All over the world, most of the people believe that yes, dogs also dream like a human. Many dog owners have felt that their dogs dream too as they do. They noticed that sometimes, during sleep, their dogs give some kind of impression that signifies they were dreaming about something.

Even, many experts have said that the dog’s brain during sleep is similar to the human mind. Many scientists have examined that dogs have the same stages of electrical activity that are observed in humans.

It is also a myth that small dogs dream more as compared to bigger ones. Large dog’s dreams last for a long, unlike small dogs.


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Do Dogs Have Emotions Like Human?

Many people want to know that do dogs have the same emotions as human have and it is really trending searched topic.

There is no doubt that dogs have emotions and you have also felt your dog’s emotions in many different situations.

Dogs have emotion and feelings, and that’s why the bond between dog and human is considered to be the best, and dogs love their owners unconditionally, unlike humans.

However, some believe that dogs have very simple emotion like fear, pain, love and many more. But, they can have complicated feelings such as guilty. They don’t feel guilty after doing something wrong.

On the other hand, there are many dogs’ owners who have said that they have seen their dog’s guilty face after doing something bad.

Scientists have proved that dogs have emotions, but they don’t feel guilty. They make a guilty face because of their owner’s anger, not because they did wrong. As guilty needs to understand what is wrong or right, and dogs can’t differentiate between right and wrong,

Thus, your dog’s guilty face is just to melt your heart and make your anger go away.


Do Dogs Smile?

Are you now wondering can dogs smile or not? Or they smile like a human? You might have seen the expression on your dog which makes you thought that might be your dog was smiling.

So, truth or real fact is that dogs also have the capability of laughing and they do laugh when they play or interact with their favorite people.

Dogs smile include sound which is “panting.” Many years ago, Patricia Simonet, who is Animal behavioral expert, examined this panting sound in dogs when they are playing.

Thus, when dogs tongue is out of mouth indicates they are happy or relaxed and the moment when they feel stressed, their mouth closed and you can’t see their tongue.

Play with your dog and make him or her laugh!


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How Dog’s Recognized People Faces?

Amazingly, dogs have a great ability to remember people faces as compared to any other animals. Once they have interaction with a person, they remember it forever, and whenever they came across with the person they have met earlier, they give an immediate response.

Whether you have your own dog or friend’s dog, he or she will remember your face after first interaction.



Hence, as we said earlier, one can’t predict what dogs think about like we can’t predict what is going in the person mind and but, yes, dogs think. They are a fantastic animal to have a pet.


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