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Is Dog Insurance Worth It?


Dogs have been worthy companions to man for quite a long time now. It is no wonder they have been dubbed man’s best friend. People have taken dogs as part of their family. They care for them as they do for other family members. Insurance companies have also weighed in by encouraging people to buy pet insurance for their dogs. That leaves us with a single question… Is dog insurance really worth it? Let’s find out.


Types Of Dog Insurance

Some of the more critical types of dog insurance include:


Liability insurance

Liability insurance covers situations where your dog bites someone, and the victim sues you.


Health or medical insurance

If your dog is in an accident or gets sick, this will cover a fraction of your veterinary bills.


Dental insurance

This covers all problems related to your dog’s oral and dental health. It is usually detached from the health insurance.


Life insurance

As expected, you benefit from this policy when your canine friend passes away.


Travel insurance

Just like us, dogs face a host of travel-related challenges such as falling ill. This is where travel insurance comes in handy.


What to Look for in Dog Insurance

Before taking up an insurance cover for your canine friend, there are things you need to consider. First, the coverage differs amongst companies, and this is evidenced by their rates. For healthy and young dogs, the rates will naturally be more affordable. Older dogs and those with chronic illnesses attract higher premiums. As a matter of fact, it may be difficult to find a company that offers to insure such dogs.

Also, you should consider the conditions as well as exclusions of a policy before signing up for it. The conditions covered will largely depend upon the species of your dog. Other companies may require you to get your dog spayed or neutered before they can offer you full coverage. Also, some insurance companies only cover selected accidents. However, others will pay up to 90% of most medical checkups and treatments. Your dog may be covered for routine visits with some companies but not with others. Lastly, check on the grace period a company allows before your dog can begin to enjoy the benefits. Most providers insure your dog the day after enrollment. However, the waiting period, for some, can go up to 14 days.

And once you have settled with the above questions, you can then do a background check on the insurance company. Check their experience, the number of covers they offer and whether they have any feedback at all. You may also want to check the premiums they charge and whether they are a licensed entity.


Is Dog Insurance Really Necessary?

The short answer is, yes, it is necessary. But to understand this further, let us explore what’s involved.


An Overview At The Cost Of Dog Insurance

Yeah, this is pretty much the elephant in the room. The reason why people ask themselves if it’s vital is that of the cost. Many people think that the cost is too high for them to afford to pay for the wellbeing of their dogs.

The reasoning is very understandable because we come from different walks of life. But most of us do not come from privileged backgrounds. We find ourselves in a catch-22 situation when thinking about our wallet and our dog’s wellbeing.

Considering that the cost could rise up to $7000 for a dog’s lifespan, that is too much of an ask for an ordinary citizen.

However, if you take a close look at it. You could cut off the things you always take in, but you can live without (think snacks, etc.)

But if you are independently wealthy, then that shouldn’t be a problem for you. Go ahead and buy one for your dog. Chances are that you might need it more for your dog’s health.


Are There Any Uncertainties?

In life, there is an excellent line between different things. Being healthy or sick is no different. You might sleep healthy, and the next day you wake up in the worst health condition of your life.

If that can happen to you, then what about your dog? What are you going to do in case your dog is diagnosed with cancer? That’s quite a head-scratching affair, isn’t it?

That is why insurance companies are there — to help people in periods of such uncertainties. You only have to think about the worst case scenario that could occur your beloved pet. After you think about it, then you can make a decision about it. And most likely, I am sure that you will come to the best decision.


Taking A Look Around

Taking a look around might be the best decision you can ever take when it comes to insurances. Make sure to shop around to see different options that different companies can offer you.

Looking around will help you weigh your options while providing you with a clearer picture of what options to go for.

Assess your options well before deciding to commit a part of your income that you can use for the wellness of your lovely dog.

Being rash in your decision making can lead you to regret your decisions much later in life especially after finding out your wallet is being drained and without much benefit to show for. Look around, weigh your options, choose the best option and live happily with your dog.


It’s All About The Right Mix

Most of the time, when it comes to insurances, it is all about finding the right balance to work on. You would have to make sure that your dog is healthy so as not to drain your premiums while also ensuring you have enough to help your dog in emergency cases.

I am pretty sure that no sane person on this beautiful earth would pray to God to have their dog sick. And neither can I think of anyone who would let his dog die because he’s afraid it’s treatment would cost a fortune.

Admittedly, finding the right balance is very tricky. The odds of finding that balance are much lower, but you should try your level best. Choosing the right balance means you will not have to decide between your wallet and your best friend.

All will be well.


Accidents, Accidents, Accidents

Everywhere you go, accidents are bound to happen. Accidents happen everywhere, to everyone, at any time. In fact, accidents are responsible for a significant number of deaths — whether to animals or human beings.

No matter how well you look after your dog. An accident is always lurking around the corner. So what are you going to do after your dog’s leg has been broken and the bills to be paid to the vet are much larger?

Are you going to look at your bills and decide on euthanizing your dog or would you rather have it cured? That is where insurance comes in. It is always there to cover you in case an accident happens.

Experts strongly advise on making sure you have an insurance plan that will come in handy when these situations arise. After all, accidents are inevitable.


It’s Not A Savings Account

This is a very common yet overlooked factor when it comes to dog insurance and all kinds of insurances for that matter. People tend to think that when paying premiums to their respective insurance companies, it is akin to a keeping your money in savings account.

Nope, that mindset is very wrong and pretty destructive. Buying insurance is like having an emergency account where you can dip into in times of need.

You only turn to your emergency funds when things go wrong, not when you feel like it. Insurances should be thought of in the same vein as emergency funds.

When you change your mindset and think of insurances as a go-to when things go awry, you’ll find yourself not worrying about those premiums for your dog. You’ll never know when times of need will knock on the door. It’s much better if you are prepared.


Another Insurance Trick?

Finally, this list can’t be complete without mentioning the core reason why people are debating this topic so notoriously. We’ve all come to see, or we’ve been lead to believe that most companies are just in it for the money and none actually cares for our wellbeing.

Some of this is true, and some are downright untrue. While companies need our money, they also save us lots of time taking care of our problems. Problems that would take a significant amount of our time are what these companies help by solving them for us.

And the time is worth saving since we use it to perform different useful activities. By no means am I gunning for these companies but there are better things to worry about than a specific valuable piece of paper.

But if you hate these companies that you’ve sworn to your ancestors you’ll never put a single penny in their pockets, then you can try opening an emergency account.

And good luck resisting temptation to use that money. But when your dog dies because you used up all the money in your emergency account, we will only tell you one thing – you invited your misfortune.



It’s true that there is much to consider when it comes to your dog’s wellbeing. Putting in some cash upfront in case a need arises is not bad at all.

If you think you can’t do anything to your dog during the bad times, then it’s better giving it to those who can.


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